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working on a new game(not in flash so wont be on kongregate srry drakduy)i think its kinda cool. wont take to much longer to finish maybe a month -3 if i get time . . . . . . Free Rider 2 Tracks: Unicycle, truck auto . -e 1h f 1k,c 1k m 18,-e 1h -h 1e,-b 4j f 6b,-k 8a -k 72,-i 8a -2 8a,6s an 5d 9f,6s ai 8i b2,8j b3 9m b3,9m at ad ah,ja hm j9 g7,j9 hg i1 hl,au q3 au ok,ao q2 9g q2,2v 16p 34 14v,2v 16p 23 17f,23 17m 8 181 -1p 181,-du 1fo -7h 1ar,-du 1fo -jm 1kh,-q3 1rk -qr 1r3 -qa 1qh,-q1 1rh -ph 1r1,-ki 21h -k7 228 -j4 21j -je 210,-40 eg -4e b2,-2b gn -1f f8,-9m t4 -5l rq,-rm 2hd -oo 2fu,-120 2lc -sn 2kl,-15i 2l7 -11h 2kk,-15h 2l8 -18m 2nl,-1cm 2up -1c6 2vc -1bj 2v0,-1a5 35c -1a4 328,-1a4 35a -18b 36p,-14j 3ji -14e 3fb,-14o 3jh -17l 3me,-1ce 3tp -1bu 3ql,-1ce 3ti -1bi 3vh -17t 40m,-18l 40f -14f 404,-14f 404 -136 3ul -12q 3sf -13t 3pd -168 3o8,-1s7 3u6 -1p5 3vq,-1sc 3u4 -1sn 3ru -1s0 3qm,-1p3 3ur -1lq 40r,-1le 46f -1l8 44d,-1lf 46f -1le 46k -1kg 470 -1k8 46m -1js 46m -1ja 45l,-1jm 468 -1jq 461,-1jq 460 -1ji 461,-1m9 47a -1m6 47p -1m6 48b,-1mn 47e -1m9 47b -1lu 477,-1m6 47j -1m6 47g -1m8 47c -1m4 475 -1lv 477,-1m6 47i -1m8 47r -1m4 482,-1m0 477 -1m6 478,-1m8 479 -1me 47g -1mh 47e,-1mf 47e -1mb 47e,-1lm 47b -1lg 488,-1lk 47m -1l8 47c -1ku 47c -1ko 47i,-1kk 47c -1kh 47u -1ke 484,-1kc 484 -1k3 486 -1ju 484 -1jn 47v -1jq 479,-1jn 47r -1jn 484,-1j1 478 -1jd 47b -1jj 47j -1jj 47s,-1jj 47u -1jf 484 -1ip 486,-1ij 46l -1if 488,-1ih 47s -1i1 488,-1if 47u -1i1 47i,-1lk 47b -1le 47v,-1le 484 -1lm 479,-1lm 47b -1lc 482,-1li 47m -1lc 47g -1l8 47c,-1l6 47e -1ku 47e -1ko 47f,-1ki 47c -1kg 47o,-1kh 47i -1ke 47r,-1kg 47r -1ka 47v,-1kd 47v -1k3 47v -1jq 47s,-1jr 47o -1jr 479,-1jv 47v -1kc 484,-1kk 482 -1jv 47u,-1jm 47s -1jj 482,-1jn 482 -1jn 486,-1jt 47s -1jm 48a,-1j7 479 -1jh 47i,-1j7 479 -1jl 47n,-1jj 47n -1jf 482,-1jl 47q -1j5 484,-1j3 482 -1ip 480,-1jp 47u -1k8 486,-1il 46o -1ih 479,-1il 46p -1ih 47q,-1ij 47m -1ih 488,-1ih 486 -1id 484,-1ih 47s -1i7 482,-1ic 47s -1hv 486,-1ib 47s -1i1 47k,-1ij 484 -1in 488,-1i8 