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How’s it goin? Phill here. Glad to see you’re stalking me >> Well there’s cookies and cake in the fridge. But 9 of the 10 are poison and the other one is the antidote. Antidote to what you ask? You’ll have to find out yourself >:D Also, don’t touch the west wall, It’s got emotional issues. Peace~
Crinkle: i have BEGRUDGINGLY admitted to missing Void < Best quote I’ve ever recieved.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Finally got a first quote :D
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
DrakeVonDragon: Why would you need a crisp bag resealer?
tim10661983: to re-seal crisp bags?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
VoidDragon777: Killation asked what My Immortal was when someone brought up the fanfic labled as worst serious fanfic in the world.
VoidDragon777: One thing led to another and crinkle forbid us from talking about it.
tim10661983: what?!
VoidDragon777: Not so seriously but she was very adament about not talking about it.
VoidDragon777: Which we all found SOOOOO friggen funny.
sotlat: let me guess, you went on and on about it incessantly?
VoidDragon777: I did no such thing.
tim10661983: we are no longer allowed to talk about it under crinkles presence – we must act in retaliation – destroy the coffee machine!
sotlat: then i missed it
VoidDragon777: xD
VoidDragon777: Lmfao Tim.
tim10661983: and replace her coffee cups with mr saturns
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Aerilia: i love psychedelic art but some shit it fart too bright
Aerilia: *far too
Aerilia: nice typo lol
VoidDragon777: Dem ferts.
Aerilia: i’m on fire with my typos doe
Aerilia: i can’t stand things that are too bright, gives me a headache
VoidDragon777: Iz oki. Ah stel luv yu s build a turtle fence!
VoidDragon777: Out of Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace rocks?
faust1990: he is a tortoisaur.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
95Romaalleb96: Void, what do you Australian
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
(Concerning the game Deeper Sleep) V
keno1010: I beat the game >:) I creamed three times though xD
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
RuncibleSpoon: I don’t think anything short of it not existing could improve My Immortal
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
DrakeVonDragon: What if you put an immortal quokka of mine into a taco?
tim10661983: an LJN game
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Wingspand: and im not sure how the dialogue should start in the beginning.
Wingspand: and i need help with character development.
planken: ‘’once upon a time. three twats were walking down , ruining peoples pots and shagging their sheep’’
^ Oh planken. You silly little girly thing.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
tim10661983: heres what you do drake
DrakeVonDragon: Illegal copies are unable to do Skyblivion.
tim10661983: go and talk to your nearest fence
tim10661983: give them the games
VoidDragon777: Lmfao
tim10661983: take them back from the fence
tim10661983: and they will be legal
God I love Tim’s mind.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
KayNer: i could have compared you to the mermaids craps but the candle seemed more appropriate
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
Also, what is pocky?
VoidDragon777: O
Crinkle: DRAKE
blaberflap: hand over hte mod badge or the pocky gets it
VoidDragon777: xD
VoidDragon777: As the one who has the Pocky, For every second I don’t have a mod badge, I will eat ten boxes of pocky.
Crinkle: omg accidental caps, sorry
VoidDragon777: And I will do it in a video file and send it to Crinkle.
Crinkle: that…
Crinkle: would be worth it actually
Crinkle: okay, go
VoidDragon777: … I only have twelve boxes ;-;
blaberflap: dont worry about it crinkle your caps fit the mood perfectly
Crinkle: what flavors?
Crinkle: omg pocky
VoidDragon777: Chocolate.
VoidDragon777: And Strawberry.
Crinkle: i want some POCKY now, thanks Void, you ass. :B
VoidDragon777: Yep~
Crinkle: please to be sharing the strawberry pocky!
VoidDragon777: Am I allowed to quote this conversation?
Crinkle: um
Crinkle: yes?
VoidDragon777: Yay ^^

It seems Crinkle REALLY likes Pocky O_o.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
KayNer: so no possible usage comes to mind you would do with it… then try to stay away from ebay or you buy useless shit
Kayner on the subject of buying useless shit and not using it due to the prefix of it being useless.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
DrakeVonDragon: Alas, poor indeterminate skull. I knew your owner well, I think.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D
majora4: So I got a letter from my insurance. They want to fill out a “Health Assessment.”
majora4: One of their questions says “Have you ever been told you have or had any of the following medical conditions?”
majora4: Apparently they don’t care if I’ve actually had the conditions. They just want to know if someone’s told me I do
NOV 26 – 5:38AM
majora4: I should just write in some stupid-ass story. “Yeah, my uncle Steve told me I have cervical cancer. Then I went to the doctor, and it turns out I don’t even have a cervix.”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D

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