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November 20th, 2012:

So, I had always been bullied in school, still am. I was bullied so much, I was forced onto the internet to search for friends. At that time, I had been going to the YMCA pool with my dad, going swimming, and i met this guy, Will.

Now Will Perry was a the nicest man I ever met, even nicer for telling me about this one game, on this one website.
Will told me about a game, called Warfare 1917, on this website called Kongregate.
I had asked him for good games to play, at the time, I liked him. I was chubby, he was chubby.

It is now November 20th 2012 right now, 8:53. I wish I could thank him.

I saw him after that, but we’ve lost connection by now. I know where he lives, still have his phone number, think he blocked me though. I remember I kissed him on the cheek, I nearly shit rainbows too.
On my birthday, we randomly invited him, he had nothing to give me, so he gave me $15 dollars. I have the card still.

Anways, I checked out this website he told me about. The game was amazing, but even more amazing was the Game Chat beside the game window. I made an account, Xandrali4, and logged in.
The first Chatroom I came to was filled with a bunch of assholes. I forgot the chatroom name though.
Oh, it was called; “Barren’s Chat,”. They said I was a guy, told me to show them my tits to prove I was female. They cyberbullied me. I left for a few days, and then went back on. I went into a different chatroom.

It was called Home.

I came in upon a conversation, and by that time I was really into my role-play, and a bit cocky about it. I did some fancy role-play to get everyone’s attention, and I got one male’s attention too.


I still remember what I thought of him when I met him, how awesome, kind, and amazing he was. So funny, also a smartass, but adorakable.
God, the memories are literally bringing me to tears. Him and i talked, but I did talk to everyone else even. I left that day, not wanting to, but knowing I had to.
The next day I came back, he was there. I think I introduced him to role-play? Or maybe that was over a span of a couple days, but still. I think that is when I started to feel the need to be with him.

I don’t know how long we knew eachother before he asked me out, but he did. I remember what happened. I screamed in my head, screamed in role-play, “YES” at him, and jumped excitedly. I remember after that we used to role-play, and he would carry me. Stuff.
We got to know eachother, and in doing so, I also chat-hopped. Migrating to other chatrooms in Kongregate, Kong we called it. I found others, Jessica and Oblivion1234567 for one.
Bringing them to Home was one of the best mistakes in my life, and worst mistake at the time.
It was the best mistake in my life for a lot of reasons. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Paul and I don’t talk much, but hey, I’ve been trying to get in touch. Jessica and I, we’re still real close. I love that gal. She’s like a sister.

Anyways, bringing them in was one of the worst mistakes at the time because when Jose met Jessica, I don’t know. Or whatever. We had recently broken up after a period of 3 days, or 3 weeks. I don’t know which it was, I know it had to do with 3 though. After like a month, or two, Jessica and him had gotten together. By that time, Jessica and me were close, and him dating my best friend, let alone after dumping me, was bad. Real bad.
I let my emotions get ahold of me.
When Jessica and him announced to the chatroom that he and her were together, I think I cried, and I left for a couple days.
Through-out their relationship, I was torn to pieces. I dated a series of men. DecemberDragon, Obby, and one more, forget. I was in a state of depression. I was just sick of it. Through the course of their 3 month relationship was the beginning of something horrible. Hate? Hate for both of them.
Hate for Jessica because I THOUGHT she took him, and Hate for Jose only because he told her he loved her. I love Jessica though, she has gotten me through some very hard times, and she’s like a sister to me.
He never said that to me. He dumped me because he didn’t see a future, because I was too immature. I admit I was, but he did it so coldly. I remember the words.
Actually, he had been asking and asking to see a video of me. I was so insecure, so shy. I linked him to one of my videos, but I had failed to go through it myself. I left him to watch it, and when I came back, it was over.
I handed him my heart, and he handed me back this torn piece of rotten flesh.
He saw no future with me, but he saw one with Jessica.
My depression worsened through-out the time period.

All in all, I believe I was the cause of their break-up. I led Jessica to a site, called IMVU, and she got attached. And it was my fault. My fault. I still beat myself up over it.

