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    ....what?..why do you need to know?...Why you asking so many questions?...Who ARE YOU!?
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    Feb. 18, 2008
Hey guys, I like being called Wings but i also go by WoC _.

What I think of Users on Kong:

Chi is a “user-friendly” type of mod and is holder of almost EVERY badge on Kongregate. Chi is popular and has made his room the same. Likes Country music and once before has admitted to being two midgets in a suit (although i think he lied to me)…

Nick is the kind of guy who’ll tell you off, defend himself simply by saying nah, and look cool at the same time lol. One more thing….This mod likes to play so watch out for his lolBAN (Usually aimed at small flightless birds)

Personally i think Ukie is the kind of girl that if she knew where to find you and had the chance she’d do it. All in All impulsive but fun to have around. Recently has been alot more quiet than usual……I wonder if i did something? Or if she’s just on Hw. WARNING:Has an In your Face Attitude lol

Ferret’s DM1’s AWESOME pet (im second lol) and is a real people person. Although he gets mistreated alot. Is now insane and brown if you look at the vid on his profile.

Ever is a girl who is very busy but knows how to have fun at the same time. She may need someone to tell her sometimes she’s always going to be a friend but other than that she’s great

Great dude and apparently has a code name ghombeh. Game Designer and good Website means he’s for the next thing. Signature Face when he sees something that makes him wonder: O.o

Joshhh is alot like Nick but can sometimes be a little creepy.Current Acrony Champion and good person to know………>.> i shall beat him one day in Acrony O_O

A person I can relate to with most things in life and a great cook btw. A great person to know and a good friend.

A very weird girl to know but always fun to have around and mess with (not sexually for those with that kind of mind).

If your still reading then Im touched but typing about myself is a bit self-centered and I like to stay humble

Shroomer is a lot like Ukie but a little easier to talk to (just make sure you don’t say the wrong thing, learned the hard way). She’s fun in a chat but can get a little weird in there. Has a thing for small flightless birds and josh (although Josh may already be taken).

Cool but very impatient and can be a sore loser at times. Is always up to play multiplayer but obsessed with Kongai trying to break a curse Nick somehow put on him (although there may be some truth to that)

The Coolest mod i’ve meet. She knows how to play around in chat and knows when she needs to get to buisness.
Last time someone saw her they said she looked like this: .=. ………. they were eaten shortly after they drew this….

The last of his kind Dodo is a small flightless bird with to much time on his hands lol. Always fun to have in chat but gets picked on by a certain mod alot…….nick! cough srry.

Phantom is a cool guy to have in chat because usually we can keep chat alive (Ironic because Phantoms are dead). All in all cool guy and will haunt you for the rest of your life MUAHAHAHAHAHA…………ha…..ok i got carried away but by Haunt i mean will annoy you by saying
“I haunt the street you live on.” or something like that lol

If you’re STILL reading these then apperently 1 of 3 things have happened:
1. Chat has become very boring and your looking through people’s profiles curious about what people have.
2. You know me and are curious about what I wrote about you.
3. One of the three people have taken over Chat

This guy will blow your head away if you step outta line….jk He’s cool and was in the Operation “Desert Storm.” Has a fasinaction with guns and is always fun to have around. Although he keeps eating my wings with a new sauce every time im on >.>

Always playing a game and talking so sometimes he can be random…Fun guy to have around and always knows whats going on.

This girl is very friendly and is one of the Newest members in DM1. Always has something to say and Cool avvy……pretty birds lol

Loony is someone you should get to know if you have the chance. She can get kinda crazy while in chat and is a BIG Sonic fan. Although she likes to talk she hates trolls and ppl who won’t leave her alone lol. She says she’s Amy off of Sonic but Call her creampuff lol

A very drunk ninja lolcat….that is all

DID come with rules but I lost them >.>…..
Lilz is a fun person to know and is teh official Kong cheerleader. Has many pets like Juice who she just calls lolcat. LOVES Edward Cullen which gets annoying in chat _…..Do NOT say Twilght around HER or Ukie…unless u like the book

Sakura is a very fun person to be around and talk to. I call her Saku and she calls me Woccy/wingy poo for…some unknown reason >.>…Fun yeah but gets sad very easily too

Naruto is cool and crazy lol but she’s fun to have around to talk to. Can get very mad very fast so be careful of what you say lol. A girl and lesbian so srry for those ppl who are reading this and who liked
her lol.

For those of you who wonder y i make these its for the fact that im bored and curious >.>

Teh mystery man (to me anyway lol)..he’s always around and will always help if someone’s not in a good mood..OH one more thing!..something about a B-day…forgot ..damn ><

The name says it all ;D
But i think i should give more description lol.
Ex is one of the visiting Mods to DM1 and our Love lol. VEry Fun to be around (Especially when she’s drunk..shh..don’t tell her i told yous XD). Ex’s NUMBAH ONE RULE!..Be nice to her and she’ll be nice to you..if your a girl..nvrm she’d beat me up XD

Also known as Tao mein and “that Asian guy”, Tao is a cool guy who likes to play around. Sometimes lost in what he’s doing like badge hunting he’s always there to keep the peace which is what earned him modship.

NOT AN ANGEL…kinda lusty…and LOVES COFFEE lol. Very fun to be around and talk to but be careful what you say…and DO NOT point out what her abbreviation says…she will hurt you..
says while rubbing my arm

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