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This shit’s old son. O_O
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Hi there, Seems you found my profile, leave a message after the beep…..well not exactly XD. Anyways about me…

1. Gamer (PC) (PS3) (360)

2. Martial Artist (Tae-Kwon-Do Traditional) (Kendo)

3. Artist (Skinner) (Digital and Traditional)

4. DJ (Mixing/Synthesizing) (Normal Music) {Name i go by: DJ Enix/ENiX}

5. Furry {Keidran/Sergal}, And Brony ♥ :3

6. Airsoft (Ex-Co Founder of a BroSoft team of 19)

If you are biased against anything that i am, like, do, or believe, then tough love, grow up and get over it.

I’ll have my opinions, you’ll have yours. I’ll respect your opinions, you on the other hand might not respect mine. But i know what i am, and no one can tell me otherwise of what i am, or am not.

MLP Avatar collection; WARNING, HIGHLY VINYL

My Ponystep Broadcasting/Radio Station

Hey look! I acutally make things!

Best Thread Made: Your Fav Genres of Music – OT

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First Thread

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Post Count:
1000 Posts: I forgot…
2500 Posts: 10/18/11
3000 Posts: 12/19/11
4000 Posts: 2/15/12
5000 Posts: 3/31/12
7500 Posts: 7/11/12
10,000 Posts:

Personally welcomed people into the Herd:
1 Guy/Girl: [X]
5 Guys/Girls: [X]
10 Guys/Girls: [X]
25 Guys/Girls: [X]
50 Guys/Girls: [X]
100 Guys/Girls: [ ]

With help from friends: 141 Bronies/Pegasisters!


Gamer Description:
Well i mostly play online games on Kong, and other games online.
I Also play PS3 which is much better than the 360 (YEA IT IS :P) Because it’s much more easier to pwn people on PSN lol, and i just play 360 for a few games and its popularity.

Current Active Game: Forza 4 (Dont get in my Ferrarity..)

Martial Arts Description:
I used to do Traditional Tae-Kwon-Do, I was a 2nd Degree black belt and a Instructor at my school.
Uh, yea all i gotta say is that any Martial Art is a GREAT learning and workout experience, both physically, and mentally.

Artist Description:
I draw traditionally and digitally. I’m much better IRL. (I draw mostly Anthropomorphic animals, Ponies, and random stuff)

I use SAI and Microsoft Picture it! Premium for my digital artwork.

I used to skin for a Mod where it was very easy to just make a small detailed square, and after making about 10-70 of them, you got yourself a “Detailed” Unit, which i did aircraft mostly…Old skool (The Game that the Mod was made for is Command&Conquer: Generals Z:H btw)

DJ Description:
I’m a Electronic/Dubstep/Lunar/Chillstep Producer, I go by a few different names around the Web and Irl. Im in a Partnership with a friend, we are called Scream&Tempest Productions, and DJ ENIX is my Solo Artist name but anywhoo, i use Mixxx, and Reason to produce music. My friends does Vocals for me, i dont know his layout and equipment, he also does instrumental dubs for me, while i do the basic song layout, beat, FX, splicing, oscillation and other stuff.
I’m also learning to be a VJ also.

While on the other hand, i do alittle mobile sound too.. Here’s my System even though that was the before shot.
For those wondering, those are 2 10 inch Rockford Fosgate subs with a Rockford Fosgate R750 1D Prime amplifier. Along with 2 Rockford P165’s in the front, and 2 Pioneer TS A6874R’s . Which are all hooked up to a Pioneer DEH 3400UB head unit.
Eeyup, my LUNA has got some sound..

Furry/Brony Description:
Well I’m a furry… its interesting. And I’m a Brony. :3
Been both a Brony and Fur for awhile now..

What kinda got me to find the furry fandom was a old movie called Bagi: The Monster of Mighty Nature (Produced by Ozuma Tezuka: R.I.P the best Anime artist ever…) and a good friend.
Anywhoo, my Fursona is just a White Tiger with Neon Skyblue fang decals under each eye, and of course the Tiger stripes, that are black. This is basically it here.

For a more in depth explanation, my race is Keidran, My breed is Tiger, my fur is white, with tiger stripes. I have Skyblue eyes and a neon/florescent Skyblue fang decal under my right eye. What more is there to say?