Somehow, him and I strengthened our long-lost friendship. Slowly, and painfully. He wanted me to confide in him. That fucker. Confide in him? After the last time I tried to, no way.
But I did, I fell into his trap again. We got together again, October 6th. We’re still together. I’m watching him play Skyrim via Skype right now, he is so cute.

There is little to no detail in this story.
But there is such thing as love via online standards, you just have to dig around for it.
Out of the billions of people on the internet, I found him.
The love of my life.

I love you Jose.


Name: Alexandra.

Middle Name: Ruth.

Last Name: Ask me.

Room- Number 5, Level 6.

Age: 13

Favorite Animal: Giraffe, Turtle, Kitten.

Favorite Dogs: Irish Wolfhound, Greyhound.

Other Information.

Favorite Movies.

Miss Congeniality, Gran Torino, Silence of The Lambs, Hangover, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Drop Dead Fred, Wuthering Heights, Titanic, 13 Ghosts(Old version.), Don’t be Afraid of The Dark, Insidious, Unknown, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Blob {Both}, Hall Pass, Inception, Shutter Island, Shutter, The Ring, Saw, Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Rango, True Grit, Jane Eyre, Lonesome Dove, Lion King, Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, Tarzan, Hannah …

Favorite Music.

Dubstep. ANYTHING Dubstep. Flux Pavilion, Figure, DastiK, Boys Noize, Borgore, Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens, Peter Paul and Mary, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, SlipKnot, Kenny Rodgers, Doc Watson, David Cook, Akon, Justine Timberlake, Michael Jackson, SOME Lady Gaga, Katty Perry’s TGIF {I believe that’s what it’s called?}, Modest Mouse, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Mumford and Sons, Celtic Woman, Celtic Music, The Pouges, ALL Scottish, Irish and Celtic music, ALL Japanese Music, Vocaloids, Matisyahu, Pain Station, Disturbed, Cry Little Sister, Welcome to The Family, Nympho, Love, Guided Relaxation Dub, Signs, The Rapist …

Favorite Books.

Highlander Untamed, Highlander Unmasked, Highlander Outlaw, Highlander Scoundrel, The Chief, The Ranger, The Hawk, Highlander Warrior, The Quickie, Misery, Pet Sematary, The Hobit, I am Not a Killer, The Host …

Role-Play Character.

Name: Alexandra

Species: Unknown.

Flaws: The Change

Age: 19

Shifter Years: Unknown.

Hair Color: Black, Platinum

Eye Color: Brown, but it depends on her mood.
-Angry or Unstable: Violet or Red.
-Troy has taken over: Gold.
-Depressed or Losing it: White.
-Thinking of her past memories, mostly Kyriesal: Hazel.

Height: 6’1"

Other Information: When Alexandra is upset, it Triggers the ‘Change’. Which is unpleasant for her. So please do refrain from upsetting her.

Other Role-Play Characters.


Height: 7’2"

Weight: 240 lbs

Eye Color: Black.

Hygiene: Mostly always bloody.

Likes: Alexandra

Dislikes: Cloak

Other Information about Troy.

Alexandra created Troy when she had been locked away in a Cell. She made /many/ things like Troy. Including October. Troy can speak clearly, and can grin. He protects her, although in the end, his goal is the same as October’s. He /needs/ to kill Alexandra in order to trigger the ‘Change’. But he refuses to do it, because he fancies himself in love with her. He’s willing to risk his life for her.


Nothing yet.

Random Role-Play Posts.

I peeked out from behind the corner, and looked at him more closely. The male stood about a hand over 6 Feet, towering over the small female beside him. She came to about his chest. The male had long, Dirty Blond hair, cut bluntly at his shoulders. His ‘bangs’ fell dramatically across his left eye, sweeping over a strong brow. His hair was in a slight, ‘messed up’ fashion. Little strands of hair sticking out here and there. He had a classic aquiline nose, above a wide, sensuous mouth, that would make all the lasses think of sin. I watched as he threw back his head, and laughed. The wonderful sound echoing through out the area. Aye, he was indeed a handsome male. Sinfully Handsome.

