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OneBurntWitch: Oh, damn my eyes. >.<

zombie_popperV9: mine too tho

OneBurntWitch: No, they just started
watering like crazy for no reason.

zombie_popperV9: mine are burning lol

Fenris13: I seem to have that effect on people’s eyes. :P

Fenris13: I should probably walk right out.

OneBurntWitch: Oh, hell fenris.

zombie_popperV9: you must be hideous irl

Fenris13: Extremely.

OneBurntWitch: No you’re not.

zombie_popperV9: i knew it .

OneBurntWitch: You’re cute and you have an epic beard.

Fenris13: Must be thinking of someone else.

zombie_popperV9: that was me lol

OneBurntWitch: Fen’s got an epic hippy beard.

OneBurntWitch: you’ve got an epic metal beard.

OneBurntWitch: Like Daron Malakian.

Fenris13: It’s how I beat you in Elements, Zombie.

Fenris13: I have a mightier beard.

zombie_popperV9: NAY

Fenris13: Mmhm.


OneBurntWitch: Don’t put words in my mouths, boys.

OneBurntWitch: My mouth*

Fenris13: Did I?

zombie_popperV9: mouths?

Fenris13: The upper and lower lips.

zombie_popperV9: just because theres lips there, doenst make it a mouth

Fenris13: We’re not supposed to put things in them.

OneBurntWitch: classy

Fenris13: Thank ya

zombie_popperV9: highfives fen

Fenris13: misses

zombie_popperV9: hey you three

LittleAngel01: hey zombs

zombie_popperV9: woah holy jeezus

zombie_popperV9: got 240 electrum from oracle

LittleAngel01: wow, pretty cool

zombie_popperV9: indeed

bjscool: Nobody gives a ****

bjscool: and it’s not cool

zombie_popperV9: now if i could remember
what i was going to spend it on]

zombie_popperV9: bj, go eat a dick

LittleAngel01: save it so you can eventually upgrade – they cost 1500

zombie_popperV9: NEVARRRRR

LittleAngel01: hehehe

zombie_popperV9: shopping spree

LittleAngel01: you have enough cards….

bjscool: Who the **** do you think you are zombie ****

bjscool: ZOMBIE ****

bjscool: ZOMBIE F. AGGOT

zombie_popperV9: you, now go eat a dick, and get off of this chat room

bjscool: Do you kiss ur mum wit dat mouth

LittleAngel01: well he does eat dick, coz his name is bjscool – clearly likes to give it :P

zombie_popperV9: i dont kiss my mmo at all you incest hick.

bjscool: Ur mum likes to give it to me bitch

bjscool: you don’t kiss your mum cuz she abandoned you when you were a kid because you were retarded

bjscool: and still are retarded

zombie_popperV9: good, at least you can still get it from ogres

bjscool: shut up f.ag

LittleAngel01: hahah, this guy is funny for a 23yr old. clearly not if that’s the best he’s got…

bjscool: Hey bitch

bjscool: gtfo of this chat group

zombie_popperV9: hes obviously twelve

bjscool: Bitch i’m 13 f.ag

LittleAngel01: that’s my thinking also zombs

zombie_popperV9: did you learn those words from call of duty

koRnie: yeh

bjscool: I learned it from your mom bitch

zombie_popperV9: wow

zombie_popperV9: even my mom insults you?

bjscool: Yeah that’s what I thought queer

LittleAngel01: hahaha, get a load of this kid, hilarious.

zombie_popperV9: whod have thought you were that pathetic

bjscool: lern how to spel idiot

bjscool: yeah stfu bitch

zombie_popperV9: wow, dude, go choke on a scrotum.

bjscool: choke on a scrotum ur hilarious

bjscool: dumbass

zombie_popperV9: angel, $50 says he doesnt know what scrotum means

bjscool: $50 says you don’t have one.

zombie_popperV9: inb4 he uses dictionary.com

LittleAngel01: you know what I am picturing? a little boy sitting in front of a computer, giggling away thinking he’s so clever and funny flinging insults at adults who have heard it all before. needs a lesson in troll 101. fail.

zombie_popperV9: “i dont know what that means, better say he doesnt have one”

LittleAngel01: hehe

zombie_popperV9: bj, if i wanted my
comeback i would have wiped it off your moms face.

bjscool: I bet your mom has one tho

bjscool: wow i never heard that one before

bjscool: try to be original next time

zombie_popperV9: you tell me, you’re the one ****ing her/him right?

bjscool: wut

bjscool: look here kid

bjscool: you probably sit here all day and think you’re the shit

zombie_popperV9: you claimed to have sexual relations with my mom, who you also think has a scrotum.

LittleAngel01: hahaha

bjscool: try to act civilized and try to seem like you’re something

zombie_popperV9: so are you mayhaps, homosexual?

bjscool: You’re just a little bitch that doesn’t have anything worth living for.

bjscool: Stop trying to act cool

bjscool: and go outside

zombie_popperV9: therefore, calling me a **** to see if i also am of the homosexual culture

LittleAngel01: the only try hard here is you bj

bjscool: Remember to put on sunscreen because God knows you haven’t seen the sun in a LONG time

zombie_popperV9: so, are you trying to hit on me?

bjscool: Exactly what I mean

bjscool: You attempt to come up with a clever comeback.

bjscool: Stop trying to act funny and act like you’re a grown up

zombie_popperV9: i must rudely decline your advance becuase you are a 13 year old child who bases their insult knowledge off of what they learned from CoD

bjscool: this is the ****ing internet

bjscool: nobody gives a ****

bjscool: haha

bjscool: so funny eh

zombie_popperV9: you give a ****.

bigshot712: ???

zombie_popperV9: because you obviously are carrying on this conversation and wont leave this chat room

bjscool: I need to teach all of ya’ll young bloods a lesson.

zombie_popperV9: so go bite a sphincter, and get off the chat room.

bjscool: One time when I was in high school

bjscool: I was like 15 or something

zombie_popperV9: you werent in highschool

zombie_popperV9: you are thirteen

bjscool: Somebody said, “I did really good in that game”

bjscool: I didn’t know the kid and I told him

bjscool: It’s “I did well”

bjscool: Not good

LittleAngel01: don’t you guys go to highschool when you’re 13 over there?

bjscool: And guess what

bjscool: He beat the shit out of me

bjscool: LOL

bjscool: I’m sorry

bjscool: ha

bjscool: When I wrote that last sentence

bjscool: I just couldn’t keep the seriousness

zombie_popperV9: you got your ass whooped by a white kid

zombie_popperV9: congrats

bjscool: You guys are some no life kids

bjscool: haha

LittleAngel01: that makes no sense

zombie_popperV9: i bet when i head out to work he’s going to think hes clever by saying “thats right, run bitch” or something along those lines implying hes won an internet argument.

LittleAngel01: oh, you off to work soon then?

zombie_popperV9: yes.

LittleAngel01: btw, how was the thing the other night?

zombie_popperV9: the date?

LittleAngel01: yep

zombie_popperV9: she kissed me, it was awkward because i didnt want her to be attracted to me tbh

Konane: SUP BRO ?

Konane: UMAD BRO ?

zombie_popperV9: no, actually

zombie_popperV9: listening to matduke

zombie_popperV9: ft. veela

zombie_popperV9: great

Konane: SO UMAD BRA ?

zombie_popperV9: no.


zombie_popperV9: oh?

zombie_popperV9: what is the evidence of your hypothesis?

Konane: cuz u mad bra, i see u mad

zombie_popperV9: are you looking at a umad picture?


zombie_popperV9: no, actually. i kill zombies.

zombie_popperV9: hence zombie popper

zombie_popperV9: hello?

zombie_popperV9: hi kahs

Konane: i’m sad bra

zombie_popperV9: why are you sad?

Konane: cuz life, you know… life

zombie_popperV9: i do. she’s a bitch

Konane: people ain’t mad anymore these days

zombie_popperV9: yeah…

mee59712: hi there people. heh

zombie_popperV9: hi

mee59712: does anyone here hunt?

zombie_popperV9: jord went hunting, but i dont know if he hunts.

mee59712: who’s jord?

zombie_popperV9: you know. jord

zombie_popperV9: jord! c’moooon you have to know him.

mee59712: …..?

PairofPliers: That dude that’s here occasionally.

zombie_popperV9: hiya pop

PairofPliers: Hey.

mee59712: im new to this place… so i don’t know anyone yet

zombie_popperV9: but you HAVE to know jord!

zombie_popperV9: c’moooooooooon.

mee59712: but i don’t..

zombie_popperV9: you knooooooooooow

mee59712: no i don’t know ‘jord’

zombie_popperV9: sure you do

zombie_popperV9: you just arent thinking hard enough

mee59712: i’m pretty sure i know what i know. and i don’t know him

zombie_popperV9: yoooooou knoooow

mee59712: nope

zombie_popperV9: you cant tell me that you dont know jord and expect me to believe you.

zombie_popperV9: because i know you know jord.

zombie_popperV9: i know that you know that i know you know jord.

mee59712: and how do you know that? like i said, i’m new here so i don’t know anyone yet

zombie_popperV9: but you know jord.

mee59712: no i don’t

zombie_popperV9: you do.

zombie_popperV9: you know jord.

zombie_popperV9: you cant fool me.

mee59712: ……..i don’t know jord..

zombie_popperV9: dude. you know jord. i know you know jord, YOU know you know jord, we both know you know jord.

zombie_popperV9: trust me.

zombie_popperV9: you know jord.

mee59712: i don’t know jord! and i’m not a dude…. who the heck is jord?

