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hi my name is william this is my website it will provide you with all of my games, tutorials,music and art!
if you want to speak to me about a game or anything really then add me on wdillon425@hotmail.com i dont mind you adding me even if i dont know you but i will block you if i feel i need to.

if you want to beta test any of my games then write to me on kongregate or at wdillon425@hotmail.com
hope you like it!

here is a link to my youtube channel!
click on videos to see all of my videos!

here are all of my websites and groups!
there will be more updates soon!
this is the key to all the things below such as my games released and many others
[x] = a completed achievement
[/] means a incomplete achievement
the key will be used lower down on my profile!

i am a massive arsenal fc supporter. if you have come here then you are obvisouly bored out of your mind or you know me id go with bored out of your mind.
Heres some things about me
AGE: 19

Favourite games: Uncharted series, battlefield series and infamous 2

Pets: dog,rabbits,guinea pigs, birds, fish, hamsters and im sure there are others im forgetting.

Games that im working on:
I have a game that i am making on a site called blender that i will be uploading in a few months but it my be uploaded on my collaborators account.
(this will be my first collaborated game)
if you have any ideas for future games then please write on my wall about them.
My current games:
it is a lot quicker if i just tell you to look at the willthechill's games bit down on the lower part of my acount go on go and look at it :)

Favourite console: PS3

PSN Name: Willthethrillabc

favourite online game catagory: Puzzle

favourite online game making format: Blender/flash cs5.5

favourite art making format: adobe illustrator not that i can make anything good on it :D

favourite sports: Table tennis, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, darts.

Table tennis achievements:
I have been playing table tennis since 2005 and have became quite good over the past 7 years. i have became a leauge player and am also in tournaments regularly. some of my biggest achievements have been:
playing against the worlds best under 16 table tennis player sadly i lost 11-7 11-8 11-6. and i have also reached the semi-final of the england under 16's tournament a few years ago.

Rugby achievements:
i have not got to many rugby achievements as i have had bad memories of injurys, i managed to break my leg and arm... yes i am clever like that. However before this happened i played for my school team and was lucky to play in a finals cup sadly we lost.

favourite websites: facebook, kongregate, youtube, arsenal.com, swapit,twitter,myspace and a few others.

favourite football team: Arsenal FC

my phone: samsung galaxy s ii

my gadgets: ipod touch

my laptop: Macbook pro

as you can see i love apple.

favourite game i have ever made myself: mini golf king.

websites i made:
will update it soon... when i can be bothered.

favourite game making format that does not use code: stencyl

favourite tv soap: eastenders

favourite comedy show: the big bang theory

Favourite comedy panel: QI

Favourite cartoon: simpsons

favourite sport brand: Addidas
(sorry nike)

favourite forum: collaborations forum

favourite colour: red

languages i can speak: english (fluent), german, french, spanish

goals to achieve in kongregate other than ones already stated:
become a mod [/]
become a forum mod [/]
be asked to make art for a game [/]
be asked to make music for a game [/]
be asked to collaborate on a game [x]
become a kong plus member [/]

goals to achieve outside of kongregate:
become a world ranked table tennis player [/]
become a england ranked table tennis player [x]
run a mile long run[x]
run a 5 mile long run [x]
run a 10 mile long run [/]
eat a hallapino (the spicy food) not sure how you spell it [x]

My jobs:
as im 19 i don't really have a incredible job but i am currently trying to become:
a lawyer
i have got some part time jobs they are:
author (book writer)
game maker
art designer
music maker
If you have any questions or would like to see my art,games, music or books then please write to me.

people i am in collaboration with on making games or have been in collaboration with:
Tankilla44 (boss dev help)
saeo (music)
Yurac (developer colaboration/making him music and art)
maxtillberg (making him art)
sevamen (doing game reviews)
TukkoRauta (code help,art making)
GGilmann (code help, art making)
Qlegolas (making me art for a game)

People wanting to collaborate but not currently in collaboration with me:
grengorjump (music)
supermaxo (music)
hektikbeatz (music)

wow i have been writing for ages im bored now. what else can i write.

