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    Wallowing in hate and dispair, or gnawing on the bones of baby dolls.
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Rp Characters: #1 Dr:Seuss, Real Name: Aliester bane, He believes his name is Dr. Seuss, this is an addition the piles of insanity inflicted on his mind. Race: Human. He is human, though his mind is so twisted and warped that it is inhuman, he has no humanity and only feels fear, anger, hate, and despair. He feels no pain from physical violence, magic has no effect on his overly chaotic mind for his mind is so warped that it emits a chaotic aura that dispells magic around him but increases the chance of a chaotic phenomenon. Gender: Male. Age: 35, He is addicted to carving a line in his left arm for every year of his chaotic existence, it comforts him in his warped view on the world. Physical Appearance: Deranged eyes stare at you see through you, see your soul your sins your hates your love your emotion. These greenish red eyes intimidate the strong and frighten the weak, the souless slates that lie in his forhead are only but a feature to his grotesque appearance, gnarled and rotting teeth hang from his gums sharpened canines with holes on their surface as if they were drilled into. His face is as pale as a corpse and his grin comparable to the grind of a jester. His jaw is misshapen and double jointed allowing him to open his mouth wide, and his misshapen jaw allows him to bite down with extreme force, he is a carnivorous and cannibalistic fiend but keeps it quiet. His hair is long messy and full of knots, its pitch black color allows it to blend with the shadows giving him a natural bonus to stealth. His body is tall and lithe, long slender fingers and a twisted spine forcing him to forever slouch. One his right forearm he has one unique mutation that was gifted to him by Khorne himself when he was blown through the warp in a long forgotten battle, but he remembers the warp...its insanity..and its ominous visions that linger within his thoughts to this day. The mutation is that his whole right arm is flayed and forever bleeds, thou causing no damage to himself it does inflict disturbances on those you gaze upon his flayed arm, This flayed arm is not natural it is supernatural and he feels no pain from it and feels as if it did have skin. Insanity: He is diagnosed with Hysterical blindness, in which he randomly loses his vision at unforeseen times. He sufferes vivid and reoccurring nightmares such as running from a black sun in the sky or being imprisoned in an endless machine. he also suffers warp shock, as mentioned before He was blasted through the warp in a battle against Chaos Space marines, he himself was once a proud and well respective Space Marines fighting chaos and executing heretics, ironically he was blasted through the warp and corrupted by khorne. Chem Geld: He is immune to seduction and charm. Palsy in his left hand, right knee, and neck. Kuru disease: As a consequence for his flesh eating addiction he was cursed by the God Emperor and givin Kuru disease, he laughs uncontrollably at random times and has random muscles spasms, tremors and siesures, as well as Palsy (As stated above.) Malign Sight: The world seems to darken, tarnish and rot if he looks at anything too long. Necrophage: He is eternally hollow and constantly hungry and must feed on raw meat constantly or starve. Strange addictions: Crushing his tongue with pliars, Eating Rose peddals, Carving lines in his left arm for every year of age, Collecting bottle caps and converting them into mines, and the taste of widows' tears. True Savant: He is inhumanly talented when it comes to painting, solving problems, writing, and calculating countless scenarios and perfect responses to those scenarios giving him an advantage when it comes to combat. Psychic ability, Spasm: He has the ability to cause a creatures muscles to spasm, interuppting attacks, making them fall to the ground, or rendering them useless temporarily. Warp Howl: He sends a long, keening screetch throughout the warp that tears through into reality in a cacophonous burst, this drowns out all other sounds within range and renders foes deaf. Weapons: Electro flail: A flail with nine sharp electrical blades tied to the end of the flail. Krak Gernades: The Krak Grenade is an alternative to the standard Frag Grenade used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. It is similar in operation and function to a Melta Bomb. It creates a flare of intense heat and fire that can penetrate even the armour of light-to-medium vehicles. It is often used for attacking fortified defensive positions and vehicles. Chain Sword: The Chainsword is the preferred close combat melee weapon of the military forces of the Imperium of Man. The Chainsword is essentially a sword with powered teeth that run along the blade like that of a chainsaw. Most versions of the weapon make