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So long – and thanks for all the fish! hugs and snickerdoodles all around

BYOM – Be Your Own Mod!! Use your mute button!
General reminder time: Your mute buttons allow you to Be Your Own Mod! Should another user be irritating, boring, offending or just driving you generally crazy, you have the power!
The Three Line Thang: Sloths are slothful. If you post four consecutive chat entries before another user speaks you may be beaten with a wet noodle and teased mercilessly depending on Mod discretion.
Three is fine. Four crosses the line.
GreyGoo makes you muffled and grey.
BanGoo makes you go away.
[Thank Moderator]
If you are thinking of thanking those who deal with the thugs,
and dispenseth their answers and lendeth out hugs,
You could thinketh thoughts of a thankful phrase or two
and presseth the button on their profiles! Ooo!!

Or conversely should you be hard pressed
The trolling and swearing have you most stressed
Press a button found elsewhere: [Report Abuse]
Tell the admins your troubles! You find it of use!
Zil – a name given for someone that’s too awesome to have the simple name of “Liz”. Makes a super duper bestfriend. Loyal. Talented. Beautiful. Possesses a great ardor for life.
Zil changes the way we look at life.
Stressed? Thinking about taking it out on poor innocent chatters? Here – take a Zil_ Pill instead..
SpawnOfDiablo: is it just me or has there been like 5 spammers and people with signs on their heads that say : Plz Zilence Me?
bobdas: for some reason,once you enter sloth,everyone becomes happy
brinkleynicholas: zil must be a awesome mod cause no one is breaking the rules here
(Nevermind the other 3 mods in the room and the fact that I was AFK)
noahconstrictor: if zil is a mod i dont wanna know what a troll is
Oh mute, like a lute, you sing when plucked: The silence hums softly, the troll hath been struck.
In the place of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen! Not dark but beautiful and terrible as the Morn! Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!

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