47i -1it 48c,-1jo 466 -1jk 45p,-1jo 464 -1jq 46b,-1jj 45p -1jf 45b#-k2 240 -k2 22c,-k1 240 -k1 23j,-k1 23i -ju 23f -k1 23b -k5 23a -k8 23d -k7 23i -k2 23l,-kd 23i -jv 23f,-k2 23k -k3 240,-k2 23n -k4 242,-k1 23m -k3 23v,-k3 23m -k3 241,-k2 23o -k3 241,-k1 23v -k2 23j,-k2 23m -k2 23p,-k0 22j -k0 23d,-k0 23b -k4 237,-k3 236 -k3 22k,-k2 22j -k0 232,-k0 22l -k1 23a,-k1 22l -k1 238,-k3 22n -k3 236,-k2 22m -k4 235,-k9 22f -jt 22g,-jt 22e -k8 22e -k4 22g,-k4 22e -ju 22e,-k6 22f -ju 22e,-k2 229 -k3 22o,-k4 22e -k2 22r,-k3 22f -k1 22p,-k0 22f -k2 22k,-k7 226 -k3 22h,-k7 228 -k1 22j,-k7 227 -k0 22i,-k9 229 -k2 22h,-k7 227 -k4 22e,-ka 227 -k3 22f,-k9 227 -k4 22h,-k8 227 -k4 22g,-k9 226 -k4 22i,-k7 225 -k3 22h,-k9 225 -k5 22f,-k5 223 -k3 22g,-k5 225 -k2 22c,-k5 226 -k1 22e,-k0 22c -k1 21m,-k2 21l -k0 22d,-k0 22a -k2 21k -ju 21n,-k1 21j -k1 22b,-jt 21u -jo 21n,-jn 21o -jn 21h -jq 21b,-jq 21c -jv 21a,-ju 21a -k4 21b,-k2 21a -k9 21e,-k7 21c -kf 21j,-kc 21i -kc 21o,-kc 21m -k5 21v,-k5 21u -ju 221,-jv 220 -jp 21s,-js 21t -jn 21p,-jq 21t -jn 21p,-jn 21o -jp 21g,-jm 21j -jp 21e,-jn 21f -js 21a,-jq 21c -k0 21a,-js 219 -k4 21a,-js 219 -k7 219,-k3 219 -kb 21e,-ka 21d -ke 21k,-kd 21j -kc 21r,-kb 21q -k4 222,-k1 21g -ju 21m,-jv 21i -js 21o,-k0 21k -js 21p,-k3 21l -jt 21p,-k0 21l -js 21o,-k8 225 -k3 22e,-k6 227 -k2 22f,-k7 226 -k3 22e,-k3 21h -kb 21v,-k5 21m -k6 21u,-k2 21g -k7 21t,-k0 21f -k8 21v,-lm 1vl -lh 20a,-lh 209 -ld 20e -l9 20e,-l8 20e -l3 20f,-l2 20e -ks 20d,-ks 20e -ko 20a,-ko 208 -kp 205,-kq 204 -l2 1vg,-ks 1vc -kc 20d,-kk 1vp -ko 1vi -km 1ve,-ko 1vh -kh 1vd,-kl 1vf -kd 1vb,-kh 1ve -k7 1vb,-ka 1vb -k3 1vf,-k6 1ve -jv 1vk,-k0 1vj -jq 1vv,-jt 1vt -jl 205,-jq 1v8 -ja 202,-k1 1uv -k3 1v6,-k2 1v6 -ju 1v4 -k1 1uv,-k1 1v0 -k2 1v4,-j3 1uj -jd 1uo,-jc 1un -jh 1uv,-jh 1ut -ji 1v6 -jb 1vi,-jc 1vh -j6 1vo,-j7 1vn -it 1vr -ik 1vq,-io 1vr -ia 1vl,-hk 1un -i2 206,-i8 1uu -hq 1vc,-h6 1tr -he 1u0,-hd 1tv -hk 1u8,-hm 1ub -hl 1uh,-hk 1uh -he 1un,-hf 1un -h5 1uv,-h8 1uu -gv 1v6,-h1 1v4 -gm 1v6,-gq 1v6 -gf 1v3,-gj 1v3 -g6 1uu,-g9 1uu -g2 1up,-h2 1ta -fo 1uo,-fn 1u0 -fi 1tu,-fk 1tu -ff 1tq,-fg 1tq -ff 1tl,-fg 1tm -fi 1th -fo 1td,-fl 1td -fu 1tj,-fs 1th -g4 1tn,-g2 1tn -g0 1u4,-g0 1u2 -fo 1ua -ff 1uc -f8 1ub,-fa 1ub -f2 1u7,-f7 1u8 -f1 1u3,-f1 1u4 -eu 1tv,-1jn 467 -1jf 45a -1k3 455,-1ki 45v -1kc 45h -1ki 45i -1kl 45l,-1kl 46j -1ka 46l -1kk 46k -1k9 46l,-1ka 46l -1k1 46b -1jq 46b,-1k1 469 -1jv 45v,-1jv 461 -1jn 463,-1jf 45d -1jp 46b -1jf 45b -1k3 453,-1k2 455 -1jf 45a,-1k2 469 -1k9 46o -1k2 46b -1jq 469 -1k3 46b,-1kl 45t -1ki 45j -1kl 45t,-1kl 45j -1ks 45f,-1ks 45d -1l0 45b -1l0 455,-1l0 453 -1ks 44s,-1kp 44s -1kp 44o -1ki 44m,-1kg 44o -1k9 44s,-1k7 44s -1k6 455,-1kg 45d -1kc 457 -1kd 451 -1kk 451 -1ko 455 -1kk 45b -1ke 45b,-1kp 46f -1km 46b -1ko 467 -1ks 465 -1l0 463,-1l2 467 -1l2 46b -1l4 46h,-1ku 46h -1kq 46d,-1l4 469 -1l0 467,-1kq 46n -1kk 46k,-1kg 46h -1kg 469,-1kh 467 -1kk 461,-1kl 461 -1ku 45t,-1l2 45v -1l6 461,-1l8 463 -1la 469,-1la 46f -1l6 46k,-1l4 46n -1ku 46n#G -1d6 3o6 5t,G -1d1 3nc 5s,G -1d7 3p1 5s,G -157 3p6 8m,G -13m 3qr 9i,G -136 3tb as,G -14k 3vc r,G -189 404 2n,B 6h a0 pu ..........BMX AUTO ......-6 1j h 1g,-6 1i -g 13,2m 4m 2g 3k,2o 4k 3n 4k,5p 68 6b 64 6f 5o 69 5c 5v 5c,5o 69 5m 64,5l 7i 68 7j,4v a3 5k a3,3g cq 47 cq,23 hr 2q hr,m kt 19 kv 1g kf,-e on 6 op f ob,-k q3 -3 q6 6 pg,-29 sl -1j sl -1h rs,-4d tb -3o th -3g ss,-74 vn -6g vr -66 v9,-85 120 -7j 120 -77 12c,-9u 13n -97 13n -96 12t,-c7 15v -be 15q,-av 19a -aa 18v,-c7 1al -bl 1ab,-fe 1d8 -er 1d2,-h6 1h5 -gn 1h5,-ir 1it -i3 1it,-m0 1m5 -la 1ln,-n4 1nc -mc 1n2,-nu 1ob -ne 1nv,-op 1p6 -o6 1oq,-pp 1qd -p5 1pv,-q5 1r3 -ps 1qi,-rv 1sj -rh 1sp,-ub 1v4 -u2 1vm -te 1vd,-vd 205 -uo 203,-11n 22j -118 22q -10t 22a,-12m 23k -128 242,-128 243 -11m 23p,-1b2 2cp -1b2 2dd -1a8 2dd,-1c0 2du -1bu 2ef -1b2 2em,-19n 2fq -19d 2g8,-19d 2g7 -18q 2fs,-1am 2hv -1am 2j0 -1aq 2ja,-1am 2hv -1a8 2i1 -1a9 2ic -1ak 2ig,-1an 2ig -1a9 2io -1af 2j0 -1ar 2je,-1a8 2j6 -19k 2i2 -19h 2ii -19c 2ie,-19c 2ig -197 2ji,-193 2jp -174 2i1,-18h 2ia -17i 2k2,-17j 2k1 -18d 2i6 -17l 2k3,-18h 2i6 -17f 2jv,-16v 2i0 -199 2jk,-17l 2ht -18t 2jn,-1aa 2j4 -19h 2i1 -1a8 2j7,-19m 2i2 -19h 2ii,-19j 2ig -19h 2i2 -19g 2ig -19c 2i8 -19d 2im,-19d 2ia -195 2ji,-195 2jk -19b 2ia,-199 2i8 -190 2jq,-1as 2jc -1aa 2iu,-1a8 2is -1am 2ja,-1a8 2iq -1am 2ie -1a8 2io,-1ak 2ie -1a6 2ie -1ak 2ii -1ai 2j0,-1ai 2ii -1a6 2hu -1a8 2ic,-1aa 2hu -1aq 2hu,-1ak 2hu -1a8 2i1,-1aa 2i0 -1ao 2i0,-1aa 2i0 -1ao 2i4,-1am 2hs -1am 2ic,-1ai 2i0 -1ak 2ii,-1ak 2i0 -1am 2ie,-1ak 2ie -1ak 2io,-1ai 2iq -1am 2j6,-1ak 2iu -1aq 2j8#-1b8 2ie -1b1 2ig,-1b1 2ig -1b7 2i9,-1b7 2i9 -1b8 2hv -1be 2hm -1bm 2hm -1c1 2hk -1ck 2hm -1d7 2hs -1d8 2i5 -1d5 2ic -1b9 2ie,-1d1 2i5 -1cv 2hu -1ct 2i5,-1d1 2i1 -1ct 2i1,-1cr 2ht -1cr 2i5,-1co 2ht -1co 2i7,-1cg 2hu -1cg 2i7,-1cc 2hv -1cc 2i7,-1c5 2hv -1c5 2i7,-1c3 2hu -1c1 2i7,-1bt 2hv -1bt 2i8,-1bs 2i1 -1bs 2i9,-1bm 2i3 -1bm 2i8,-1bk 2i3 -1bk 2ib,-1cr 2i1 -1co 2i1,-1cg 2i1 -1cb 2i3,-1bm 2i7 -1bh 2i7,-1bt 2i5 -1bq 2i5,-1c4 2i3 -1bv 2i0#G -19p 2a3 5s,G -19o 26f 3g,G -16o 23j 5k,G -12q 239 8k.......... . . auto -18 1i -9 1t,-8 1p b 1o,1c 4q 1o 5n,4s am 48 bd,23 gv 29 h5,10 on 15 p7 1q p5 1s oj,-3c t3 -30 tm -2a tf,-78 vn -6k vb,-65 16u -63 16a,-65 16r -7e 17c,-a7 17d -a5 17u -9v 184 -9n 185 -9f 181,-7j 1cs -7i 1da -70 1df -6h 1d6,-59 1j4 -4t 1jh -4d 1jf -44 1j2,-18 1nj -12 1o0 -k 1o3,3j 1rh 3f 1s5,32 1s6 3f 1s7,-1a 1vu -o 1vf,-1b 1vu -23 201,-24 201 -2m 1vv,-2m 1vu -2c 1vu,-2d 1vv -2h 200,-2d 1vu -2b 201,-6r 21p -6e 22b -5k 224,-3h 251 -3c 25c,-3g 2ci -i 2cj,-3e 2cl -3t 2c1,-j 2ck 2 2ck m 2cn 1j 2da 2k 2e3 3l 2eu 4o 2fu 5r 2h3 6r 2ib 7l 2je 8f 2kj 99 2lq a5 2n3 b5 2oc c8 2pk dd 2qq eh 2rr fh 2sl gk 2tc hm 2tq iq 2ts k2 2tf l6 2sr ln 2sk m9 2sg mr 2sd nd 2sb nv 2s8 oh 2s5 p3 2s1 pm 2rt qa 2rp qv 2rj rj 2rb s6 2r2 t8 2qo ua 2qf uo 2qc,up 2qc va 2q4,va 2q5 vp 2ps 10b 2pn,13l 2la 12p 2mp,13i 2o9 164 2ng,12s 2mr 14j 2m2 13b 2nf 15o 2ms,15l 2ms 13b 2o9,13l 2le 16i 1v6,161 2nf 1rb 2eh#ot 2qk pm 2qh,ou 2qj os 2pl,os 2pl ok 2pm,pn 2qg pj 2pi pr 2ph,pa 2qi p5 2p0 ol 2pk,p4 2p0 pq 2ph,om 2pl p5 2p2 on 2pl,oo 2pl p6 2p2 op 2pm,om 2pl p4 2p1,p4 2p4 oo 2pm,oq 2pf om 2pm,on 2pi on 2pl,ot 2pe oo 2pk,p6 2p2 oq 2pl,ov 2qk pn 2qg,pm 2qh pi 2ph os 2pl ou 2qj pm 2qg ou 2qh pm 2qg,pl 2qg ov 