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Table of Contents__________
2 To get an avatar by me.
3 20 facts about me.
4 Top 20 friends.
5 Top 5 hates.
6 Acrostic poem.
7 FAQ (frequently asked questions.).
8 Ad.
9 Muted People.


If you want an avatar by me:__________
1 Private message me or shout the request.
2 Put in certain details such as text to put, type of font, text color, extra pics/mini pics/background pics, and the background.

20 facts about me__________
1 I am a person.
2 I chat in the Dragon’s Lair.
3 I have lots of friends.
4 I like video games.
5 I am level 10 on kong.
6 I like elements, fantasy online, and platform racing 2.
7 I make games to put on kongregate.
8 I like to go camping.
9 I use this username for all websites now.
10 I am a guy.
11 I like hugs. :)
12 My name is youtuber999.
13 I hang out in the chinese chat.
14 I’m smart.
15 I’m nice.
16 I am a good friend.
17 I am fun to hang out with.
18 I like pie.
19 I have lots of fans.
20 My username first started out as youtuberlol999 and one time I was on a website and I forgot the lol so, now I have this username.

Top 20 friends._____________
1 pikafan
2 Slash121494
3 Insomniacovrlrd
4 dylanbeffrey123
5 serjtankian42
6 heatkeeper50
7 ChainReaction
8 greenturtle99
9 fang009
10 shorumaner
11 wicked6
12 2BlackKnight2
13 FreezyKid
14 PokeQueen
15 Dry_Bowser45
16 black_star335
17 ClubEddy
18 QuitarHero
19 tomdizzy
20 coolman295

Top 5 Hates__________
1 pegress99
2 angel52
3 borneobob and his other accounts
4 kcbc123
5 Nichol_Espi

Acrostic Poem__________
y our friend.
o n kongregate a lot.
u ber nice.
t alks.
u ber awesome.
b est person to have conversations with.
e picly kewl.
r ed as favorite color.
9 99 as favorite number.
9 99 rocks.
9 99 wins.

Frequently Asked Questions__________
1 Q: Why do I make games?
A: For people’s enjoyment.
2 Q: I like pie.
A: That’s not even a question. .
3 Q: How old are you?
A: Old enough.
4 Q: Can I add you?
A: Sure.
5 Q: How do you make games?
A: Adobe Flash CS5.

A d__________
You say rihanna – I say metallica
You say hip-hop – I say three days grace
You say lady gaga – I say bullet for my valentine
You say eminem – I say system of a down
You say hannah montana – I scream heavy metal
92% of teenagers have turned to hip-hop and pop, if you are part of the 8%, copy this message and paste it to your profile. DON’T LET THE SPIRIT OF ROCK DIE!!!!

Muted People__________
Ponylips100 Muted forever.

Runwind Muted forever.

Julumulu Muted forever.

TigerG Muted forever.

A_Troll Muted forever.

Firelord3665 Muted forever.

Lildickchinos Muted forever.

Jewick Muted forever.

Kunai888 Muted forever.

pegress99 Muted forever.

angel52 Muted forever.

borneobob and his other accounts Muted Forever.

kcbc123 Muted forever.

Nichol_Espi Muted forever.

rygarfan Muted forever.

GTA3 Muted forever.

Quotes __________

awesome357 Once someone told me, "The world is made of macaroni so i took a bite out of a tree.It tasted kinda funky so I spit it at a monkey and the monkey started cussing at me. Hey now, you’re a fat boy, eatin’ cheetos, all day. Hey now you’re a lazy bum, watchin’ tv, all day. Only ice cream will make you get up. Someone once told me the world was made of macaroni so I took a bite out of a tree. It tasted kinda funky so I spit it at a monkey and the monkey started pooping on me.

Me The world we live in is the world we are. Embracing our world will embrace yours, so help clean up this world to help clean yours.

Vorsillion (On deviantart) To the world, you are just one person. But to one person, you are the world.

Me When I stare into the night sky, I look at the moon and remember your eyes. YouTuber999~

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Play Steve the Button 2
Steve the Button 2

The sequal to steve the button!

Play Steve the button
Steve the button

He talks to you :D

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