MetallicGray97: NOOOOOO HOMO

zombie_popperV9: lol, are you STILL trying to pull a fast one on me? because i know you know jord.

mee59712: i don’t know him!!!! i swear on my ma’s grave. i don’t kno him. i never heard of him until noww!

zombie_popperV9: you really dont know jord?

mee59712: i don’t!! i’ve been saying that!

zombie_popperV9: i dont believe you.

zombie_popperV9: you know jord.

eissa123: Jord!?

eissa123: were is her?

eissa123: he

mee59712: NO I DON’T!!!! who is he!!???!

zombie_popperV9: ’mee is saying that she doesnt know jord!

eissa123: WHAT

zombie_popperV9: can you believe that!?

eissa123: lies

eissa123: you lie

zombie_popperV9: i KNOW she knows jord!

eissa123: she must

mee59712: i can’t help it. i don’t know him, and i’m new here. i just started a couple days ago, and haven’t been on much

zombie_popperV9: she does.

zombie_popperV9: but you know jord though.

mee59712: no i dont

eissa123: yeah everyone knows jord

mee59712: obviously not me!

zombie_popperV9: weeeee knooooow you know jord

eissa123: youve goto be kidding

mee59712: i’m not! i’m freakin serious!

zombie_popperV9: im serious too.

zombie_popperV9: you know jord.

zombie_popperV9: think harder

eissa123: stop yanking our chains

zombie_popperV9: you HAVE to know jord.

eissa123: jord

mee59712: . no i DON"T! who the heck is he?

eissa123: HOLY CRAP

eissa123: jord is jord and you know jord

mee59712: i don’t know jord…………….

eissa123: hahaha yeah ofc i got you ;)

zombie_popperV9: jord is jord, you know jord.

zombie_popperV9: trust us you know jord

eissa123: i know you know him

zombie_popperV9: you cant not know jord

mee59712: why should i know him? wat makes him so special?

PairofPliers: Saying that would spoil the surprise.

mee59712: huh?

zombie_popperV9: because you know jord and you are still trying to tell us you dont know jord.

mee59712: i dont kno jord……..

zombie_popperV9: yes.

zombie_popperV9: yoiu know jord.

mee59712: no i don’t

zombie_popperV9: are you ashamed to know jord so much that you would claim to not know him?


mee59712: how the heck am i supposed to kno someone when i’ve only been on this site 2 times???

zombie_popperV9: SHAMEFUL*

zombie_popperV9: it doesnt matter ho9w many times you’ve been on this site. you still know jord

zombie_popperV9: and we know you know jord

mee59712: NO I DON"T

zombie_popperV9: yes, you do.

mee59712: NO I DONT

zombie_popperV9: yeah you do.

zombie_popperV9: trust me, you know jord.

mee59712: ……… do u have trust issues? cuz i am not lying. i honestly dont know this

mee59712: jord person

zombie_popperV9: you do

mee59712: no i don’t.

zombie_popperV9: you must have the issues, because we know youi know jord

mee59712: well then y’all don’t know what you know because i don’t know that guy.

zombie_popperV9: we both know jord, and as a mutual friend, would i lie to you?

mee59712: i don’t know you, so it’s very possible that you would lie….

zombie_popperV9: but since we’re both friends of jords, i wouldnt lie to you

zombie_popperV9: you know jord

zombie_popperV9: i know jord

zombie_popperV9: we both know jord.

zombie_popperV9: the end

mee59712: i’m not friends with jord….

zombie_popperV9: trust me

zombie_popperV9: mutual acquaintances then

zombie_popperV9: fact remains that you know jord.

mee59712: i don’t know him, so why would i want to be friends or aquaintances with him???

zombie_popperV9: you know jord.

zombie_popperV9: therefore by reason of knowledge

zombie_popperV9: are acquainted to him

mee59712: no i don’t…… ya know what, believe wat YOU wanna believe. i don’t kno this jord guy and i’m not gonna waste my time. i have to go to work……..

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