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Live life as if you’ll die today, dream as if you’ll live forever- James Dean 1931-1955. This means something to some people to others it isn’t worth a second to read. But why should I care. People throw their lifes away every day. They take another life so they can be part of a gang. So they can be tough. It isn’t tough to take another life. It’s sick. It isn’t your choice if someone is worth enough to live. So many take anothers life it sickens me. No matter what the reason of taking a life, it is one of the sickest,cruel, acts of hatred that can be done. You lose part of your soul when you murder someone. Some people have to be killed because they can’t live without killing. Their greed consumes them, their hatred drives them. No matter what you do or don’t believe in it’s not right. Jealousy is so strong some people kill because of love. My Uncle was murdered over a whore.My little brother burned down a church and he’s only 10 years old. He didn’t know better just because he became friends with the wrong people he’s thrown part of his life away. He’s 10 and has probation. He can’t see any of his friends. He can’t live life like we can. I believe in God. I know he’s supposed to work in mysterious ways but I still don’t understand. Don’t throw your life away just to be cool in the eyes of somebody. Don’t act in school just to look cool. It’s not worth it. Your not hurting the teachers your throwing your own life away. Don’t act stupid or try to be cool don’t worry about impressing someone. Just be yourself don’t change to be someones friend. Don’t change to get a girl to like you. If they don’t like how you really are they aren’t a true friend. If she or he doesn’t love you how you are in the first place then why love them. I come from a disfunctional family. One side of my family is full of potheads,crackheads,drug dealers, and whores. The other is full of drunkards. But I chose the right path sure i’ve messed up here and there but im still not strayed totally. My other Uncle didn’t have a choice, his dad, my grandpa and grandma chose for him. They decided to drink,smoke, and do drugs while he was still an embryo. It’s not his fault he came out Retarded. Where was his choice point is life isn’t fair. So take what you’ve got. Don’t Throw it away. Many don’t have a choice. Many choose for them and make the wrong decision. So be happy you’re here today and have a choice. Live life to it’s fullest be happy, Be yourself. Because I do Care.

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