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Hello, I am TYI18, and I can be found in RP1. If you enjoy experimental games, try Mutilate-a-doll; it is very addicting and has user-created stages. I am very good at making emotes(unlike Dustinator :p).

RP character 1


Abilities:can control ice, wind, and reality. Also able to use staves. Able to teleport. Has the power to transform into a silver cat. I have a cat’s tail and ears in human form.

Race: Laguz (from Fire Emblem RD)


Weapons:a purple sword that I can channel magic through that can change it’s size and shape(http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/DevilsGirlSohma/Pics/Glow_sword.jpg). It can become different weapons. Also carries a staff that can heal minor/moderate injuries and reverse the effects of poison and paralyzation

Clothing:a forest green shirt and cobalt blue pants. I have ebony black coverings on my arms, as well as on my legs. My handguards give my claws(in cat form)the abilities of my sword.


1 messenger falcon and 1 hunting falcon

How I came to be:I woke up on a grassy plain that seemed to stretch forever. I had no memory of anything. A man stood over me. “Stand up”, he said. “I will only let you leave this dimension when you have been trained. The world is harsh, and you must survive”. I slowly rose. “Fine”, i said. After years of vigorous training, i finally discovered my abilities, and summoning my strength, I opened a portal to reality. Before my departure, the man named me. Only I know what the letters of my name stand for.

I have a store to sell all sorts of things I find on my travels. The items currently in stock are here:

2 Lightning Bows: These are longbows that shoot lightning bolts. Costs 75 coins each.

1 Baby Drake: With time and care, the baby will become a powerful ally. Comes with a fireproof training manual. Costs 200 coins.

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