use of monomolecular-edged or otherwise razor sharp teeth. The weapon makes an angry buzzing sound as the teeth spin around, intensifying into a high pitched scream as they grind into armour. It is not unlike a modern chainsaw, but lighter and able to be wielded with one hand. It is often used in conjunction with a Laspistol. All forces of the Imperium make use of it as a standard close combat weapon. The weapon is designed to quickly slice through an opponent. These swords are very crucial in melee combat, allowing easy swipes to behead or rip an enemy in two. Although it is not the most powerful of close-combat weaponry, it gets the job done. The chainsword is a weapon of choice for most Space Marines.The Orks, who call them "Chain-Choppas", also steal them for Mad Doks and Meks and it has been reported Slugga Boyz use them. Some Ork Warbosses have been known to attach them to their hands instead of klaws. The Chainsword is also a popular weapon choice of Imperial Guard officers, and all Imperial forces serving in boarding and assault parties - such as Space Marine Assault Squads, Chaos Space Marines, especially the Chaos Marines' Raptor Assault Squads, and Eldar Striking Scorpions. ========================== I'm a Gore-Obssessed, Introverted, creature that sticks to the shadows, for they are my eternal friends, always there. Heres a list of my favorite Music Genre's. Alternitive Metal-Black Metal-Death Metal-Doom Metal-Drone Metal-Extreme Metal-Folk Metal- Gothic Metal-Grindcore-Melodic Death Metal-Pornogrind-Power Metal-Sludge Metal-Speed Metal-Stoner Metal-Thrash Metal-Traditional Heavy Metal-Viking metal. Yep...And now a list of some pretty good bands: A: Aborted -- Aeon -- Altar -- Amon Amarth -- Annotations of an Autopsy -- Abysmal Torment -- Arkaik -- A Loathing Requiem -- Angel corpse -- Amorphis -- Aborted Fetus -- Arkhum -- Amagortis -- Abysmal Dawn -- Advent of Bedlam -- Akakor -- As you drown -- Akrea -- Augury B: Banishment -- Behemoth -- Benighted -- Bloodbath -- Blood red throne -- Bolt Thrower -- Burning Hatred -- Brutus -- Braindrill -- Beheaded -- Baalphegor -- Belphegor -- Bohema -- Blasphemer -- Bloodtribe -- Be'lakor -- Benediction -- Bloodsoaked C: Cannibal Corpse -- Cryptopsy -- Cerebral Bore -- Caragh Angren -- Calm Hatchery -- Condemned -- Carnophage -- Cryptic -- Ceremonial Castings -- Chaos Synopsis -- Cenotaph D: Dark funeral -- Deadborn -- Death -- Deivos -- Dawn of Demise -- Devolved -- Devourment -- Decapitated -- Decrepit Birth -- Deeds of Flesh -- Deicide -- Defeated Sanity -- Despondency -- Detonation -- Disavowed -- Disgorge -- Dismember -- Disentomb -- Dominion -- Divine Heresy -- Dying Fetus -- Defacing -- Deadlystrain -- Diskreet -- Decimation -- Dyscord -- Darknote -- Deprecated -- Digested -- Drawn and Quartered -- Daemonicium -- Decaying Purity -- Die E: Embodiment (the) -- Embryonic Devourment -- Element -- Emeth -- Ex Deo -- Eternal Gray -- Exmortem F: Facebreaker -- Faceless (the) -- Flesh Consumed -- Fleshgod Apocalypse -- First Fragment -- Fractured Insanity -- Fleshrot -- Fleshgrind -- Fleshmould G: Gorefest -- Gorgasm -- Graveworm -- Groteque formation -- Gory Delivery -- Godless Truth -- Gojira H: Hackeneyed -- Haemophagia -- Hate -- Hate Eternal -- Houwitser -- Human Mincer -- Hour of penance -- Hypocrisy -- Human Parasite -- Human Rejection -- Human Filleted I: Illdisposed -- Immolation -- Immortal -- Inherit Disease -- Internecine -- Insision -- Insidious Decrepancy -- Inveracity -- Insain -- Insomnium -- Intestine Baalism -- Incarnia -- Infernal Revulsion K: Kataklysm -- Krisiun -- Kosmophobia -- Kronos -- King of Asgard L: Lamb of God -- Legion (the) -- Lecherous Nocturne -- Legion of the Damned -- Lithuria M: Malevolent Creation -- Marduk -- Meshuggah -- Moker -- Morbid Angel -- Mortal Decay -- Mortician -- Monumental Torment -- Mitochondrion -- Myrkskog N: Napalm Death -- Necrophagist -- Nervecell -- Nile -- Nox -- Nonsense Premonitin -- Nerlich O: Obituary -- Offending -- Odius Mortem -- Old Man's Child -- Ontogeny -- Origin P: Pestilence -- Prion -- Prostitute Disfigurement -- Psycroptic -- Pyaemia -- Pyrexia -- Pathology -- Putrid Pile -- Purgatory -- Parasite Inc. -- Plasmoptysis -- Prejudice Q: Quo Vadis R: Revocation -- Regurgitate Life -- Reciprocal S: Samael -- Sapiens End -- Severe Torture -- Severed Saviour -- Sinister -- Spawn of Possession -- Septic Flesh -- Suffereign -- Suffocation -- Sanhedrin -- Sickmath -- Sunless rise -- Synesis Absorption -- Scar Symmetry -- Septycal Gorge -- Scarab -- Scaphist -- Sickening Horror T: Tidfall -- Toxocara -- Trauma -- Throwdown -- Thy Disease U: Unleashed -- Unmerciful -- Uncleansed -- Ulcerate V: Vader -- Vile -- Visceral Bleeding -- Vital Remains -- Vomitory -- Vitam et Mortem -- Vesania -- Vomit The soul -- Vehemence W: Warpath Z: Zimmer's hole -- Zyklon. Yeah..sigh thats about it go and die or something.

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