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Don’t mind me. I’m a guy who disappears.
The theory of the Chat: The chat seems to be sentient, and is apparently a hive mind composed of the members of the chat. While the chat is hive-minded, not all individuals are controlled by the chat. Some people are controlled by more than one chat. In most of these cases, a person will have a “liege chat”, to which they owe first loyalty. If the interests of the liege chat and another of the controlling chats collide, the person will side with the liege chat. There are some individuals that have more influence on the hive mind than others. These high-influence people are known as “moderators” and “Room Owners”. Any who wish to contribute to the theory of the chat, please PM me or leave a message on my profile.
My EPIC game recommendation/review for ico and Shadow Of The Colossus: Ico is about Ico, the titular character, being taken to a fortress place and locked in a prison because he has horns, and his village fears those with horns.An earthquake allows him to escape his cage, and while looking around the fortress, he finds a girl named Yorda. The rest of the game is about the athletic Ico protecting the less physically able Yorda from shadow creatures and solving puzzles to be able to get Yorda across spaces that you need to get across to escape the fortress.The gameplay is about solving the puzzles so Yorda can get to the exit with you.
Ico is unique in that the creators tried as much as possible to make sure anything that prevented realism was minimized, leading to the absence of a Heads Up Display, along with other things of a similar vein. Ico is critically acclaimed for it’s setting.The soundtrack amplified the feelings you would get throughout the game, and the graphics were were fantastic. Ico has been pointed to in efforts to rationalize the capabilities of video games as art. However, Ico was not a commercial success, due to the lack of an extensive marketing campaign, and the North American release’s poor box art, along with other reasons.
Now on to Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow Of The Colossus is about Wander, who is trying to bring back his loved one, Mono. To do this, he goes to a forbidden land to seek the help of Dormin, who says that the bringing back of a mortal soul might be possible due to the weapon Wander carries.Dormin tells Wander to destroy the idols lining the back of the temple Wander went to to ask for Dormin’s aid. Dormin tells wander that the idols themselves are indestructible, and that the only way to destroy them was by bringing down the 16 colossi they represent.Wander sets down Mono in the temple, and goes to destroy the colossi.
The 16 colossi are just that, colossal. They are separated by vast tracts of land that Wander traverses with the help of his horse, Agro. The developers tried to make Agro a little bit like a real horse, in that Agro sometimes wouldn’t do what you told it to. The Colossi are the only enemies in the game, and are basically boss battles. Each one has a puzzle-like aspect to them, in that you must find the weak point and attack, must sometimes use the environment to your advantage, along with one other thing: The climbing of the colossi. Each of the colossi are colossal, to the point of being the size of mountains. You have to climb the colossi and attack their weak points in order to defeat them.
Shadow of the Colossus is a prequel to Ico. This is most evident at the end of Shadow of the Colossus.
Looking through this site, I have seen snapshots on the forums and on some people’s profiles of how the site was years ago… These little windows have made me feel all melancholy recently. It also reminds me that I have been a part of this site for three years as of my writing this…. so much time has passed. It’s a sobering thought.

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