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    Mar. 19, 2011

This world is scary
Sometimes I just feel
so afraid
It’s hard to go a day
all by my lonesome
With dianetics
I think I can try,
I think I can
With all of my brand new friends
(I mean the ones that I pay)

But it seems to me it’s
such a small cost to bear
To help me deal with all
the troubles out there
And I’m so full of hope
Now that I’ve learned to cope
And it feels so great to be alive!

I’m no longer fearful
(In fact I don’t feel much anymore)
Now that scientology has cured me!
And given new meaning
To my old sad, pathetic life
And I learn and read new books
(I mean the ones they let me)

Look at me still rambling—
it’s been over a year!
And there’s still so much work
if I want to be clear
There are sessions to be done
And more courses to be run
If I want to be truly alive

Go ahead and leave me
I wouldn’t expect you
to understand
(even though I sometimes still
feel lonely)
Often I wonder—
How could I be unhappy
when I am nearly OT?

Now I’m free of thetans
and I know all my crimes!
And I’m OT eight
and I am doing just fine!
Now it all makes sense;
I can’t believe I was so dense
But why am I still so alone?

I’m helping others
and I’m so alone
I’m clearing implants
and I’m so alone
I’m crushing SP’s
and I’m still alone
And while you’re dying
I’ll be still alone
And while my thetan lives
I’ll be alone
So Alone
So Alone

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