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Species of the Realms

Class: Beast-Kin. Humanoid. Magicae.
Home Realm:
Bio: One of the several Beast-Kin species and the only ones to be classed as a Magicae species, meaning all Kitsunes are born with magical capabilities. Kitsunes are most noted for the fox-like traits. They are one of the most dominant species as of current due to their political power. One of their greatest achievements is the founding of the Magicae Council which monitors all Mage Schools, all known magic artifacts, and determine the laws regarding magic and its use. 10,000 years ago, the Kitsune lead Magicae counsel declared the Lycan species to dangerous to be allowed to live and led a massive campaign with the goal of genocide on the Lycans for the crime of the creation of Hemomancy and merciless slaughter of any who entered their home, the forest realm Daikriss. For this, the Kitsunes nearly faced war with the Extrarem and Shinigami, the two dominant species of that time. Thankfully, the threat of war passed.

Class:Beast-Kin. Humanoid. Pacifistic.
Home Realm:Iani
Bio:The peaceful and caring cat-like species are known for their kind and playful nature. Though being the friendliest species, the do not allow people of the other species to enter their home realm, Iani. While their actually species name is “Neken,” they only are addressed this way in formal meetings. Their peaceful nature and charisma has avoided many wars and hold peace amongst the realms without using force. The Neko averted a massive war between the Kitsunes; Extrarem and Shinigami, the Guardian Species of Life and Death, which would have ended disastrously for the Kitsunes. The Neko have a unique ability to shrink themselves down into a “chibi” form, which has people think of it as an attention grabbing spell, but was originally meant for stealth when it was first developed centuries ago.

Class:Nocturnal. Demon. Independent.
Home Realm: Naravaor.
Bio:Once hunted by the other species, the Vampires are able to live in peace amongst the other species thanks to a number of treaties. They are highly reclusive and independent and have minimal presence in the High Counsel and Magicae Counsel. Their most notable features is there blood red eyes and large fangs used to drain blood from living creatures. Most Vampires are adapted to living on animal blood, but must occasionally feed on humanoid blood, which they can purchase. Vampires were once thought to be the created through a cross between Necromancy and Hemomoancy, but was quickly disproved.

Class:Demon. War-like.
Home Realm:Taaril ‘Sen
Bio:The Shinigami were once a powerhouse species, but after an Extrarem Extremist unleashed an Endir on their home realm after their genocide, their glory and power was crushed and never recovered. All species refused to aid the Shinigami because of the destruction of Atalus and it’s Extrarem inhabitants. They were once known as the Upholders of the Laws of Death. They held a grudge with the Extrarem because of their ability to defy aging and remain young. Now they struggle to rebuild their fortress like cities and strengthen their government. After the genocide of the Extrarem, the Shinigami were banned from the High Counsel and Magicae Counsel.

Class:Peaceful. Space-Age. Extinct.
Home Realm:Unknown
Bio:The Extrarem once were one of the most beloved species because of their helping nature and their initiative to attempt to negotiate peace in the face of war. With only less than three dozen Extrarem remaining, there are classified as extinct for the hope of their population returning is gone. Their home realm was never known, their only actually city was the floating, super-structure, Atalus. The most known Extrarem is Zachariah Anima, who, though having witnessed the death of his people, strives to help everyone. Though, most Extrarem lose their mind to the influence of the Endir demon within them after 3,000 years, Zachariah has been found to be over 9,000 years old, which brings to question his sanity.

Class:Enigmatic. Child-Like. Entity.
Home Realm:The Void
Bio:Recently discovered, the Tevl are a bizarre species that resemble human children, but a obviously different. Their hair is black and their skin is a silverish-gray color. They are noted for their vibrant yellow-orange eyes. They have the most obscene and estranged ability to swallow anything whole, even entire semi-trucks. They inhale most objects within a radius in front of them, acting like living black-holes. What the consume isn’t exactly “eating.” One scientist who was actually swallowed by a Tevl said that it was more like being “transported into a pocket realm that is linked to their mind.” These “Tevl Worlds” are essentially a cross between a storage space and dream world. Items and even people they like, they inhale them and keep them in this pocket realm as a way to safe guard them from other Tevl. Scientists once thought the Tevl were a romancing species when witnessing two Tevl “kissing,” but later found out it was a fight. If a Tevl swallows something another Tevl wanted, that Tevl will forcefully “kiss” the over Tevl in an attempt to steal the item. Their other ability is to transform into a black mist to avoid conflict. If a mother or father Tevl feels that something is a threat to their children, they will attempt to scare that creature off. Most people do not believe this because of their child-like appearance, but hostile Tevl are very frightful. When hostile, second glowing, red, see-through eyelid will come over their eyes. Around the edges of their lips are almost completely unnoticeable slits. Large, retractable teeth come out these slits and lock into place over the mouth which can cut and chew through even the hardest of metals and are a Tevl’s primary weapon due to they have no claws are nails. When a Tevl does attack, it lets out a cry calling to other Tevl for aid. The Tevl’s breeding habits are bizarre and somewhat disturbing. Tevl will conceive like any other humanoid species, but soon after, the female Tevl will begin to create a large cocoon by using plant matter, mainly leaves and grass, that they have chewed and leave a hole at the top. After 8 weeks the female will lay and egg and place it in the cocoon and then the parents will guard it until the infant hatches. The most unique thing of the Tevl is that they are natives of the Void, which was once thought to be uninhabitable till this point. How they survive is unknown and may never be understood.

Class:Beast-Kin. Magicae. Homicidal. Extinct.
Home Realm:Vaar ’leth (Inaccessible)

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