P.S Furr4Life ♥

(FAVORITE MANE6: Apple Jack)

Female OC Name: Fluorescent Lights
2ndary OC: Astral Enigma
Male OC Name: Luminous Edge

I love being a Brony, since the Moral of the show is to love and tolerate (and freindship), thats just what i do, and many bronies are very easy going, and always nice, anywhoo for my Pony and Cutiemark, I’ve made a OC. Also my Cutie Mark is a single beam quarter note, the bottoms of the notes are crescent moons, and then the top right end is a lightning bolt.

I became a brony on May 27th, 2011

And for Fanfics, i mainly like grimdark fics, and i’ve read a few others, but im more into the musical side of the fandom.

P.S.S Bronies r Awesome… /)(\

Airsoft Description:
Well, me and a friend played Airsoft together, then i made him a brony, and then he suggested that we make a team since he knows other people who play, so he made the team, and thats where i go along as the Co-Founder, and well, we invited alot of our friends, and we made a BroSoft (Brony Airsoft) team called New Lunar Repuclic [NLR].

For those wondering what heat i pack, i have a A&K SR25 URX Spec Ops sniper rifle. For my RIS attachments, i have a Guarder Ergonomic Tactical Foregrip, a extendable bipod that can pivot, and a 3 to 9 by 49 scope. It shoots 431 Semi, and around 400 full auto with a 9.6V. I have 3 clips for it, one being a 450 round HiCap mag, a 80 round MidCap mag, and a 600rnd HiCap Mag that goes to another gun of mine.. Which is my shared JG M4 S system, Which came with a 600rnd HiCap mag, and shoots like a minigun with a 11.2V battery attached.

For my sidearm i have a Umarex P99 DAO Spec Ops CO2 Blowback pistol, that shoots 380 FPS and has a 15 round clip.

We play at two friends houses, one on a tree farm thats about 2 acres, and the other is a backwoods area with a Reconstructed Midrange CQB simulation. We also have gotten sponsored and now have a facility of our own to play games in. Its a warehouse basically, with 2 detached wings, so its not all just inside play either.
We usually play Capture the Flag, Vampire, FFA, TDM, Defender, Ghost Hunter, Zombie Survival, or Demolition for game modes.

I get my CO2 from here, my guns from here and nearly everything else like my tactical stuff and ammo from here..

General Description:
I Generally see everything in a Positive image, unless negativity emits from whatever i introduce myself upon.

I change my avatars to fit my mood. So yea, if your wondering why i change them so much, that’s why.

I was in a High-Stepping marching band that was very prestigious, making debuts in Hawaii for the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Chicago for America’s Jazz Festival, Germany for some big parade, Florida for the Gatorbowl, Nevada for a Thanksgiving day parade, and Indianapolis for the 100th anniversary of the Indie 500, and i played the trumpet, and the Bari Sax in 5-6th grade.

I’m also in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) And i’m currently a C/CPT and loving my battalion and my peers. I’m on our Drill, Raider, Color Guard, and Rifle teams.

Anywhoo im in Off-Topic most of the time, and some chatrooms too. (Mostly in Everfree, Seamonkeys, and Teh Bleachers) Leave me a PM if ya wanna know anything or ask something or just leave me a shout if ya wanna say hi. ;D

Random Quotes/Saying/Comments/Stuff…

‘As from Pony Swag MM;
But what do you do when you face a Parasprite, Get pissed and they know that there trolling you right, but dont just ignore them, put up a fight, love and tolerate them and they’ll scatter with fright.

Save a Pony, Ride a Brony ~ Sister

To Protect and Ponify. ~ Yours Truly.

Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand. – Mark Twain

The fun has been Doubled! – Princess Luna

And when we’re done, that final day, what will they know about you, what will they say? Now out of all the things i say, hear this somehow, we’ve only got one life to live, and its starts now. ~ Alex S, Life As We Know It

Favorite Music Artists:
DJ Alex S
Wooden Toaster/Glaze
General Mumble
Silva Hound
Brony Dance Party
Sweetest Belle
Acoustic Brony
Bag Pipe Brony
SonicBassBrony/DJ Enix
DJ Fresh
Flux Pavilion
Adventure Club

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