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use bmx on this and dont move -18 1i 18 1i,37 60 3t 5u 3t 50,2f 8i 2d 9b 38 99 38 8i,-1i am -1i b5 -2b b7 -29 am,g eu 2t eu,bq i7 c2 hg,b2 i1 b6 hd,b3 i1 bp i7,1bm 2b2 1f9 2b5,p4 17s p6 18f od 18f ob 17o,v0 18j v1 16e,v0 18j rp 18k,qi 1bl qi 1cd ps 1ce ps 1bp,p5 1dc p5 1ef,om 1j6 om 1kg om 1l4,om 1kg q2 1kg q2 1l6,q3 1kg q3 1k6#oa 1gm oc 1lf,oc 1lf tu 1lh,tu 1lh ts 1gr q1 1gp q1 1fp on 1g0 ou 1gs oc 1gk,pa 1fm od 1ff,p5 1f4 od 1fk,od 1fa op 1ff nr 1f2,of 1eg nt 1eh,nc 1eh nh 1dj,o0 1do n5 1el,mt 1eg nf 1dg m9 1do,m6 1dj n5 1dg,n5 1e4 mq 1e7,no 1dt ne 1ev,n2 1et n5 1do,o7 1di na 1ev,mr 1el n7 1dj,nh 1dd nc 1f2,n5 1f4 n5 1dt,nm 1do nr 1fa,nt 1f0 oa 1f0,qn 1ld qn 1jl rl 1jl rl 1l7,rc 1kh rc 1kk,q1 1g3 s2 1di tr 1gr,pg 1j3 q0 1j3,q0 1j3 pa 1jg,pa 1jg q2 1jn,q0 1i3 qp 1ib,qp 1ib q8 1ig,q8 1ig qp 1ik,rb 1hd s3 1hd,s3 1hd rb 1hm s6 1hk,ss 1h2 tj 1h3 st 1hf th 1hi,tv 1g5 v5 1g9 uf 1gu vh 1h0,rl 1ko rl 1lh,qm 1kr qn 1lh,sg 1lc si 1km tj 1km th 1la th 1lh,sg 1l4 sg 1le,sj 1ko si 1jg te 1jj th 1km,sn 1jn sn 1kj tc 1kj tb 1jl sn 1jn,tb 1jg tb 1ii,tc 1je tc 1ji,om 1l0 om 1lh,q0 1l0 q3 1lf,om 1kv ol 1lc#T ss 17l,B p3 18v 8e,T 1o ed,B bc jr v7,B 109 105 uu,B 106 vh uu,B 102 uj uu,B 106 t1 11o,B 104 tv 11o,B 106 uu 11o,B 104 vp mj,B 101 10f 11o,B vt 113 11o,B v8 118 mi,B uf 113 mh,B tn 114 11m,B l8 tk 11f,B km tl 11j,B k0 tb mh,B je td mi,B ie ta ot,B j0 tf 11m,B ic tl 11o,B hv t3 11o,B 72 hc o0,B 4a i8 ne,B 35 hr ni,B 3s hk n5,B -1v bf uu,B 2l 9v p2,B -1i 1a pa,B -1u 1a pa,G 1fv 2b2 mg,G 1gg 2bd mg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ heres another one:-4r 1f -5m 1f -6j 16 -7h j -8f -b -9m -1e -aq -2a -c4 -33 -dj -3d -f2 -3a -gj -2s -i4 -28 -jk -1j -la -1b -n3 -1b -or -1h -qe -22 -rl -2r -sj -3p,3a 1p 4d 27 5i 2o 78 37 8s 3g b4 3h d0 3d eu 34 gr 2m,io 22 kd 14,lm 1 n5 -1g,g0 2t gt 3b hu 46 ir 55 jk 66 k9 76 kq 85 la 9a lj aj lo c4 lq df lt es m2 gc mc i1 mt jm nt l7 pc mh r6 nm st o9,gp 2m hp 2c ik 23,io 