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You step through the doorway and find yourself in a dimly lit room. Looking around you see tables, chairs, bookshelves and a dresser which all seem to be covered in a thick layer of dust. You wonder to yourself when the last time the person who calls this place their home was even here. Walking up to one of the bookshelves you decide to inhale deeply and blow away some dust. An exhalation of breath escapes from your lips, but the dust remains sticking solidly to the bookshelf and the surface of the room. You brush your finger along the spine of a random book and you notice that there is not a single feeling of dust on the book.

Baffled by this bit of new knowledge you start running your finger along the spines of the other books to see if they are similar. As you are running your finger along a book that you can barely read as “Human Anatomy” a tittering noise comes from the direction of the book. You pull back your hand only to see the book fall down and start transforming before your very eyes.

Standing before you is a 6’2" male human with pale skin, light grey eyes, same color hair, non-callused hands, and a ragged brown robe. He opens his mouth to speak, but instead happens to cough for a brief moment. Clearing his through he tries again, “You enjoy running your hand along the spines of things?” Many questions were running through your mind, but answering any at this point in time caught you unprepared. You start stuttering over words as you try to give him an answer. “Save your words for later, young mortal. I can help you with what you seek, if you’d just follow me…” He reaches his hand through the slot in the bookshelf where he previously rested and gave a yank. The floor beneath you made a sound as if stone was grating on stone, and soon enough there was no floor beneath your feet.

Give a shout if you’d like me to write more.

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