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I am a Lich, but not an undead Lich. I protect the good, and as the Lich god. protect life and Lichism. My palace is a nice calm place. It looks allot like a cave, but its outside seems to be made up of dinosaur ribs. Inside, it is lit up with multiple torches, and after fifteen or so minutes of walking, a throne appears. To the left of the throne is the kitchen, and to the right is a wall of staves and swords. The kitchen is brightly lit, with no apparent light source. All the cabinets are made of beech reinforced with steel. Inside are multiple spices and quick bake meals. In the middle of the kitchen is a cauldron.
I look like a blonde haired, blue eyed, guy, who wears light robes that seem to glow white. I wield a staff that has a steel shaft and is topped with a blue crystal. I have a white hood on my head, grey gloves on my hands, and black boots on my feet.
towerston11-Lich God.
aetheralkeeper-An ethereal Spectomancer Prince who is awesome. (Prince)
DemonLordDark-A demonic and necromantic baron who is nice and has a fun attitude. (Baron)
Bolt (Normal magic attack)
Summon Skeleton (Summon a skeleton)
Arcane Cataclysm (Arcane cataclysm of light energies)
Freeze (Freeze a target)
Leech (Leech a targets life force)
Summon Demon (Summon a Demon)
Explode (Target explodes)
Raise Corpse (Raise a target corpse)
Lich Blade (A blade made of the powers of a Lich)
Grim Energy (Restore some energy to a target)
Stone (Turn the target to stone)
Biography: He gives no description of himself.
Weapon: Sword or Staff
Element: Light
Items Equipped: Staff of Anarchism, Robe of Healthen Blood, Gauntlets of Good, Boots of Freedom.
Item stats: Staff of Anarchism: Immunity to dark.
Robe of Healthen Blood: Immune to Freeze.
Gauntlets of Good: Immune to Evil Magic.
Boots of Freedom: Auto haste, Cannot be Slowed, Halted, Stopped, or Stunned.

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