22 i7 27,gr 39 hi 32 i9 2s j3 2i jv 25 kp 1p,lb 1a m0 p ml 6 n5 -f nj -14,n5 -1f nk -14,ij 4r j7 45 jq 3b kc 2d kj 1s,kn 1q lc 19,ka 15 ln 0,i9 4g i1 4a,i9 4h in 43 j4 3j jk 2n,jj 2o jt 29 jv 26,1c9 oc 1e0 o0 1fk nm 1h5 nf,1ms nk 1on np 1ql nr 1r6 nn,1h4 nf 1mt nk,1c2 f0 1ca fj 1co g5 1d7 gq 1dr hh 1ej i6 1fg iu 1ge jj 1hb k8 1ii ku 1jk lh 1km m2 1ln mg 1n0 mu 1ob n8 1pr ng 1r5 nn,1qe no 1r2 no,1c2 f0 1be fa 1c2 g8 1dk i4 1fq k0 1iu ls 1m2 ne 1nu no,1dk i4 1cc oc,1e8 io 1da o2,1da o1 1d9 o4,1c 1l 2e 1l 3b 1p,-4s 1e 1g 1l,ss o9 uf pi tb qf uf qm um 10a,1ql nn 1rj nm 1sj nm 1tq nm 1v3 nm 20j nj,226 n4 23e mb 24j kv 25j j2 263 he 26b fr,21u np 234 ng 24c mg 25c l7 266 jm 26l ij 270 h8 273 fp 26c fp,25r ka 26o n1 27c n1 266 jp,21u np 266 n1 28c mv,280 mv 28r mv,272 fv 272 gt 27i ij 280 jj 28v le 29n ms 28d n0,272 fp 27i fp 27o gv 284 ht 28p j9 29f kg,28p mu 29l mq,29l mn 2a9 n1 2bc n9,26l kv 27p j9,285 jv 26v ln,2ch na 2dn ns 2f8 oj 2gp pa 2if pv 2k9 qh 2m6 r3,2m0 r1 2n0 rc 2od rp 2pv s0 2rf ru 2t4 rp,30k rg 31f ra 32g r2 33q qj 356 ps 36a p1,38s jg 38p hs 388 gf 37g f9 36g e9 359 de 33p co 322 c4 30d c2 2uv ch 2to df 2sr er 2sb gj 2s6 in 2s4 kd 2s3 m2,2s4 lq 2s6 mr 2sf od,20h ni 226 n3,21t np 20j nj,30k rh 30n s2,30q s6 31p s4 32q rt 33s rj 353 r4 366 qi 377 pt,30n s6 30k rl,37k n7 377 ns 36q oe 36c ou,36d ou 367 p4,37i na 386 m5 38h l9 38n kj 38r js 38r jc,374 pu 382 os,381 ot 38o ng,38n nj 39d ln 39n k3 39p ib 39e gk,39e gj 38n f6 374 d9 33k bk 323 ba 30m b9 2vk bf 2uq br 2ti cq 2sb ef 2rm ge 2rb m1 2ro oe 2se oc,2t0 rp 2tg sv 2u3 u9 2un vp 2v6 113 2vn 12l 30f 14e 31j 16a 32m 17n,31t 16m 32i 17i 33c 18i 34g 19v 35p 1be 370 1cq 38c 1ea 39r 1fs 3bg 1hf 3db 1j2 3fd 1kk 3hp 1m3 3ke 1nf 3ne 1oi 3qn 1p8 3u5 1pc 41i 1ov 44t 1o4 472 1n3 496 1lt 4b6 1ki 4d5 1j3 4f1 1hl,44v 1o9 46h 1o9 496 1n1 4bu 1la 4ee 1jg 4fj 1id 4ev 1hn,45o 1ob 446 1ob,46h 1ob 46k 1o9,46k 1ob 47n 1oj 49i 1om 4bb 1oq 4d1 1or 4eq 1op 4gp 1on 4it 1on 4l6 1or 4nl 1p5 4q8 1pj 4st 1q4 4vn 1qn 52m 