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­Hey there, I’m Zhoom. Everything you need to know about me is down below, you can see what I like, what I dislike, my favorite Youtube channels, my account statistics and my account personal data. If you want more information (which I doubt you will) then just leave me a private message

Last update on Profile; Jul. 24, 2011

Here’s a guide I made on How to Make a Good Looking Profile


Things I Like

Informatics This is my major
Coke (The soda for christ’s sake!)
My Avatar Image
[Enter cool thing that you like too here]

Things I Dislike

High pitch sounds
Justin Bieber
Going shopping
You (You know who “you” are, no, not you!)


Favorite Youtube Channels

I needed to put this on my profile because I’m a huge fan of many Youtube channels, and I really want to share with you all the many videos that always make me laugh, so I’m leaving this list with a few channels and tons of videos for you to enjoy:

College Humor
Jake and Amir Outtakes
Ray William Johnson
James Nintendo Nerd
Ownage Pranks
Rooftop Comedy
Derrick Comedy
Fail Blog
Improv Everywhere

Easter Egg

You Won’t Get RickRoll’D By Clicking This!!!


Account Statistics

Last update on Account Statistics; Dec. 15, 2011

Easy Badges: 0 left – 100% – 524/524
Medium Badges: 0 left – 100% – 742/742
Hard Badges: 0 left – 100% – 476/476
Impossible Badges: 0 left – 100% – 43/43
All Badges: 0 left – 100% – 1785/1785
Badge Points Only: 0 left – 100% – 30610/30610
Items: 61
Awards: 40

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Play Maze: The revolution
Maze: The revolution

Hello people, this is my first game, its a beta...

Play A-Maze-Ing
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*This is my first game* It is a really tiny ...

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