The games are:
Tower defense sketch (30% complete)
pool player pro (5% complete)
mythical tower defense (10% complete)
DEAD ARMAGEDDON (30% complete)
tower defense king (5% complete)
classic mini games (35% complete)
i went for a run (5% complete)
the name game (5% complete)
platformer pro (40% done)
sky attack (25% done)
gun shot (5% done)
think outside the box (5% done)
I will update this space regulaly

THIS IS THE SPACE FOR ALL THE INFO ON ALL MY GAMES AND UPCOMING GAMES: there will be more updates to it soon, with all my already released games.

think outside the box:
think outside the box is a puzzle based game where your objective is to escape a haunted mansion by completing lots of tricky puzzles and mini games. expected release date December 2013-january-2014.
being made on adobe flash cs6

gun shot:
gun shot is a game i am making in unity3d (my first unity3d game) it will be about the story of a assaisin. this rest is secret!!! due to be released April 2013.
this is extremely secret game and hopefully it will be liked. sorry its taking so long to make but i need to learn how to use untiy much more before i can start working on it properly!!!

platformer pro:
will be made on adobe flash cs6. the game is where you control a character and you have to avoid the bullets and get to the finish line. due to be released june 2012

sky attack:
using the tutorial from kongregate called 'shootorial' i am trying to make a game where you have to shoot down enemys! i may add upgrades and much more!!!! will be made on flash cs6 due to be released june 2012

Tower defense sketch:
Tower defense sketch is a game in collaboration with tukkorrauto, the game itself is about some 2d drawings that are stuck on a notepad and are being used as towers for a tower defense game. The 2d drawings have to beat all the enemies and then escape to the 3d world!
estimated release date is early June.
made on adobe flash cs5.5.

brief info on pool player pro:
pool player pro is a pool game where you must beat the enemy pool players in a thrilling match! i will attempt to make a multiplayer, i am looking for a dev to help. can you beat the opponents in all of the difficulty settings? pool player pro is set to be released in november 2012.

brief info on mythical tower defense:
Mythical tower defense is a game set in a mythical land where the most valuable possession there is, is a emerald the emerald contains the power to grant: eternal life,unstoppable power and the power to raise the dead. however when used it will kill everyone else except for the owner. Hoards of enemy's will try and get the emerald of from you but you have to stop them by using the towers.
i am trying to keep some of the game a secret, I AM LOOKING FOR A DEVELOPER TO HELP MAKE THE GAME WITH ME! all help is appreciated. the game has not yet been chosen as to what it will be made on but all of the artwork and music is finished. estimated release date is early June

Brief intro on dead armageddon:
Dead armageddon is a game i am collaborating on with tankilla44 and may be uploaded on his profile. the game will be made on a format called blender and it is about a zombie invasion and you have to drive a car and kill them all and get to the finish. there will be upgrades and many achievements and it will have some 3d elements and other 2d elements there will be lots of different places to go such as the countryside,desert and city and many more. estimated day of release for dead armaggedon is end of may 2012

brief info about tower defense king:
tower defense king is a tower defense game where you have to protect your king from the hoards of enemys coming at him. there will be many different upgrades which will improve your fighting and there will also be a level select menu that is on a map so you can choose different destinations when you feel ready for them. the game will be made on flash cs5.5. estimated day of release for tower defense king is late June 2012

brief info on classic mini games:
classic mini games is a mixture of all the great mini games we know and love and despite the limited things you can do with scratch programming i decided to make it on scratch. however despite the game is almost finished i am afraid the game wont be able to be released until scratch 2.0 is out which will allow me to convert the game to flash.Some of the classic games will be the maze game,pong,space invaders,snake and many many more. estimated release date is november 2012

brief info on i went for a run:
i went for a run is a game where you are running non stop and you must click the mouse to jump at the right time without falling to your death it is very much going ot be like the game called canabalt but with a twist that you will find out soon. the game will also have upgrades and achievements. it will be made on flash cs5.5. estimated release date is september 2012.