1r7 55m 1rj 58p 1rm 5br 1rl 5f4 1ri 5hh 1rl,4af 1m7 4b1 1ol,4b3 1lt 4bn 1on,4b1 1oi 4b1 1oq,4bl 1og 4bl 1ol,5he 1rl 5in 1ri 5k9 1qu 5m7 1qd 5np 1q8 5pl 1qd 5r7 1ql 5sl 1qv 5u5 1r8 5vq 1ri 61j 1s0 63i 1sm 651 1tb 66h 1u5 682 1v1 69i 201 6b3 216 6cj 22d 6e3 23m 6fj 24v,51i 1r1 51n 1nv 51r 1lc 5at 1lp 5aq 1rk,593 1ri 593 1pr 59v 1po 59v 1ri,59s 1qf 59q 1qk,52p 1mu 52h 1o6 538 1o6 53f 1ms 52r 1ms,538 1ms 52r 1o1,53a 1nd 52p 1nd,5ao 1n8 5cr 1nb 5cr 1m8 5cc 1m8 5cc 1mp 5aq 1mp,5mk 1qc 5mk 1p2,5nn 1q5 5nn 1p2,5nn 1ph 5nn 1qa,5mm 1p2 5l9 1p2 5mc 1o1 5lt 1nq 5mu 1mu 5mk 1ms 5np 1lm,5np 1ov 5oq 1p2 5o1 1o6 5og 1o4 5ns 1mu 5o6 1mu 5ns 1m3 5nn 1lm,5nu 1ov 5mk 1p4,6f0 24h 6fq 25f 6gq 26k 6i1 27r 6ja 290 6kv 2a6 6mq 2bc 6os 2ce 6qv 2de 6t5 2e6 6v9 2ep 71a 2ev 738 2f5,735 2f5 73t 2f5 74q 2f5,74h 2f3 75i 2f3 76g 2f3 77l 2et 78o 2eg 79k 2dt 7a9 2d3 7aq 2c6,76v 2f1 77m 2es 78f 2ep 798 2em 7a0 2el 7ar 2ek 7bk 2ej,7ah 2ci 7ba 2ba 7bc 2ee,7dn 2ac 7dn 2em 7q0 2eo 82c 2f2 827 2a2 7dm 2ac,7up 2a2 7vm 2a1 80k 29t 81d 29g,7g3 2em 7g3 2d4,7g3 2d9 7g1 2cn 7gq 2cn 7gn 2em,7gl 2dg 7gl 2do,7lv 2d9 7no 2d9 7no 2cg 7m1 2cg,7mt 2cg 7mt 2d9,7bd 2eh 7ek 2em,7lv 2ci 7m1 2db,7m1 2cs 7nj 2cs,29f kf 29r l7,29q l5 2a9 lo 2as m6,2as m5 2ci nb,2bb n7 2c7 nf,2bb n8 2c5 nf,2c7 ng 2c9 n5,1c0 of 12i pa,12g pb 12m 107,1cb od 1bi og,81c 29i 81r 298,81c 29h 81v 295,81u 295 829 28u 828 2a5,886 2fb 884 2a9 8so 2a8,88b 2f8 8sv 2f3 8sm 2aa,8qq 2f1 8qq 2ds 8r6 2ds,8r8 2ds 8r8 2eo,8d0 2c8 8cu 2d8 8e2 2d8 8e2 2c1 8d2 2c1,8dg 2c1 8dg 2cv,8d2 2ch 8e0 2cj,8d7 2c1 8d0 2ch,8dg 2cq 8dg 2d3,884 2ae 884 293,899 29q 892 29l,886 293 88v 29j 89p 2a3 8ab 2aa 8b2 2a8,8ra 2e1 8ra 2f3,8sm 2a5 8tq 2ba 8vk 2cs 922 2ec,8su 2f5 947 2f5,925 2ec 945 2f5,941 2f5 955 2f7 96g 2f8 97u 2f9 99h 2fa 9b3 2fb 9ci 2fb 9e5 2fe,9dp 2fb 9et 2fb 9g4 2fe 9hc 2fk 9il 2fv 9jr 2g8 9ld 2gh 9mu 2gi 9oi 2gi 9q9 2gg 9s1 2ga 9tq 2fo 9vh 2et a14 2ds,a10 2dp a19 2eo a1k 2fm a27 2gs a30 2i1 a3u 2j5 a55 2kc a6o 2lk a8j 2mp aa5 2ni abr 2o7 adk 2om aff 2ov ah9 