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    Photosphere of The Sun.
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    Apr. 11, 2008

When I was younger my parents always said “Stay away from the cellar door!”
But one day, the door was open and so i decided I was going through the door. After going through the door I saw strange and wonderful things like the sky, trees, grass and children not made from plastic.

TheProphetON: GEODORANT. Funny smelling earth

HappyAlcoholic: And there’s plenty of those on here, sorry Olivia_adtr.

Aiglet1: I did think you smelled rather earthy!

PinkE: Sounded more like a compliment to me.

Llutennant_VCR: Evidently you can’t deal with people who type differently and think differently to me.

TheProphetON: Soiling oneself just took on a new meaning XD

Aiglet1: Llut, :p I thought you had a sense of humour.

Aiglet1: I guess I was wro… LOL PROFIT

Llutennant_VCR: I do, but I also enjoy irritating people.

Razydi: troll

Aiglet1: That’s called trolling, honey.

TheProphetON: I’m proud of that :D

Llutennant_VCR: Indeed I am troll-like.

Aiglet1: As you should be!

On another topic;
Silverpkin: I would bet that there’s no sugar in female ejaculate, unlike that of males

Xandrya: tell you what, glacon?

Aiglet1: Except some people who are special and get extra parts

TheProphetON: There’s sugar in semen?

glacon2: what comes outa women when they orgasm

Silverpkin: to feed the sperm

glacon2: theres suger?

Silverpkin: which is why it’s important to clean up after

glacon2: nomnomnomnomnonmomnonmonmomnonmonm

Silverpkin: or you get yeast

TheProphetON: “Gimme some sugar” just took on a whole new meaning…

Silverpkin: and then a yeast infection

Aiglet1: LOL

Aiglet1: Give me some sugar profit ;)

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