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Welcome to my profile!

My Name comes from the Star Player of The Zanarkand Abes A.K.A Tidus.

Ok let me put this cleary: Brazil is a big piece of crap. Seriously. It’s a great place to…

• Get laughed at.
• Get punched at.
• Get a Boy/Girlfriend if you’re desperate.
• Get illegal games.
• Be at the worst place ever.
• Fanatics saying that you’re dirty and that you worship the devil.


Remember the Thread


Digimon Wolrd 3: How to DNA DV into AncientGreymon

You need both Imperialdramon Paladin Mode and Diaboromon to DNA Digivolve. I’ll use Veemon and Agumon.

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode:Veemon, Get Veemon. Then level it to level 5. You’ll get ExVeemon. Get ExVeemon’s DNALevel to 20, Then you’ll unlock Stingmon. Then get Stingmons’s DNALevel(DL) to 5.This time, though, you won’t get Paildramon! Level Veemon’s level to 20, THEN we get Paildramon. Well, we’re getting closer. Get veemon’s level to 40 and Paildramon’s DL to 50 to unlcok Imperialdramon, Veemon’s mega. yay! We’re finished here! NOT! Raise Imperialdramon’s DL to 99, than you’ll unlock Imperialdramon Figther Mode. Ugh, now we need Omnimon. Get 200+ Defense to unlock greymon. Get greymon’s DL to 40(Metal Greymon) and MGreymon’s DL to 99(Then get Wargreymons DL to the highest possible), Then get Veemon’s Metal Tolerance to 100+. Then, level MetalMamemmon to DL 40 and ghet 140+ Machine Tolerance. Ugh, now get Imperialdramon FM and Omnimon’s level to 40. Finished, you’ve got the strongest mega of the game in my opinion(Imperialdramon Paladin Mode). Time to get Diaboromon. It’s not as much work as Imperialdramon PM.

Diaboromon: Get Agumon, Level it to level 5. Greymon, here we go. Level it’s DL to 50, and Dark Tolerance to 130. Simple now! Level SkullGreymon to DL 99! ANd you’ve just got Blackwargreymon. Why isn’t veemon this simple? anyway, you need Imperialdramon. Wait wait wait, don’t fall over! It’s easy! Get agumon to level 20, and metalgreymon’s DL to 50, and it’s ice tolerance(no equips, agumon’s base tolerance – be aware!) to 320+ and agumon to level 40+,Wargreymon’s DL to 30 and it’s speed to 260+. Stingmon’s to 50 and ExVeemon’s DL to 5, Paildramon’s DL to 50. Yawn. So simple. Last thing. Get Kabuterimon’s DL to 40. Now just get both BlackWarGreyMon and GranKuwagamon’s DL to 40.

Now… IF you want to do so, Level both Imperialdramon Paladin Mode’s and Diaboromon’s level to 99, DNA DV the two, and watch the Show… Fkin’ amazing.

Q & A

Q:Wait, we could have used a faster way…

A: Wait, you wouldn’t get Imperialdramon PM, WarGreyMon, Omnimon and Imperialdramon FM for veemon, and Diaboromon, Both “Wargreymons”, GranKuwagamon and Imperialdramon for agumon. And a heck lot of other non-megas.

Is Imperialdramon Paladin mode so strong?

OF COURSE it is! also, don’t make me type veemon’s ultimate mega’s again.

What name, Imperialdramon paladin mode?

Ugh, just say IDPM. I don’t feel liek typing IDPM’s name again.

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