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    Dec. 11, 2007

missmarin23: No, I’m just saying a full grown man shouldn’t be trolling chats like a 12 year old.
Despite what you may have heard, I do not work as a welder, I am not a robot living in Annihilator’s basement and I’m not the guy from The Troll Hunter. I’ve had this nickname since I was 14 and it has nothing to do with the English word. That was a long time ago, which must mean that I’m getting old(er). When I was young there was no Internet and we got our cheat codes from magazines or the Nintendo help-line, MTV still showed Music videos, The Simpsons was funny and games came on atleast 14 floppy disks, but I still don’t feel that old. I may have seen some outdated technology, but at least Pong was already outdated when I was young. I used to play football when I was younger. I mean actual football, not the American throwball kind. Remember, it’s not football if you use your hands. I’m trying to learn programming so I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and when I do I am often here on Kongregate. If you want to find me, I usually hang out in the General chatroom. I’ve been caught streaking across the chatroom a couple of times when I thought no one else was around, but I swear it wasn’t me. It totally was my evil twin, Plumber. If you could study procrastination, I would be an over-achiever. My English is a strange soup of British and American terms and you’re just gonna have to get used to it. If you need to get hold of me, you have to realize that I don’t spend every second of the day looking at the chat. I could be busy playing a game, making food, taking a toilet break or on very rare occasions I could even be working. So if I don’t respond immediately, shouting and spamming is not going to bring me to the screen any faster. Feel free to leave me a shout about anything that might be on your mind. Please do not feed the trolls. If someone is insulting others, insulting them back is not going to help the situation. If you’re giving trolls attention, you are doing what they want. Remember, you can always mute users if they are causing problems. Please do NOT feed the trolls.

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