Web Services Statistics API

The Kongregate Statistics API allows you to submit statistics from your back-end server to ours, avoiding the need to use the client-side Kongregate API for this purpose. This can be useful for games which are not made with Flash, and it is more secure.

Make sure you have read the documentation about how to define statistics for your game on the Kongregate servers.

Submitting Statistics

This HTTP endpoint allows you to submit statistics to the server.

POST url: http://www.kongregate.com/api/submit_statistics.json
required params:
  user_id: User id of the user
  game_auth_token: The game_auth_token for the game/user combination
  api_key: The api key assigned to your game

statistic value params:
  The rest of the parameters should all be in the form of 
  <statistic name>=<statistic value>. These
  statistics will be submitted to the server with their given values.
response fields:
  success: true/false depending on if the request was successful
  error: error code integer, if any
  error_description: error code description string, if any

Example: Successful Submission

This example submits statistics GamesWon and Coins.

POST http://www.kongregate.com/api/submit_statistics.json
  POST data: