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Talonkarrde07: I’m one of those people that actually have enough balls to quote themselves.

Allen42: talon? dude… pssst…. wipe your nose
talonkarrde07: …
protoss_rush: w/ Allen42 boy, that Talon guy. What a kiss up, eh?

grrrlpower5: Why do I have “Octamom rulez! Eight babies!” written on my arm?____________________________________________________________________

acoustii: … I get to sleep tonight and hold my inguana id rather be you cause my iguana bit my face this morning ___________________________________________________

Blarlack: Guess what guys.

Blarlack: I’m not sober.

Blarlack: The end.

talonkarrde07: it’s not that kind of relationship. It’s the be-there-for-each-other when we are upset kind.
Azieru: yeah, me and the TV have that kind of relationship.

Whaler: whatever guys don’t believe me so **** u

Blarlack: …

Allen42: If that two-bit b-tard blarlack ever shows back up, he’ll settle thi…. Oh hi Blar.

Blarlack: Dude, there is about 6" of white space on either side of Idle right now.
Blarlack: this is redonkulous
Blarlack: 1920×1080 resolution is smacktardedly awesome.
Allen42: smacktardedly? I like it.
Allen42: I’m smacktardedly awesome____________________________________________________________________

Blarlack: I’m not actually drunk right now!
Blarlack: wait hold on
Blarlack: I’m allowed to drink at work
Blarlack: AFK
talonkarrde07: O.o
talonkarrde07: “Blarlack: I’m not actually drunk right now!”
talonkarrde07: O.O
Blarlack: I’m not!
FuzzyBacon: A first, then!
Blarlack: I’m actually sober 99% of the time.
talonkarrde07: Lol
Blarlack: Ass. >:(
talonkarrde07: Right.
FuzzyBacon: lol
talonkarrde07: I’m SURE
Blarlack: the problem is, that 1% is usually when I’m on Kong.
Blarlack: because Kong is apparently more fun when not sober.
Blarlack: oh well.
Blarlack: Someone remind me to shave my head tonight, please.
FuzzyBacon: Isn’t everything more fun when not sober?

FuzzyBacon: You know what would be epic?
FuzzyBacon: Riding to work on donkeyback
UnknownPerson6: I don’t scare easily…who am I kidding toast when it pops scares me!

Azieru: problems don’t stop existing just because they’re swept under rugs though.
FuzzyBacon: Yes they do :O
FuzzyBacon: They just introduce the new problem of how do you get the &@$% rug to sit flat
\FuzzyBacon: Switching letters and numbers!? that’s Unh34rd of________________________________________________________
Blarlack: 1920×1080 resolution is bonkers.________________________________________________________
talonkarrde07: Be nice to the noob toss
protoss_rush: beeing nice to n00bs is against my personal religion of…defence of civilization________________________________________________________
DY14N: you know what the best thing ‘bout the internet is?
Zephry: No, what?
DY14N: nobody here knew before just now that I’m not wearing any pants

DY14N: last time I was on, and the time before that, and that, and that, etc, ninja was so bad that if an innocent looked at chat they’d cackle madly and whisper about terracotta pie________________________________________________________
LDellosa: Text based melodramatics is so ‘08, guys. >_>
unknownperson6: How about we put it this way, about as high as you get while smoking weed________________________________________________________
DorkPhones: Scotland!
DorkPhones: Where the only way you can tell it’s summer is because the rain’s a little warmer!
iSokrias: I never get quoted. Also, if anybody quotes me on that, I may hunt them down. With a machete.
DorkPhones: I actually have a pretty weak accent.
DorkPhones: It’s gone all posh cos I started hanging out with rich kids
runerocker864: I type plenty fast, I’m talking on the phone at the same time. So if I suddenly type “Haven’t they had a crush on each other since second grade?”, you’ll know why.
SirMarth01: Well, Talon, I’m a regular here at Cafe Kong, and I’m from Pennsylvania, the place where there are only three things: old people, boredom, and trees. Lots and lots of trees.
SirMarth01: Byte.

SirMarth01: *Bye

SirMarth01: headdesk.

SirMarth01: Epic…flail?
FuzzyBacon: Since the pope made an official declaration (the last one, John Paul something, not Pope Palpatine)

Demonwolf: “Mom, this is Joe. Joe is the hobo from down the street. We’re going to go play Guitar Hero for a bit kthnkbai.”

Demonwolf ""Mom, this is Hitler. He’s the art school reject from down the street. We’re going to go play Guiter Hero for a bit kthnkbai."

