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trem: S needs to steal people and likes lolis, UC is a man whore, and JCM might be going through early menopause. I think that sums up what’s going on

diabolotry: It reall shouldn’t have taken me that long
seattlemid: thats what she said
(The below badge information is out of date. Because I am a lazy sad person who has neglected their kongregate gaming. :( Sorry.)
7 badges left to earn: Meat boy Map Pack, Hexiom, Tarnation, Mechanical Commando, Realm of the Mad God, Zunderfury, Death vs Monstars 2

Kong, why do you tempt me so! / With your games, and your achievements / I am bound to your will / Give me peace! Let me be / No more badges! Set me free

I am the ultimate life form….

Number of People muted before I became a mod: 153
Number of People I currently have muted: 0

UltimateChaos: I might pass out soon. This is so pathetic.
Vulture: UC: That’s what she said?
UltimateChaos: LOL VULT I hope not
Wolfey180: All the girls say that to me. ;)
Wolfey180: …Oh.. Wait…

HookedOnOnyx: No! Stop corrupting me with your mouth

Raina: ugh…I put UC onto my favorite game, and a few days later he’s teaching ME

TheIdleProphet: …I can motorboat him too, if you really want me to.

To Rellian: Besides, you’re a frantic goddess who has surpassed my own abilities now.
Rellian: he says as I explode violently (reply)
To Rellian: That’s what she said?

Natamora: (secretly I’m a dude, it’s why I’m so awesome)

Kyru: Why waste a perfectly good Trojan on UC?

UltimateChaos: Maybe you’re thinking of your mom and got confused?
windigo663: sexually?
windigo663: maybe

UltimateChaos: I think Kyru has something stuck in his mouth
UltimateChaos: Jyl, give him mouth to mouth!
Kyru: If only.

Alexiothemidget: UC doesn’t get laid…..
Alexiothemidget: Laid gets UC’d

TheIdleProphet: UC, if someone turned the Middle East into a video game you’d go over there and win the goddamn war by yourself.
UltimateChaos: ROFL!
TheIdleProphet: Twice.
TheIdleProphet: AND get all the medals.

diabolotry: I’m going all UC on Fable. xD Trying to get every legendary weapon

Hellwing: I don’t believe my mother has a slot for reading memory cards.
UltimateChaos: I thought she had an all-purpose one
Hellwing: So, you’re probably right.

frankiesmum: Being big is no substitute for great technique.

tj2mag: Now, while she’s relaxed, start on the grandkids!
UltimateChaos: Just so you know, my mind translated that like this:
tj2mag: Ok, UC, wait. STOP googling vasectomies.
UltimateChaos: “tj2mag: Now, bang all the women!”
tj2mag: please tell me that’s not on your profile.
UltimateChaos: Going on it now
tj2mag: aaargh.

9th place on the all-time high score list for Grid 16
300th to earn the Mission in Space Impossible badge. I don’t know how many others before me were legitimate =P

pwnager1227: you beginner chaos

UltimateChaos: I am not beginner chaos. I am Ultimate Chaos.

42 Impossible Badges: Pandemic 2, The Necronomicon, Sonny 2, Monsters’ Den, Meat Boy, Streamline, Fold, Warlords: Heroes, Money Seize, Balloon Invasion, Pyro, Dino Run, Desktop Tower Defense 1.5, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3, Super Stacker 2, Amorphous+, Epic Battle Fantasy 2, colourPod 2: dimensionPod, 99 Bricks, Orbular, Frantic, Elona Shooter, Tower of Greed, Cell Warfare, Gravitee, The Space Game: Missions, Vector Runner, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense, Dolphin Olympics 2, Mardek RPG: Chapter 3, Tarnation, DJManiax, MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction, Line Game, Max Mesiria Chp2 RPG, Run 2, Mission in Space: the lost colony, Focus, Ultimate Assassin 3, Vertigo: Gravity Llama, Frantic 3

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