Brief info on the name game.
the name game is a game where you have to connect the start of one word with the end of another i.e th might be on the left and you would then need to drag it to something like ing to make thing... the game will have achievements and upgrades and will be made on flash cs5.5.
estimated release date is december 2012.

brief info on mini golf king:
mini golf king is a game which i have finished maming and is uploaded to kongregate however i am still updating it to make it better. the object of the game is to fire a ball and try to get it to the finish line as quick as possible. there are 9 levels and a level select menu and it was made on stencyl. it is released on kongregate also the mobile edition is exactly the same but it is for mobile gamers.

how to make a maze game brief info:
this is a tutorial that was made on microsoft powerpoint and converted to .swf flash. the tutorial shows you how to make a maze game using game making tool scratch. the game has in depth description with screenshots to help provide easier work.
on kongregate NOW!!! go play it!

green = good brief info:
green = good is a game made on stencyl where you have to reach the green block by hitting it, it is a brick breaker type game and has 15 levels. it will be regularly updated and is recieving quite good amount of plays. it is on kongregate NOW! also mobile edition is the same but for mobile gamers.

golf is very similar to mini golf king and in a way is the sequel to it. it is the same as mini golf king but with different and more varied levels which will be sure to impress i hope! the game is on kongregate NOW it was made on stencyl:

Dave the button 2 brief info:
dave the button 2 is the sequel to dave the button. it is the improved version of the game and is based on games like bob the button. you have to click on Dave and he will talk to you. you will also join him on his adventures to various places! the game was made on powerpoint and is on kongregate NOW:

Dave the button 1 brief info:
Dave the button 1 is the shorter version of its sequel dave the button 2, however it is still the same concept as its sequel version. it is still much like bob the button. it was also made on powerpoint and it is on kongregate NOW:

Kongregate tutorial brief info:
Kongregate tutorial is the basics of everything there is to know about kongregate it tells you about your profile and how to change your profile, it tells you about uploading games and so much more. i feel it would be a lot of use to people that are looking for a easy to understand tutorial and for beginners to! the game was made on powerpoint and is on kongregate NOW:

Button time brief info:
sadly button time did not work out how i was hoping it was meant to be a game where you control a button and could customise his appearance and much much more however after the conversion toflash it lost a lot of the key features...the game is still getting ok reception despite it underachieveing my hopes. the game was made on powerpoint and is on kongregate NOW:

Kongregate quiz v1 brief info:
kongregate quiz is the full version of kong quiz beta. it will test your knowledge on kongregate varieing from the names of the different features of the site to the highest rated game and much more. you can show of how much or how little you know about kongregate. the game was made on powerpoint and is on kongregate NOW:

Kong quiz beta brief info:
kong quiz beta is the test version of kongregate quiz v1 and it is to test your knowledge of kongregate. it has slightly less features than kongregate quiz v1 but still will test your knowledge! made on powerpoint and is on kongregate NOW.

run for your life brief info:
run for your life is a game made stencyl and it tests your reactions to the max! you control a alien type monster thing and you have to run away from the millions of endless bullets. can you get to the end of the deadly level? run for your life is on kongregate NOW:

enemy rush brief info:
Enemy rush is a game made on stencyl where you have to fight the hoards of enemy spaceships coming ever nearer to your own. can you survive? you will need to shoot the enemys but some are stronger than others... but which ones? dun dun dun.... enemy rush is on kongregate NOW:

Monster revolution brief info:
Monster revolution is a game where you yet again control a alien monster type thing and have to fight through the many enemys by shooting them to there death but be warned they fight back. the game is a great time waster and is tricky to beat! monster revolution was made on sencyl and is on kongregate NOW!

Alien madness brief info:
Alien madness was my first ever game and is much like monster revolution as you control a alien/ monster and have to fight through the enemys again it is a tricky time waster and you will need to time when you take the health pickups and when you leave the for later. alien madness was made on stencyl and is on kongregate NOW!

If you would like me to make you a game or have any ideas for a future game or would like to do a collaboration then please shout me or whisper me on my kongregate account.

these are some links to some youtube vids my younger brother made please be fair he is only 11!

















he will be making more soon!

Helpful youtube link FOR:

Stencyl helpful links:














Thanks for looking at the links if you did!