2qj,ov 2qh pm 2qe ou 2qj,ot 2qg pm 2qd ov 2qh,ot 2qj pm 2qf,pl 2qd ou 2qh,ou 2qg pn 2qd,pm 2qd ou 2qg pl 2qc ou 2qf,ou 2qe pn 2qc,pm 2qc ou 2qd,ou 2qd pm 2qb,ov 2qd ov 2qk,p0 2qd p1 2qk,ou 2qc pl 2qb,ou 2qa pl 2qa,ou 2q9 pl 2q9,or 2pl po 2ph p5 2p2,po 2pg oo 2pk,p4 2p3 pn 2ph,pl 2ph p5 2p5 ot 2pj,p4 2p5 pl 2ph p5 2p4,p5 2p1 pn 2pg,pl 2pg oq 2pj pn 2pg,pl 2pg oo 2pk,oo 2pj pl 2pf on 2pj pk 2pf op 2pi,op 2pj pk 2pg,os 2ph pi 2pe,ov 2pb ov 2pi,p1 2pd p1 2pi,p0 2pe p0 2pi,p1 2pb p2 2pg,p3 2p9 p2 2pl,p3 2pc p3 2ph,p3 2p5 p3 2pj,p4 2p6 p4 2pi,p4 2p5 p5 2pf,p5 2p7 p5 2pd,p7 2p5 p7 2ph,p7 2p8 p7 2ph,p8 2p7 p8 2pi,p9 2p8 p9 2pg,p9 2p9 pa 2pf,pb 2p9 pc 2pi,pd 2p8 pc 2pe,pc 2pa pe 2pg,pe 2pb pe 2pi,pg 2pc os 2pf,os 2pg ph 2pd ov 2ph,ot 2pf pe 2pd ot 2pe pi 2pc ov 2pd pe 2pd,pc 2pa ou 2pb pd 2pb p0 2pd,p1 2pc pa 2pb,pc 2pb p0 2pb,p2 2pa pe 2pa,pe 2pa p2 2pb,p6 2p9 p9 2p9 p4 2p9,ou 2q8 pk 2q9 ov 2q9,ov 2q7 pl 2q6 p2 2q8,p3 2q8 pn 2q8,pk 2q5 ov 2q7,ou 2q7 pl 2q4 ov 2q6 pk 2q3,pk 2q1 or 2q4,ou 2q6 pk 2q2,pl 2q2 ou 2q4,ot 2q3 pe 2pv,ot 2pm pi 2pj,ot 2pn pj 2pk ot 2po pk 2pk,pj 2pl or 2pp,or 2pq pk 2pm,pj 2po os 2ps,os 2pr pj 2pn,pj 2pp os 2pt pk 2pr,pk 2pr ot 2pu,ot 2pv pj 2ps,pk 2pt ot 2q0,ot 2q1 pk 2pu,pk 2pv ou 2q1,ot 2q2 pk 2q0,pj 2q2 oq 2q3,ou 2pk ou 2qf,ou 2pk p0 2qf,p1 2pk p2 2qf,p1 2pj p3 2qe,p2 2pi p5 2qb,p7 2pi p4 2qa,p3 2pg p3 2qe,p5 2pi p7 2q5,p8 2ph pa 2q5,pb 2pd p8 2q6,p8 2pk pb 2q9,pb 2pk pb 2pv,pa 2pf pe 2qa,pi 2pf pc 2q1,pc 2pl pf 2q0,pd 2pe ph 2q6,ph 2pn ph 2pt,pe 2pi p3 2pu,p1 2pj p2 2qc,p2 2po p2 2qg,p1 2pt p3 2qa,ou 2pk p0 2q8,p0 2pm p1 2q5,p0 2pl p2 2pv,p2 2pl p7 2pl,p6 2pc p2 2pu,p2 2pi p6 2pr,p6 2ph p3 2q5,p2 2pl p4 2qd,p6 2pj pa 2ps,pa 2pi pb 2q7,pa 2pj pd 2q8,pb 2ph pe 2q4,pe 2pl pg 2q7,p3 2p4 p9 2pb,p9 2p9 os 2p9,p1 2p9 pa 2p8,p8 2p7 p2 2pe,p4 2p3 pa 2pl,pa 2pm pf 2q6,p9 2pt p4 2qc,p3 2q3 p5 2q8,p6 2q7 p6 2qf,p6 2q9 p6 2qd,p6 2q3 p5 2qb,p1 2pn p0 2q9,p0 2pl ou 2pv,ou 2ph p1 2qe,pd 2pf pk 2pt,pj 2pj pi 2qd,p8 2qm pd 2rp# http://www.thegamehomepage.com/play/red-remover/very-hard/202594

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