2p4 aj4 2p0,ai1 2ov aiu 2p0 aju 2ol akn 2nn,ao2 2np aog 2of apb 2or aqf 2p1 arl 2p5,akm 2oc al1 2nt ala 2oi alv 2ob amb 2nh amp 2oc an5 2p0 anq 2od aoo 2ot ap5 2pr,akr 2o2 ake 2oj alh 2pa amv 2ph ao8 2pm apg 2pr,a92 2cs a9t 2de aaq 2du abt 2ei ade 2f9 af1 2fs ags 2gb ait 2gk al2 2gn amm 2gl aoa 2gc apv 2fs arj 2f5 at5 2e8 aui 2d3,a90 2ct a9g 2cc a9u 2bt aan 2cf abo 2d3 acs 2dk ae0 2e1 af4 2ec age 2ek,afv 2ei agq 2eo aho 2er ais 2eu ajs 2f1 al4 2f2 ame 2f3 anp 2ev ap7 2ej,ap1 2ek aqq 2dr asf 2d0 atf 2c7 aug 2d2,ar6 2p1 asc 2p4 atq 2p6 avd 2p8 b0q 2p6 b28 2p2 b3o 2ot b58 2om b6n 2oc b86 2nt b9t 2nd bbq 2n2 bdp 2ms bfo 2mt bho 2n6 bjm 2nl blj 2ob bnb 2p6 bos 2qa bqa 2rl brl 2t6 bt0 2ur bu0 304 bv3 31e c07 32p c1f 345 c2t 35e c4g 36j c65 37k c7r 38i c9j 399 cbd 39n cd6 39p,cgj 390 ci5 388 cjk 37c ckv 36c cma 35c,cmc 356 cn5 36h ckq 385 ci2 39d cfi 3a6,cdl 39r cel 3a0,cfm 3a6 cgv 3ac ci7 3af cji 3ah cl3 3af cme 3aa co1 3a5 cph 3a5,cp6 3a7 cqe 3ad cs1 3af ctg 3ac cv1 3a5 d0r 39v,cd2 39p ced 39k cgk 38v,cdp 39r cdc 39p,cej 3a2 cfk 3a7,ceh 39v cg3 3a8,d0i 39u d1p 3a6 d33 3a8,d33 3a8 d4d 3a2 d5q 39o d79 39a d8q 38p da9 380 dbh 372 dcf 35v dd0 34r ddd 33i ddq 32k df5 32m dgf 33a dhu 341 djf 34p dl3 35i dmp 36d dol 378 dql 382 ds6 38l,dfc 2t2 dgf 2ti dhu 2u3 djb 2uj dkr 2v5 dmd 2vr dns 30f dpc 315 dqq 31v dsb 32t,dfb 2sv dfs 2rn dg4 2q6 dg4 2oo dfr 2nc dfm 2ls dgt 2km dis 2l3 dkr 2ll dmo 2m8 doi 2mr dqc 2nc ds3 2nu dtq 2ok dvg 2pl e13 2qq e2l 2s1,cmc 355 clt 35l,drr 38j dsj 38r dtk 39b dul 39q dvs 3a9 e17 3am e2o 3b2 e4h 3bc e6g 3bc e8j 3ar ea5 3a5 ebm 39a,dsb 32q dtu 33j dvm 34a e1n 34u e3a 358 e4t 35e e6v 35i e8t 35e ea2 34m e8m 33e e7c 329 e64 313 e4u 2vr e3t 2ud e30 2ss e21 2ra,ea8 3a6 eb2 3ap ebv 3bj ed1 3cl eed 3dm eg1 3er eho 3g2 ej5 3gv eks 3hp emp 3i8 eol 3ik eqg 3it esc 3j8 eu9 3jl f06 3k2 f26 3k5 f44 3k7 f63 3ka,f5r 3k9 f6j 3k9 f7l 3kf f95 3kn faq 3kn fck 3ki fei 3kd fgh 3k9 fii 3k3 fk9 3jg flq 3ii fna 3hk foo 3gm fq2 3fl fr8 3ea fsa 3co ft9 3at fu6 38t fup 