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    How the hell should I know?
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    Jun. 04, 2010

I try to be a well mannered person but you know how people can be. If you’re looking to find me I should be in the chatroom The Singularity (They killed it! Oh god!).

Note: Try not to take anything I say seriously.

Secrets: Stupid sex education.
Secrets: I know where penis goes! In the vagina! I’m 18!
Secrets: >implying at the age of 18 the knowledge of where your penis goes is bestowed upon you by magic.
Endarei: tehehe
Endarei: Seeks…
Secrets: It goes in hand silly :3
Secrets: My girlfriend has rape fantasies.
Secrets: Secrets likes this.
Secrets: Haha she was like, you know in movies when hooded strangers burst in to girls apartments whilst they’re showering and rape em?
Secrets: Yeah that turns me on.
Secrets: I bought a hoody.
Darkobra: Perfection’s in the heart and mind. Not the body
Darkobra: You don’t fall in love with a body
Darkobra: Unless it’s my body because DAMN I’m chiseled out of MARBLE!
sncorrea: i feel like a clueless bunny =/
zer0s: what kind of bunny?
BlueFox: I got just the kind! hold on
sncorrea: o.o
zer0s: * waits in anticipation *
BlueFox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCRUPWDIgYM
BlueFox: those kinda bunnies.
numonered: i smell like a t-rex being ridden by a velicoraptor jumping out of the side wall of a shower in which they used only old spice and landing onto a giant skateboard which they use to tear ass over the city jumping lengthwise over a train and into the…
numonered: hoover dam which explodes and releases a nonlethal wave of candy over the city
Ovall: im a little foot-hound/ short and stout/ here is my big toe/ there is your ass/ when i go and wind up/ ill hear you shout/ i BENT!/ you over/ and shoved my entire goddamn foot up your ass
Ovall: my dad just asked me to steal from the neighbbors
Ovall: brb
numonered: I AM SUMMONED
numonered: a flashlight is usually used to light dark rooms
numonered: putting your penis inside one would cause electrocution and intense orgasms
Blaze55555: “Everyone loves digging glass out of their scrotum”
numonered: more like a dicktagonist
CamNetto: dicktaganist, thats so clever
numonered: i thought so too
numonered: you see i wanted to call you gay without using the word gay
numonered: and i wanted to use what you said also
numonered: but i had to think of a way to combine them together and i had to do fast
numonered: using a combination of smoke mirrors science and miracles i was able to chemically fuse the words dick, and protagonist into one sick burn.
MariusNoquar: i work in fast food :P
abocreature: Congratulations, Marius. Are you proud about selling diabetes and obesity
numonered: you see a woman is a lock and a man is a key
numonered: a key that opens many locks is a very good key
numonered: but a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock xD
numonered: sn’s lock is rusted she hopes my key breaks, and commander is being da baws
sncorrea: My lock is not rusted!
numonered: a rusty lock would say that
sncorrea: It’s cleaned and shiny and….I’m going to shut up now
Commander_Gex: just needs a little squirt from a grease gun…
Samnino: very odd… we seem to have run out of pickles.
Blaze55555: Dear god! The pickles have run out?
gunslinger19: No! What will we use to pleasure ourselves now!?
Ovall: sammeh is that acceptable? what i did? and why i like the raccoon?
Ovall: not really the threesome idea, but me catching it
sncorrea: I wasn’t paying attention since you broke my heart. Why do you like the raccoon more than me?
Ovall: my dick!
MadWolf2018: good point okay lets skin a magician then
numonered: i’ll show the skin of a magician
numonered: with a lack of clothing on both parties i can make part of me disapear!
ATKBadger: so what’s up with you, miss Sam?
ATKBadger: Miss emzy?
TheGhostGamer: sure don’t ask me what’s up
TheGhostGamer: asshole
sncorrea: I’d be an incredibly sexy whore.
sncorrea: I mean…just, anyone. I’d screw anyone if I was a guy.
sncorrea: Potato Vodka sounds gross..
Ovall: swiss cheese is funny
Ovall: it’s like someone got really horny
Ovall: and then banged all of the cheese wheels
ZoeytheDemon: well… ive had my full of today… time for me to go sleepy now, away from those who would make attempts – glares at num – on my body. good night
Ovall: excellent, i am under the radar…
emzy555: …..
iammagical: Does Canada count as euro?
Chichi48: How can i play happy aquarium without a facebook or myspace account
iammagical: I’ll tell you how.
numonered: buy some fish and a pitcher
ekkgirl27: now do u feel better
Secrets: No.
ekkgirl27: why not
Secrets: Because I’m talking to a moron.
ekkgirl27: who is the moron
zer0s: Rape.
Lawlzi: I would love that.
alexismaster11: how you say dumb in canaidian
WhatArandomName: “American”

Ohey there.

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