Azieru: butt Blarlack, theirs moor then won weigh two spell words

Blarlack: And there’s more than one way for me to break your face, too.
JohnLeprechaun: Why is chinchilla capitalized?
Blarlack: because
CraziAsian: because its very important
Blarlack: Damn straight.
Blarlack: Order of importance in the world
Blarlack: Mal.

oddish: i’m madly in love with blarlack.
oddish: i want to hug him until his eyeballs explode.
AkujiDelano: I still remember the day I arrived here and started talking about my grassy balls.________________________________________________________

Blarlack: I’ll phonetic you >:(
Blarlack: I mean, hello guys how is everyone.
oddish: i want to be phoneticed.
Blarlack: od-dish
Blarlack: :O
oddish: yes blar? =D
Blarlack: That was me phoneticizing you.

FuzzyBacon: Hey talon. Awkward timing, you has it, btw
Talonkarrde07: How so?
FuzzyBacon: I’m literally 15 seconds from getting naked and covering my body with hot soapy water. Which means that I’m going to leave you with that incredibly disturbing image and go take a shower.

Demonwolf: S.o.b. Also, If I ever get my own spacecraft, I’m naming it “Spacewolf.”

unknownperson6: Rain is the shizz!

Darkheart291: you peed in my cesspool D=
unknownperson6: You wouldn’t like Talon when he is angry!
He turns into a giant purple teddybear!

Talonkarrde07: Although Sav getting drunk as a skunk wouldn’t be much of a change

WargenElite: Bunnykitten = When a Cat and a Rabbit got drunk

To CedartownDawg: Seems that DoomedGraceless is grouchy today!
CedartownDawg: It definitely does…. wonder who pissed in her cheerios…. (reply)

Coco_Puff: Great job= sticking foot up A.M’s ass for making me do bad work

Anthill23: i have a cold
morgoth1: well don’t give my computer a virus

lockman: you [Me, duh] would be better at learning Hutt than latin i think (reply)

morgoth1: Bi-polar, is that a sexually confused Eskimo?

Confuzzledmaniac: It all makes sense now. Azieru is in love with his stinky bretheren [Fish]

CraziAsian: depends… are you gonna accuse me of sexual harassment if i give you birthday spankings?

Don’t act like that…
Just say:
“Ya…so what…I love life without pants…they are too constraining to hold in all my awesomeness anyways…pffft…pants are for losers that lack hawtness and awesomness…enjoy your pants”
You have got to own it

She is a girl…tiss teh way of GS
-you should change your user name to “sexay lady”…you will get all the attention you want…and some great PM’s I imagine

Confuzzledmaniac: Well, last night, there was a storm that was about as fat as Steve.

Caploc: I rub fish bait on my forehead to attract women!

Puppettron: you want her [Unknownperson6] to dress as a fictional werewolf cop for you?
Upaut: Sure…it’d be kinky cos-play…^.^

Yukari_Kajuji: nickleback= nicklecrack

runerocker864: No, I don’t want you screening my grandma while the saudi arabian dude who barely speaks english and is wearing a suspiciously bulky backpack walks through security.
runerocker864: Thank you very much. ________________________________________________________

Kairi_the_shadow: I like to impregnate him.(Stevenorr)
Kairi_the_shadow: But he gets abortions all the time D< damn that steven________________________________________________________

CedartownDawg: I’ll do my best to find historic porn salutes (reply) ________________________________________________________

Talonkarrde07: I feel like an odd fish

NoColorPlz: I feel like a gay fish.

Luckycows: Talon, u has super AIDS nao :P ________________________________________________________

Fire_Emblem8745: I guess 4chan is like a coal mine. Usually useless, but sometimes you hit gold________________________________________________________

kenneth2830: Welcome to hell. Today we have a favorite of vlad the impaler: naked men on pikes. ________________________________________________________
kenneth2830: …pokepr0n? Untz________________________________________________________

Herian: Now, on that note, I can not un-see that google search. Herian: No matter how much I want to. (Lopunny hentai) ________________________________________________________

Talonkarrde07: Still comes as a shocker, y’know?
Luckycows: Pikachu was also a shocker Luckycows: But we already knew that.

Talonkarrde07: I’m about to Skype Cedar :P

OmegaKaiSi: Be careful, hes black.
FuzzyBacon: It’s not Fuzzle, that’s someone else :O

FuzzyBacon: It’s fuzzy, bacon, FuzzyBacon, or “Hey, asshat”

Talonkarrde07: Rune: wear Barricade 6.0s
Talonkarrde07: Those shoes take forevet to wear out, they’re like…wait…:O :O Barricades!!!
Blarlack: I got 99 tracks, but “One Winged Angel” ain’t one, hit me.
MercuryDomini: Every hooker is a virgin. You just have to ask.

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