378 fva 35e fvo 33g g05 31f g0f 2va g0m 2t3 g0r 2qo,g0t 2r0 g32 2qu,g30 2qc g34 2r8 g33 2s8 g37 2te g3h 2up g3q 304 g47 31o g4o 33f g5f 35a g69 378 g70 38o g7r 3a8 g8q 3bp g9t 3db gb8 3es gcu 3ga ges 3hg gh0 3if gj7 3j8 gli 3jo gnt 3k0 gq8 3k4 gsi 3k8 guq 3kc h11 3kf,h0v 3kh h22 3ke h3e 3k4 h4u 3jm h6o 3iq h87 3hr h9j 3gk hah 3ev hau 3d3 hap 3b2 ha7 38v h97 36v h7o 354 h5r 33m h3o 32k h1g 322 gv4 320 gsq 32c gql 333 goo 345 gn9 35e gmi 371 gmg 38l gmn 3aa#15 1j 15 -6 -p -3 -p -1i 14 -1i 15 -a,-5 -19 -h -19 -f -i 1 -g 0 -v -a -v,7 -18 7 -n t -n t -19 6 -19,9 -d v -d m -l,t -b o -6,mu -1a nb -s,n2 -e mi -t,mg 7 lv -9,ht 2e i5 2q,ht 2e hr 2a,gp 2n h1 36,is 1u j4 2e,jo 1f k2 23,la c lm s,ke 10 ks 1k,1cc fk 1c2 fu,1d0 gi 1cm gs,1dk hg 1da hq 1dk hg,1ei i4 1e8 io,1fq j2 1fg jm,1dh hh 1dl hb,1c3 fr 1bt g0,1gs js 1gk kd,1i3 km 1hq l4,1j6 l8 1it lp,1k9 lq 1jv mc,1lh mc 1la ms,1ld mn 1l9 mu,1mp mr 1mi nb,1mi na 1mg nf,1no n5 1nj nm,1pt nf 1po ns,1e5 j2 1df is,1e8 im 1di if,1e2 jg 1dc jc,1dv k8 1d6 k4,1dq l4 1d2 kv,1dl lr 1cs ln,1df mv 1cm mq,1dd nd 1ci n8,1d9 o0 1cf nv,1di mg 1cp mb,-o -3 -m 1h,15 -8 15 7,15 0 15 -d,7 -19 7 -v,-5 -19 0 -19,-1 -19 -9 -19,uj pm ue pd,uc ph 12s p8,124 pa 124 q9,11s pa 11s pr,112 qh 114 qe,vb qh vn qe vn qv vd qv vb qe,ul ph uq qe,v1 pf v1 pr,221 n7 22v nf,23s lr 24m lt,256 jq 25u jo,268 ha 26s h6,272 h2 27k h0,27g ik 288 ic,28e ka 295 k2,29d m1 2a3 lp,2at n3 2at ml,26u kc 27c kt,27i ji 27u k0,26c kc 260 kk,266 lf 26k l9,26g mb 270 m5,26m n1 276 mr,2s6 n5 2rl n5,2s1 lc 2rg lc,2s4 jd 2ri jd,2sb gj 2rn gj,2u7 d3 2to ck,30b c2 307 bc,322 c3 32j bd,357 dc 35n cl,37c f5 381 ed,38e gv 39c gh,38s je 39o jd,38k ko 39h kr,37v mg 38t ms,36s oc 37s p0,34q q1 35c qv,32l r0 32u rq,30o rf 30u s5,30r s5 30o s7,4f5 1im 4ee 1i2,4e2 1jk 4db 1ir,4cg 1kv 4bn 1k6,4b3 1lo 4ah 1l1,48j 1n7 47v 1mj,46i 1o5 45u 1nk,4ah 1mm 4b8 1mm,4ar 1nm 4ba 1nm,4b3 1ok 4bi 1ok,5cj 1m0 5cj 1lh,5co 1le 5d0 1lj,5cm 1lm 5cj 1l9 5ct 1l9,5ch 1kv 5dm 1kv 5d2 1kv,5ct 1kv 5ct 1ko 5d7 