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    In your mom's fanny wagon :)
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I am absolutely jealous of Mr. Sardelic’s Gorgeous australian accent. But at least I can still pronounce my O’s properly, I mean my Errrrr’s.

The Genii of Ninja Chat:
Boy Genius: Protoss_rush
Man Genius: Me
The retard with random spurts of genius: JonnyRico

If they put that I could be born in 2006 for my date of Birth, why won’t they let me put it?

-Writing Blarlack’s Spanish Assignment-
x20Mikex20: Did you use what I wrote for you Blar?
Blarlack: …I am using certain parts of it?
x20Mikex20: Por que…!
Blarlack: mostly the parts that don’t say “I’m the biggest loser ever.”

The Text: Mi apartamento no es muy grande por que no tengo muchos dineros. No tengo trabajo para pagar un apartemento mas grande por que soy malo en todo y que no hay personnas que quieren tener yo como empleado. En mi apartamento, no tengo mucho cosas, tengo un bano, une dormitorio y es todo. Cuando quiero comer, llamar Pizza Hut por de la pizza. Despues, como la pizza solo por que no tengo una vida y no todavia he tenido una novia.

Achievements to get:

The Badass Quote Award (Currently held by Demonwolf, Previous held by x20Mikex20)

BIG BIG Winner→ Demonwolf: “Music is like candy… throw away the rappers and you’re good to go.”

Contender→ x20Mikex20: “I can’t buy anything at Dollar Store with that so No.”

The Ew Gross Quote Award (Currently held by Protoss_rush, Previously held by NaN):

BIG BIG Winner→ Protoss_rush: “mike, I am in girlfriend #0, mkay?”
-A Little side note: This was ’Toss feeling me up when I made him believe that I was a girl.

Contender→ Demonwolf: “So much… white stuff… all over my body…”

Mud-Slinging Kongregate Members Quote Award (Currently held by x20Mikex20. Previously held by NaN):

BIG BIG Winner→ x20Mikex20: “Yeah but we have Greg…Oh wait, that’s bad thing.”

Find the Typo Fail Quote Award (Currently held by OmegaKaiSi. Previously held by NaN):

BIG BIG Winner→ OmegaKaiSi: “-Overcocks Bacon”

Yo Mama Quote Award (Currently held by x20Mikex20, previously held by x20Mikex20)

BIG BIG Winner: deanomg: ahhh its laggin more then my grandma walking!!!!
-x20Mikex20: Then maybe you should get a computer that isn’t as old as your grandma.

Contender→ Shuruk: Maybe you should get out of your grandma’s basement.
-x20Mikex20: Maybe you should get out of your Grandma. Period.

Close The Borders of Madagascar Quote Award (Currently held by OmegaKaiSi, previously held by x20Mikex20):

BIG BIG Winner→ OmegaKaiSi: “Madagascar is like a little girl that saw part of an abstinence slide show. She just closed all the gates, stopping you.”
-A little side note: This was me trying to get the impossible badge where Madagascar kept closing its’ shipyards.

Contender→ x20Mikex20: “Damn you Ben Stiller! Because of your movie, everybody hates Madagascar now!”

Don’t Be A Hater, Vote For Nader Political Slur Quote Award (Currently held by x20Mikex20, previously held by NaN)

BIG BIG Winner→ rachiface: “I just love it when idiots unite :)”
x20Mikex20:“Like the American Congress rachi?”

Scapegoat Azieru or Greg Quote Award (Currently held by x20Mikex20, previously held by NaN):
BIG BIG Winner Quote →rachiface: Wait, when is Azieru ever not annoying? _
x20Mikex20: When he is muted.

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