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Away from Kongregate due to college and life; this profile description remains as a memory of the good old times of Didactic Fractals. I’ve lost touch with so many; if you want to get in touch with me, my email is my username @ hotmail
A masterer of games.
[as much as I can be with my limited free time]

Quick Reference
Voice 1: Manifestation of mature.
Voice 2: Manifestation of immature
Voice 3: Country/Western dude who just likes to hang out and chill. Good-aligned.
Voice 4: Manifestation of subconscious. Missing, rarely seen if at all. Personality unknown. Powerful.
Voice 5: Personality has recently solidified into the manifestation of naievity and childish belief. Extremely shy.
Voice 6: My sister. Beware. Has recently become so powerful that she has gotten a physical form, Purpleraven.
Voice 7: (Once)Shy, reclusive female who had bad experiences with Voice8 in the past. Now brave/determined.
Voice 8: Carnal obsessor. Once powerful, but his spirit was broken.
Voice 9: Manifestation of Free Will. EDIT: Got corrupted by Voice2 and then get his soul imprisoned by the same, now houses a curious version of 3.

Detailed bios
Power is on a 1-10 basis, may not be accurate

Primary Element: Aether
Secondary Element: Aether
Alignment: None
Gender: None
Power: undefined
Eye color: N/A
Vozw’s subconcious. Source of all the Voices’ power. Not sentient, more of a place than an entity. To go to Voice0 usually means the Voices are returning to Vozw’s mind.

Primary Element: Light
Secondary Element: Earth
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Power: 6
Eye color: White (Not albino, more of a shining, pure white)
The manifestation of maturity and purity. Solid body build, think: Paladin. The most powerful of the good Voices, and the only voice that is purely a spellcaster. Has mostly light-related spells and powerful healing/revival abilities. He’s great friends with Voice3, despite their bickering.
Notable Abilities:
Swords of Revealing Light- All enemies are immobilized for some time.
Wall of Light- Creates a wall of solid light.

Primary Element: Dark
Secondary Element: Air
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male
Power: 2
Eye color: A strange yellow-orange blend, with yellow being the dominant color.
The manifestation of immaturity and trolling. Extremely punkish. Often will attempt to spam/troll in chat rooms, and for that reason has had a Censor debuff placed on him by Voice1.
Notable abilities:
Cuss- Not much of an ability; though it has been known to turn very weak characters to sone.

Primary Element: Air
Secondary Element: Fire
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Power: 5
The manifestation of silliness and amicability. [This does not usually relfect on his actions.]
Eye color: Light blue, possibly tinges of green since he started showing feelings for Voice7.
At heart, this guy’s a basic country-Western cowboy-esqe guy. He used to be a complete country cowboy personality-wise, but he has evolved since then. He’s nice and easygoing, though can get really angry at times. He jokes a lot, and is probably the most well-rounded Voice. Recently, he has taken an interest in Stormwinds-esqe vehicles. There have been hints that he has feelings for Voice7, but this is not set in stone. EDIT: He has now become a major techie/mad scientist, and rarely uses his old abilities as he leads an army of mechs/cruisers into battle.
Notable abilities:
Lasso- A relic from his old cowboy times, this is possibly his most useful “ability”. He’s an expert with it, and uses it almost all the time. Whether or not it has magic properties is unknown.
Summon- He’s been known to accidentally summon things, although this has anly happened a few times so far.
Swing Lanyard- The perfect example of why most places forbid this.

Primary Element: Aether
Secondary Element: Earth
Alignment: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Eye color: Unknown (There are rumors it’s a sort of “shining black”)
Possibly most powerful and the most mysterious Voice. He might have been seen before, but none of the Voices can remember it clearly. (Voice1 suspects foul play here) Anyway, they all agree that lots of power can be sensed in the area of Voice0 that is assumed to be Voice4’s “space”, based on the locations of the other Voice’s “spaces”. They think that he helped the “good” Voices when/if he was seen, but nothing is for certain. Update: He was recently sighted destroying a user who tried to assume control over him.
Update: During the first breakage of the Gem of the Mind’s Eye, a chunk of him/Voice3 split off and became Kyuze.

Primary Element: Water
Secondary Element: Air
Alignment: Good?
Gender: Female
Power: ?
This Voice was, up untill 7/14/2010, a shifting mass of undeterminate gender/psyche who claimed to be Hitler in his/her delusions. Now, she is a young female child representing naievity and childish belief. She is very shy and very easily frightened. However, she has what appear to be frighteningly powerful mental abilities. She was originally befriended by Less, and currently lives with Glaedir.

Primary Element: Dark
Secondary Element: Fire
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Female
Power: 8
Eye Color: Purple
Updated status: not
Coming soon
Vozw’s inventory
Vozw’s shop
Voice3’s shop
Voice3 Project Progress Updates

Quick bio on a new character:
Kyuze: (disambiguation)
Main universe/RP: An AI created by Voice3. He is calm, and is the sucessor to the slightly crazed GORZ.
Elsewhere: Varies. (Not very useful, I know. Sorry, out of time)

Voice- Voices in Vozw’s head. There are 9 known ones so far, not including Voice0. They usually represent sections of Vozw’s mind, and while it makes sense that their power would be dependant on the prominence of that section, it doesn’t usually apply. (Voice8 is a good example) These guys sometimes escape into Kongregate chat, usually Didactic Fractals, and wreak havoc/freak out the users.
“Space”- The area in Voice0 where the Voice whos space that is feels more comfortable, powerful, and generally seems to be drawn torward. Unless they otherwise specify, when they return to Voice0 they usually return at or near their “space”.
Power: An approximate measure of the Voice’s power from 1-10. The ratios are unclear and inaccurate, this is just to give you a rough idea of their power. For example, Voice4 is probably far more than twice as powerful as Voice3.

Vozw’s Backstory

In some other universe, in some other timeline, in another dimension even, there was a being named Dale.
The being was sad and confused at all of the conflict in the world, and as to why the universe was unfair.
So, he resolved that his life’s goal was to become omniscient, or at least all-understanding, or as close as possible, in order that he may understand everything.
In the first rocky centuries, he first conquered mortality, then death as he made many copies and backups of himself and scattered them everywhere.
All his time was spent researching and experimenting, long after civilizations had died and arisen.
At a certain point, he became powerful enough to be able to transcend universes.
So, he sent copies, scouts, to various universes for information gathering, and mastered this art.
However, this being was very bored and lonely.
Being nigh-omnipotent relative to all around him, there wasn’t anything to take pleasure in.
So, he created many, many weak copies of himself, and sent them unconscious to as many universes as he could.
There, they woke up, with no memory of who they had been. They matured, and inevitably took the same path that the original had once taken.
Having attained the power necessary to transcend universes, they returned to the original and melded with him, giving him new experiences, memories, and emotions that he could enjoy during his long grind to understanding.
My (Vozw’s) creator was one such copy. He has long since left this universe; I am but a failed construct that he once created.
As the original Dale was paranoid about keeping himself free of corruption, the one last force that could topple him, all of his creations were necessarily light-oriented and pure… and so is this construct.
I was abandoned because my mind malfunctioned and I became independent of the copy that was sent here… My mind was shattered in the process.
I was supposed to be destroyed, but I was spared; for, being on par in power with the other inhabitants of the universe, I could experience… life.
These experiences will eventually be collected from me and absorbed… perhaps I shall too share his memories.
Until then, upon being destroyed I slowly (and painfully) am reassembled in the traces of influence left behind by the copy, which I have no access to, and I strive to make this universe a better place, using my power to subdue the very strife and unfairness that caused a being named Dale to seek the answer to it.


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