Konduit Application Platform

Konduit is a new application platform that allows developers to integrate any browser-based game with Kongregate’s array of community features. Developers can now use JavaScript, ActionScript or REST APIs from their own back-end to tap into features such as achievements, leaderboards, virtual goods, profiles, and chat.

This architecture will be familiar to many social game developers working on Facebook or other platforms, and cements Kongregate’s position as a social site for core gamers. MMO and strategy game developers will be able to easily integrate a range of social and virtual currency features into their games on Kongregate.

In today’s market, browser-based games that target hardcore gaming enthusiasts are often too complex to succeed on the likes of mass-market popular social networks such as Facebook -- creating a hugely underserved segment in the free-to-play gaming market.

Getting Started

Prerequisite Documentation

In order to get started, you should read the Client API documentation. This covers supported languages, and also gives a general idea of how our API works. If your game is not entirely Flash based, you should also read the JavaScript API documentation, which will give an overview of how to use our API from your web-based game. Next, you should read the Server API documentation. The Server API allows your back-end to communicate with our servers in a secure manner.

If you are interesting in selling virtual items/currency in your game, then please read the Kreds Primer which contains a wealth of information on Kongregate's microtransaction system.

Host your game on Kongregate

If your game does not require an Iframe, then you can just upload it normally. If you are working on a web/HTML based game, please continue reading.

To get your game hosted on Kongregate click here which will create a new game that is hosted remotely via an Iframe. When your game loads, we will embed your game using an Iframe pointed at the URL of your choice.

We provide a simple HTML shell which you can host on your servers that will properly load and initialize our JavaScript API, and make sure that it doesn't get loaded more than once. The documentation and source code for the HTML shell can be found in the Javascript API documentation.

All set!

Once your game is hosted on Kongregate in the preview state, you can begin testing out API integration. Don't worry, players cannot view your game until it is fully published, so feel free to experiment.


Some examples of games which have been very successful using the Konduit platform include: