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How many local retailers does ShopSavvy have?

ShopSavvy contains prices and inventory from more than 26,000 local retailers with more than a million locations at last count from American Eagle to Zyada. Some retailers offer us APIs, while others regularly upload files to our FTP site. If you are a retailer and want us to include your products in ShopSavvy the process is fairly simple:

- Step 1: Execute our Standard Retailer Contract
- Step 2: Fill out our Retailer Data Form
- Step 3: Send us your API, your data, or read our data feed specification HERE

Retailers can also use the ShopSavvy client scan application (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/scanner-app-scan-pdf-docs-id/id1495971405) to change prices on the fly by enrolling in our ShopSavvy Authorized Retailer Program. The retailer simply notifies us that they are authorized by the retailer in question to modify prices and we will make their ShopSavvy install ‘authoritative’. Any time the retailer’s agent or representative scans a product and edits the price the updated price will be immediately available. Sign up here.

Our users are also adding retailers, prices and inventory. Just click on the ‘Options’ tab in iOS or ‘Edit’ button on Android and you can edit the picture, title – add a retailer (make sure you are in the store or it won’t work) and the price you see. We use a user karma score + age of price to determine how many other users see your work. Keep adding prices and your score will go up as we begin to be able to trust your contributions. Soon you will be able to see your progress in the app.

Local Data Research, An Early Look

When Matt Weathers joined the team he wanted to know how well we were performing in various areas. He has hired a number of third party firms to research how consumers use ShopSavvy, how they use competitive apps and how well we perform on local inventory and price search. The data coming in has resulted in big changes in the page scanner app itself. For example, we simplified the UI when we the research revealed users were completely confused by the old UI.

The local research part of the study was conducted by a former Deloitte Consultant and is about 50% complete. Our plan is to release the results in a white paper, but I thought I would share some of the early numbers coming out of the research. We think we are doing really well revealing local inventory and pricing information to consumers and the research is bearing that out (hell, we’ve be doing this full-time for three years). In the graphs below you will see we focused on the number of retailers we returned during the study as well as the price returned.

App Store Rankings Shuffle (UPDATED)

Apple and Google just updated their ranking systems in their respective app stores and based on what we are seeing they both decided to punish apps that ‘game’ the system. Now the stores seem to check to see how often your app is downloaded AND how often it is used by those who download the app. So if you are paying folks to download your app you will get punished HARD. As a result ShopSavvy’s rank in every market has improved and our daily downloads have almost doubled. Here is a run down:

- #6 in Apple App Store (Utilities)
- #5 in Android Market (Shopping)
- #3 in Amazon’s Android Market (Shopping)
- #1 in Windows Phone 7 (Tools)

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