1kl,5df 1l7 5ct 1kv,5ct 1kt 5da 1kg 5dh 1kj,5dh 1l4 5d7 1l7,5d5 1l7 5da 1ko,5df 1ko 5dp 1kj 5dm 1kt 5dk 1kg,5dm 1k9 5e3 1k1 5dk 1kj 5dp 1jv 5e8 1jv 5dr 1k4,5dp 1jv 5e3 1j1,5e5 1j1 5ef 1ji 5du 1jn 5e0 1j8 5du 1k4,5dp 1kb 5dp 1jg,5e3 1jb 5ea 1jb,5e5 1jb 5ei 1id,5en 1id 5e5 1jb 5e0 1in 5eu 1jg,5eu 1ji 5du 1in,5du 1id 5ed 1id,5ed 1is 5dh 1id,5du 1i5 5ei 1id,5f8 1hm 5f8 1ii 5f3 1hu 5fd 1hc,29a m1 2a8 ln,2at n3 2au m7,9t6 2fs 9t6 2cj 9te 29a a0f 240 a37 226 a8o 21s aef 22t alv 27j ao7 29u ap3 2bo apd 2e8,anh 2f1 an7 2bt am1 2a1 ajc 27c af3 24k,aer 24i ab3 23p a7v 23k,af3 24n aec 24f,apa 2dp apd 2ea,a87 23k a3o 23k a1g 25b,a1g 25d 9va 29f 9v7 2eu,9t6 2e3 9v5 2e3,9t9 2av 9v5 2av,9uh 27o 9vr 285,a0i 240 a1d 258,a4h 227 a53 23m,a97 21v a9f 23f,ade 22o adc 245,a9f 232 a9f 23p,aie 25g aho 26e,aml 28c alg 29f,aou 2bl an4 2bl,aok 2bl ap0 2bl,apa 2e0 anm 2ed,aai 2ce a9u 2da,acb 2df abs 2ea,aep 2ed aea 2fd,abv 2e8 abq 2ef,ahe 2en agv 2gb,akk 2f6 aki 2gg,akk 2f3 akk 2fg,ane 2f3 ane 2ge,aq3 2e3 aqi 2fd,aso 2co atm 2dr,aqk 2fg aqa 2f1,ckk 38a cld 3a8 cml 3a8 clb 37o,cls 38k cl3 393,cm9 39n cld 3a3,cmb 36v cli 35s,cki 385 cju 374,cir 390 ci9 382,cgs 39n cgg 393,dqs 37m dqh 37e dq7 37s dqm 380 dqo 37m,dqo 37k drj 37s drh 38b drr 38d drt 382 drh 37s,drv 384 drv 371,ds1 371 dqk 36i dq7 379 dr2 37o,dqb 34m dpr 34e dpa 34u dq1 35j dq7 34k,dpk 357 dop 36a do2 36p,dop 36a dpe 36p doh 373,dpc 35p dp8 35p dqh 36l,dpe 35b dqm 36i,dpo 34k dpo 34s,dq3 34q dpt 34u,dpk 34s dpt 355,du2 39g duc 38n dtd 384,dui 39o duq 38t dvq 39d e08 38f,e08 38f du0 377 dtd 384,du6 37o dtl 380,du7 37o du4 387 due 37t dub 38d,duq 383 duh 38f,dul 380 dut 385,duf 38d dul 38g,dv6 38a duq 38i,dv5 38a dv2 38m dvc 38f,dvh 38g dva 38s,dvh 38g dvm 38l,dve 38m dvh 38o,dvb 38s dvk 38v,gq7 3k4 grd 3hj,grd 3hj gui 3ht gtj 3k7,gu6 3ip gr0 3id,gre 3hq gr6 3ia,gre 3hq grs 3ht,grc 3i0 grj 3i2,gru 3i6 grr 3ia,gs5 3i6 gs3 3i9,gs4 3i6 gsa 3i6 gsa 3ic,gsh 3i6 gse 3ib,gsu 3i6 gsp 3i6 gsn 3ib gss 3ic gss 3ig gsk 3ig,gte 3i1 gt5 