My tick list:

made a game on....
...stencyl [x] (on kongregate)
powerpoint [x] (on kongregate)
flash cs [/]
blender [/]
scratch [/]
game maker [x] not on kongregate
flash develop [/]

art formats i have used:
creative docs [x] on kongregate
illustrator [x] not on kongregate
paint online [x] on kongregate
photoshop [x] not on kongregate
fireworks [x] not on kongregate

my points:
100 [x]
500 [x]
1000 [x]
2500 [x]
5000 [x]
7500 [x]
10000 [/]
50000 [/]

my level:
1 [x]
5 [x]
15 [x]
25 [x]
50 [/]
65 [/]

MY own games plays:
100 [x]
500 [x]
1000 [x]
2000 [x]
3500 [x]
5000 [/]
10000 [/]
50000 [/]
100000 [/]
1000000 [/]

competitions (on kongregate):
win game of the week (computer game) [/]
win game of the month (computer game) [/]
win game of the week (mobile game) [/]
win game of the month (mobile game) [/]
win any competition because on kongregate [/]

get my game as...
get on the 'hot new games' section on kongregate [/]
get on page 1 on kongregates top rated [/]
get on the recently popular page on kongregate [/]
get on the featured page on kongregate [/]

i have learnt to code:
AS2 [/]
AS3 [/]
java [/]
blender code [/]

my fans:
1 [x]
10 [x]
50 [/]
500 [/]
2000 [/]
5000 [/]
20000 [/]
50000 [/]
100000 [/]

my games released on kongregate:
1 [x]
5 [x]
10 [x]
25 [/]
50 [/]
100 [/]
500 [/]

my music released on kongregate:
1 [x]
5 [x]
25 [/]
100 [/]
500 [/]

my art released:
1 [x]
10 [x]
25 [x]
100 [/]
500 [/]

Mobile games released on kongregate:
1 [x]
5 [/]
10 [/]
50 [/]
200 [/]
500 [/]

my revenue and kreds earned from games:
$1 [x]
$5 [x]
$10 [x]
$50 [/]
$100 [/]
$500 [/]
$1000 [/]
$5000 [/]
$20000 [/]
$100000 [/]
$1000000 [/]

my kreds earned from my games:
$1 [x]
$2 [x]
$10 [/]
$25 [/]
$50 [/]
$250 [/]
$1000 [/]
$10000 [/]
$100000 [/]

my revenue earned from my games:
$1 [x]
$5 [x]
$10 [x]
$50 [/]
$200 [/]
$500 [/]
$1000 [/]
$10000 [/]
$100000 [/]

my best games rating:
1/5 [x]
2/5 [x]
2.5/5 [/]
3/5 [/]
3.5/5 [/]
4+ [/]

my most played game has had:
10 plays [x]
100 plays [x]
500 plays [x]
1000 plays [x]
1500 plays [/]
5000 plays [/]
10000 plays [/]
100000 plays [/]
1000000 plays [/]
10000000+ plays [/]

my sponsored games:
1 [/]
5 [/]
10 [/]
25 [/]
100 [/]
500 [/]
1000 [/]
10000 [/]
100000 [/]

people on my newsletter list:
rose adamlion

well thats about all i have to say. if you would like to know anything else then do write to me. or if you would like to know or would like to help with my games or future games then also write to me.

thanks for reading unless you just skipped up to this point.

*here is my contact info:*

email: wdillon425@hotmail.com

skype: willdillgamesartmusic

my brothers youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vids4unow/videos

my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/willdill123

my twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/willdillgames4u

my myspace: myspace.com/582464309

my website (for videos): http://vids4unow.webs.com/

my games website: http://willdillgames123.webs.com/

my art website: http://willdillart.webs.com/

if you would like me to make a account on anything else then please write to me and i will gladly do so!


here is what i need:

artist (any skill level and any art type)

coder (to help me)

musician (for background music)

beta testers (i don't mind how many)

converters (to convert the games i make into other files so that they can be exe. and similar things to that)

reviewer (similar to beta tester but a full review of the game)

if you think you can do any of these then please write to me I always am looking for people!



OK i lied please go to my website

Remember to try out all of my games! the new ones are better!

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Play Sketch it!
Sketch it!

in this game you can draw whatever you like!!!!

Play how to make a maze game
how to make a maze game

tutorial on how to make a maze game on scratch ...

Play tower defense storm beta
tower defense storm beta

this is the beta of the game and the full versi...

Play green = good
green = good

after the quite succesful (for my standards) r...

Play golf
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golf game

Play mini golf king
mini golf king
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a game made on stencyl using items from the ste...

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