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im just your average rper. RP CHARACTER:name:Adam gondalin. class:palaidn.epuipment: Heavens edge the legendary sword that originally chained away the demon Arketh. :does extra damage to undead and demons. armour made of both silver, cobalt, and mithrial: enchanted to protect against dark magic.Bio: raised by priests, adam grew up in the church. when the village he lived in was destroyed by the undead, adam swore vengeance on all undead. trained by the finest swords men in the land, adam is a formidable foe indeed. hobbies: killing zombies,skeletons,etc.etc. spells: divine strike: channels divine energy into sword for massive damage.Heal:you know what i mean.barrier:puts shields up around self and allies to protect against magical and physical damage.Holy blast: shoots a blast of divine energy to cause decent damage,change into wolf form. http://i755.photobucket.com/albums/xx194/CuddlesTheKillerBear/Random%20Anime/wolf-2.jpg all credit goes to cuddles the killer bear.

EVIL! rp character name : Arketh. BIO: A extremely powerful Demon created 3 thousand years ago. He has a burning hatred for all life.He is so powerful that he destroys WHOLE civilizations for the fun of it. he is currently a city buster. Powers: able to materialize weapons from thin air, shoot city destroying energy beams, summon multiple undead warriors, merge into shadows allowing him travel large distances in mere nano seconds, create unbreakable magic barriers, shape shifting, mental powers, enhaneced speed strength and durability. Weakness: heavens edge, and hes also afraid of hamsters.

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