Kongregate API Integrations

API integration enables your game to report scores and statistics to our leaderboards, share levels and other content, sell virtual items, and export custom avatars from your game. API inclusion will also get your game a 10% payout bonus and qualify it to be included in our cash developer contests.

Kongregate offers both client and server APIs, allowing a wide range of flexible integration configurations.

The Client API is very simple to access from your game, and integration can be achieved using several different programming languages. The Server API allows your remote server to integrate with our back-end using simple web-service calls.

All developers should become familiar with the Client API, as it is required for all integrations. If you have your own game server, you should read the documentation for both the client and server APIs.

Client API

In order to get started, please continue on to the Kongregate API Primer to quickly get up to speed on implementing the API. These documents contain very helpful information, and also explain some conventions that will be used in the rest of the documentation.

Server API

Kongregate's Server API makes it easy to integrate with your existing back-end. You can use these services for authentication, microtransactions, user information, and querying about badges. Here is a link to the documentation. We also recommend you read the integration guide if you have a game with an existing back-end and you want to integrate with Kongregate via our web services.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

Extensive documentation and answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our developer forums. You should also be sure to read through Greg's tips for optimal implementation regarding challenges and badges.