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    Dec. 24, 2008
i made a level on Run :0xA6A95F1FAFA9565FA0AF5 959A9AF5F5FA9A9595FA0AF5659 A6AF595FA6A9565FA9AF5659A6 AF5959||0x4BF036 and also a free rider auto. -18 1i 18 1i,-s 1c -t 1h,1d 27 1d 2r 21 2r,22 2n 22 2q,3g 3q 3h 4j 47 4k,5f 70 5f 7h 4p 7h,3p 8m i 9m,-2a b6 -2a cc -18 cc,-1o ee 1v ko,2d li 2k m5 31 mr 3n nj 4k o5 5i oj 6h ou,6j ot 7h p4 8k pa 9q pe at ph bq pj cn pl de pn e3 pm em pl fi pl gp pn i8 p5 jf or l3 on mf ok nu oi,pp sk pm t5 pb th,ma 11p mb 12a ms 12j,s6 16s sa 17e rr 17r r8 180,o0 18o o2 199,o3 197 o5 19o,ql 1b4 qp 1bl qm 1c5,qi 1c5 q1 1cb,n7 1g1 ne 1gh nt 1gs ob 1h4,to 1l4 tj 1lj t7 1lu,qp 1t1 r7 1tb rm 1tj s6 1tn,ui 256 ut 25m va 263 vp 26b,142 2it 141 2jd 13g 2ji 12t 2jh 12m 2j0,14h 2io 14n 2j9 158 2j4 15g 2ii 15o 2hv 15f 2he#113 2k7 118 2np,110 2kb 14f 2kc,113 2m3 12i 2m3,118 2nl 13e 2ng,152 2ke 14u 2nv,157 2ko 16i 2o1,16g 2k7 16i 2o3,176 2k9 17n 2nv,179 2kb 1ad 2kr 1al 2m5,1ak 2m5 17j 2ns,10u 2oe 1a0 2oi# BMX only 9 1u q 1u 18 1n 17 17,-1t 68 -1f 6n -v 71,-c 6m -f 76 -v 7a -16 6s,2r c9 2j cv 22 do 1e e9 n ek 0 er,-3i fm -2v g0 -2h ga,-m k5 -3 k6,0 k8 g k8 -4 k7 -n k4,3p m0 3r mi 3f n0 2u n0,a tb -7 t7,-p 10p -3 10p k 10q 1b 10q 24 10q,44 136 40 13o 3m 148,3n 148 3f 13o,10 18p 1l 191 2a 199 31 19h 3p 19o 4h 19u 5a 1al 63 1bl 70 1ck 80 1dc,7v 1da 8e 1dp 96 1e9 9u 1eo ak 1f2 bb 1fd cc 1fs dg 1gg eq 1h8 g2 1ht hd 1ih iq 1j0 k9 1jc li 1jh ms 1jk o0 1jg pa 1j6 qs 1io s9 1i8 tp 1hl v8 1gs 10m 1g0 121 1f0 132 1do 142 1ce 150 1b3 15o 19n 16a 18f 16o 178,18i 174 18p 180 197 19a 19q 1ao 1af 1c2 1bc 1db 1cg 1ef 1dn 1fi 1f1 1gj 1gf 1hc 1hv 1hp 1ji 1hq 1l5 1hf 1mq 1gt#kj 1ep kj 1hb,km 1es m8 1f0,kh 1g6 lh 1g8,kj 1ho lu 1he,n1 1f5 mi 1hl,n3 1f6 o1 1hl o7 1es,ov 1f6 o7 1i0,p7 1f6 r0 1gl qu 1gv,qr 1h1 og 1hr# BMX only -16 1l 18 2u,1s 5b 2d 5j 2u 5i 37 55,-2p 6e -1l 78 -h 84 d 8r,-4 bh 10 bo 1t bo,1p bl 2b bn,68 cr 6a dv,69 dq 69 eh 69 fa 69 g6 69 h3 69 ht 69 ii 63 ja 64 kf 64 lp 60 ms 5m nt 59 op 4p pj 43 qj 34 rk 22 se s ta -e u7 -1p v5 -37 102 -4q 10s -6h 11h -8b 126 -a6 12q -c1 13e -dt 143 -fp 14n -hm 15b -jj 15v -lh 16k -nf 178 -pc 17p -r6 17r -sr 17p -u2 17n -vb 17l -10c 17j -11d 17h -12a 17g -132 17e -13p 17d,-170 18b -178 18o -17n 18g,-1cg 1fd -1c0 1ev -1bf 1ee -1b1 1e0 -1am 1dk -1af 1cr,-1f8 1kc -1en 1kf,-1f3 1ke -1fe 1k2,-1c8 1mb -1bb 1mk -1aj 1mt -19o 1n6 -191 1nd -18b 1nk,-143 1rc -13n 1rq -135 1ro,-sb 2f4 -qr 2em -p8 2e1 -nr 2df,-s9 2f6 -sr 2f5 -tb 2f9 -tr 2fo -ub 2ge -v1 2h7 -100 2hs -110 2i9,-14j 2ks -147 2l5 -13v 2kj -13r 2k3,-1mi 5aq -1ma 5c5 -1lv 5de -1ll 5ej -1lc 5fm,-1ls 66g -1ll 67b -1lf 688 -1l6 699 -1kn 6ac -1k0 6bd -1iu 6co -1hs 6e0 -1gj 6f9 -1f3 6gg -1dg 6hm -1bs 6ir -1a7 6k0 -18h 6l4 -16r 6m6 -156 6n2 -13j 6nq -120 6oh -10j 6p3 -vc 6pg -u3 6ps -t2 6q6 -s2 6qf -r6 6qn -qc 6qs -pk 6qu -p0 6qv -oe 6qv,-of 6qu -nk 6qq -mo 6qh -lt 6q8 -l7 6q0 -kk 6pn -k6 6pc,50 7be 5b 7c9 5o 7d5 68 7e9 6r 7fm 7a 7gv 7p 7ic 75 7j8 67 7jd 5d 7ji 4l 7jm 43 7j6 3v 7ib 3q 7hf 3l 7gm 3l 7fr 3u 7ev 48 7e5 4f 7dc 4j 7cl 4n 7c0 4u 7be,aq 7vh b2 801 bj 7vs,hd gc2 he gd0 hf ge2 hg gf2 hg gg6 hg gha hh gif hj gjr ho glf hr gms hv goc i4 gpu i9 grj ie gt8 ik gv0 iq h0o j1 h2h j0 h4b im h63 id h7t i4 h9n hr hbh hi hdb h8 hf7 gs hh3 gg hiv g3 hkr fl hmn f6 hoj el hqe e2 hs8 de hu2 cp hvt c4 i1n bb i3i ah i5c 9m i76 8p i90 7q iaq 6l ick 5g iee 4i ifp 3k ih3 2l iie 1l ijp k il3 -e imd -1f inn -2i ip0 -3l iq9 -4p iri,-4p iri -5s isq -70 iu3 -83 ivb -98 j0j -ad j1q -bi j31 -co j48 -dt j5f -f3 j6l -g9 j7r -hf j91 -im ja7 -jt jbc -l4 jch -mb jdm -nj jer -or jfv -q4 jh2 -rd ji5 -sn jj7 -u1 jk9 -vb jlb -10l jmc -120 jnd -13b jod -14m jpc -161 jqb -17d jra -18p js8 -1a5 jt5 -1bg ju2 -1cs juv -1e8 jvr -1fk k0n -1hf k1q -1ja k2t -1l4 k3v,-1l4 k3v -1mv k4u -1oq k5s -1ql k6p -1sg k7i -1uc k8b -207 k93 -223 k9r -23u kaj -25p kb9 -27l kbt -29g kch -2bc kd3 -2d8 kdh -2f3 kdr -2gv ke5 -2ir kee -2km kek -2mi keo -2of keq -2qb kep -2s7 keo -2u4 kem -300 kej -31s keg -33p kec -35l ke8 -37i ke2 -39e kdt -3bb kdn -3d7 kdh -3f3 kdc -3h0 kd6 -3is kd0 -3kp kcq -3ml kcj -3oh kcd -3qe kc7 -3sa kc1 -3u7 kbr -403 kbk -420 kbe -43s kb8 -45o kb1 -47l kar -49h kal -4be kae -4da ka8 -4f6 ka2 -4h3 k9r,-2ra k8j -2r7 k9b -2r6 ka0 -2r4 kal,-2r3 kal -2qc kah,-2r3 k9n -2qi k9m,-2rb k8i -2qp k8i,-2r7 k9n -2qo k9m,-2q0 k8b -2q0 k91 -2pv k9p -2pu kae,-2pu k8b -2pb k93 -2ot k9n -2oh ka8 -2oa k9b -2oc k84 -2od k7h,-2ns k7h -2ns k8a -2no k94 -2nk k9t,-2nq k7h -2n7 k7l -2mm k7u -2mc k8f -2mb k92 -2ml k9j -2n8 k9t,-2nn k9r -2n5 k9q## BMX only

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