3ig,gt9 3ib gtk 3ic gtj 3ij,gu2 3i1 gu1 3i7,gu1 3i5 gu0 3if,h0a 3ht gvk 3ht gvq 3im h0d 3ik h0a 3ht,h02 3in h04 3jt gvo 3ka,h02 3jt h0a 3kc,h02 3j8 h0l 3im,h03 3j6 gvj 3io,gvp 3i1 gvr 3i6,h02 3i2 h04 3i7,h01 3i9 h02 3if gvu 3if gvs 3ib,h48 3h8 h3n 3hj,h3o 3hj h40 3hp h4g 3hj,h4h 3hi h48 3h6,h48 3hn h3t 3i3,h40 3ht h3q 3hl,h42 3ht h4j 3hr,h3u 3i1 h3h 3ic,h3u 3i1 h3q 3id,h40 3hg h43 3hg,h45 3h8 h46 3hd,h44 3hk h4a 3hh h4a 3hc,h01 3i9 gvt 3ic,gpg 3he gp8 3hf gp1 3hn gp1 3i2 gp8 3i2 gpt 3i3 gpt 3hh gpq 3hb gpe 3hf,gp9 3hh gpd 3hn,gpl 3he gph 3hp,gp9 3hq gpa 3hv gpm 3i0 gpo 3hq,gpg 3i3 gpc 3jg gov 3jv,gpd 3jd gpf 3k2,gpf 3il gph 3j7 gpd 3jc,gpe 3im gp7 3j2,gp7 3j4 gpd 3ja,gp8 3iv gp8 3j5#T gn3 38b,B fvm 321 b8,B fuo 34j j,B g0e 2sq b8,O amb 2nq,O amg 2or,O aoh 2pa,O anj 2p7,O al8 2oo,B 1n t e5,O 108 112,O ve 10r,O 10k 105,O 122 11g,O 115 10v,O 122 100,O 11o uv,O v9 vr,B 1t 10 dv,B 4bc 1jk ct,O 5ko 1q2,O 5ck 1lu,O 5s5 1qa,O 4ve 1ns,O 4q9 1k2,O 4mh 1lc,O 4ql 1mp,O 4ge 1mp,O 4kg 1mu,O 52u 1kr,O 54b 1l2,O 57d 1l7,O 596 1la ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -18 1i 18 1i,-14 1i -1l 1k -11 2d o 2d 11 39 -17 3a -17 3q 1c 3r 1h 24 -k 1u 19 1s 1a 1j,1b 3m 1g 23,1c 3m 2r 3n 2s 28 2q 4p,2s 28 2g 28 2g 38 1o 38 1r 25 1f 24,2s 2a 4c 26 4k 3m 38 3m 38 4t 2q 4s 2r 4i,38 3a 36 2j 44 2h 45 39 38 39,46 26 54 1t,5k 2g 67 24 6u 22 7k 2b 81 2v 7u 3p 7d 4c 6m 4q 5v 4v 5k 4a 65 3o 6s 3i 7o 45 8o 55,8k 50 98 5g ac 62 bm 6q d2 7e ep 7q gk 7u ih 7o ka 78 lt 6j nc 5p,nd 5s n9 6v o7 6v ng 8d o0 8i oi 6v ok 5o ob 5q o9 6e nl 6d nn 5q nf 5q,oi 6u pi 6u qj 6t qj 5m q2 5n q6 6e pn 6f pu 5m pf 5m,pi 6u pi 5m ok 5m,ot 5v or 6i p8 6h p8 60 ou 5v,ph 5o pi 6u,rn 1k sa 2b sr 39 t7 4a tf 5k tl 75 ti 8j sv a2 s2 be qr cc pg ck,pl cl or cj np cd,ja c7 ii cf hm co gf cr f2 ct dm cq,eu cu e1 cr ct cp bh co 9v cg,9v cg 86 c1 6c bf 4g ar 2k a6 p 9i -t 90 -2k 8e -4e 7k -65 6h -7f 53 -89 3e -8j 1q -85 -1 -75 -1e -5n -27 -47 -2b##T -4o -1b

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