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A great thanks to Sarsy for pointing out the formatting errors and making my page pretty again! \o/


boxroxsoxx: darth if you see someone refresh do you do anything to them?

Darth_Sirov: Dry humping is an option

Psychodelic636: well i’m back

24680: 3000ish [irrelevant, but quoted for proper quotation]

Psychodelic636: i’m baked

Psychodelic636: and im ready to score some kills

blood18: Wurm compared to you EVERYONE is a nub

XDNoahXD: hi wurmish

Wurmish: Hi Noah.

XDNoahXD: the person who kicks my ass at EVERYTHING

ZERO231: Wurm is the epic troll of epic lurking then blasting an insult when everyone is off-guard, generally creating lulz

eliah77: wait… ITS WURM!

KnuckleJoe57: WURM?

eliah77: the guy who used to own me with his hydra in DG!! *hides in secret cave*

Wurmish: WOW… lots of gangs seem to have died.

Wurmish: Literally within a week.

Wurmish: I’m shooting for auto-account deletion after inactivity… or they’re all idiots who got reset.

Darth_Sirov: was there a gang war or something?

morgoth1: maybe a bomb, some kind of gang bang?

Darth_Sirov: that came out wrong

Wurmish: EPOXY

Echo51: love it wurm :3

Echo51: such a nice warm feeling when it hardens up

Echo51: uh..

JRCameron: I think balls taste good.

Confuzzledmaniac: It’s teal. Teal is a shade of teal.

nathan0320: i just run straight for the hole everytime haha its a bad plan

Wardead: Im so fappy today :D

Wardead: …Happy*

M5000: I sometimes wish I had girl parts… ._.

Vrel: It’s so long I can’t even get it all. XD

Matthewspencer08: man, i miss being a girl ):

doomlord44: whats the guild hall for?

Darth_Sirov: orgies

Ajax_the_Greater: Ruvie apparently feels determined to dominate the room.

am0ignem: (She’s overcompensating for her tiny penis)

Ruvie: D:

Ruvie: my penis is huge

Ruvie: >.>

Ajax_the_Greater: It so is.

am0ignem: Pfft, I’d be choking if it was.

Ruvie: excuse me while i get in my hummer and go to the store >____>

Ordukai: Screenshot.

Ruvie: haha


am0ignem: <


Ruvie: the balls dont touch

Ruvie: aint gay

M5000: A gay optimist sees it semi hard, a gay pessimist sees it semi-flaccid, a straight optimist sees it semi-flaccid, a straight pessimist sees it semi-hard

Wurmish: Myahaha.

Ajax_the_Greater: Stop startling me, Wurm. You’re like some creature out of Lovecraft: always present but arising when the world least expects it.

Non-Kongregate Quotables:

Missy: I’m a fetus jar full of information.

kaknow: And don’t even get me started on Wurm and his nearly unbeatable tactics.Wurmish was one of those Master tacticians who seemed to have a counter for just about anything you did.And if one would happend to find a loop hole in his tactics that loop hole would be filled with 1-2 plasma relays.

Bongo: Someone has to have an ass that tastes good in our group.

Levi: That’d be ME.

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