She walked through the trees, another branch hitting her in the face, this branch having little thorns. She already had so many cuts; she was already bleeding from a giant gash in her side. She fought the bile that rose in her throat, her earlier meal threatening to come back up. The scent of Death was all around. She was a mere Shifter, nothing else, and yet, death still affected her while she was in her human form. She saw the break in the trees, she ran a little faster, until she broke through the trees. She stood there, looking up at the Giant Mansion that towered over her. It was crumbling, the stones all beaten up, and breaking. She walked towards the door, her eyes scanning the area in which she walked, looking for any signs of danger. Seeing, nor sensing out of the ordinary, she walked right up to the door. It squeaked open, sending a chill up her spine. She took a step in. looking inside. It was dark, very dark, and yet, she could see perfectly. She took another few steps inside, and the door slammed behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin. She suddenly felt tired, and a sharp stab of pain burst in her side. She cried out in pain, dropping to her knees. Knowing that she was partially ‘safe’ in this Mansion, she let the darkness come over her. She fell forward, and closed her eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

The tail pierced her skin. She growled, grabbing his tail, and yanking it out. Her nails and fangs grew to fine points, and her eyes turned black. She snarled at Damon, and grabbed him by the throat, tightening her grip by the very seconds. “Goddamnit Damon, when will you learn to behave!?” She shoved him back against the wall, and dropped to her knees, the poison from his tail now coursing through her veins. She winced when her back made popping sounds, the bones shifting, elongating.
The flesh on her back began to tear, rip, and causing blood to splatter. She cried out in pain, and frustration, she was very vulnerable at this point. She clenched her fists as her body jerked forward, as two blood-soaked wings emerged from her now, covered in blood, back. She growled in frustration, the wings causing more pain, tearing more flesh. She stood up slowly, not wanting to cause more pain, in her weakened state. She swayed for a moment, before looking directly at Damon, hatred in her gaze. Her wings dragged behind her as she walked forward, leaving a blood trail. She fanned out her wings, therefore extending them, blood dripping off the tips, and smiled wickedly at Damon. “You need to learn to behave, lad.”
She grabbed Damon, who is now standing, by the shoulders, as her wings closed around them, encasing them in a black circle. She bit into the flesh of his neck, as he growls, struggling against her immense strength. His tail continued to stab her, injecting more and more poison, but she ignored it, her only goal to kill the son of a bitch. His tail slowed down, along with his heart beat, and then, they both stopped completely. She let go of him, his lifeless body dropping to the floor. She turned around and faced the others, becoming weaker, and weaker. “I’ll clean up the m-mess later. . .” She drops to her knees, the weight of her wings almost too much. She coughs up blood, and twitches. The poison was overpowering her sense, her body wasn’t strong enough to fend off the affects of the poison. She would die here, alone, in the dark.
My white blouse was soaked in blood, my platinum hair was a tangled mess, my nails had bits of flesh under them. I was a mess. And on top of all that, I was dying. The last Shifter of her kind would die here, and because she was poisoned, how pathetic. I could feel as my legs started to become numb, the poison now attack my nervous System. Soon it would travel through my bloodstream, to my heart. Why I hadn’t died already, I don’t know. It was a miracle, besides the fact that I was still dying. I clenched my fists. Why was I letting myself die here? Shouldn’t I be trying to stop the poison, somehow? I’m pounded my fist against the wall. “Why…why me…why do I have to be the last one, the last of the Shifters, the last of my kind, my species?

She watched him from afar, hiding behind the Tree. He had long black hair, falling around his shoulders, and light brown skin. His eyes were brown, and his nose cute. He was about 5’7", and wore only some Jeans, and a White Shirt. The male was, well there was something …handsome about him. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but he was …handsome. Sinfully so. He stood only 10 feet away. How she wished she had the nerve to speak to him, but damn God for making females more prone to blushing. If she spoke with him, she would blush, and that would give her away. She didn’t need that. She listened in on the conversation he was having with another male. She had caught the other males name, Travis, but couldn’t quite catch /her/ male’s name. Oh wait, wait. There. His name was …To be Continued …Mayhap.

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