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General discussion about the game, strategies, etc.

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Comment Sticky: [OFFICIAL] New Skills & Legendary Character Coming Soon! last 62 3,157 1 day ago
by NJSimons view
Comment Sticky: [OFFICIAL] The Summer Clash Returns on Monday, August 19! 17 1,366 1 day ago
by maximus22 view
Lock Sticky: FORUM RULES and FAQs about Moderation 3 15,362 Jul 8, 2019 2:00pm
by ModchiKopi view
Lock Sticky: Current & Upcoming Events - last updated Aug 5 2 239,678 Jan 14, 2019 10:37am
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Lock Sticky: NEED HELP? Support info and other helpful links 4 131,798 Feb 20, 2019 3:22pm
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Comment [GIVEAWAY] 35 Winners will get 1200 Gems! Ends on 08/19/19. last 446 1,339 3 minutes ago
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Comment Batman: The Animated Series 22 232 1 hour ago
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Comment [OFFICIAL] Upgrade Exploit Closed last 138 3,545 2 hours ago
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Comment Duckman in Animation Throwdown 8 294 3 hours ago
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Comment Legendary Klaus 6 219 3 hours ago
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Technical Issues & Feedback Link

Use this forum to discuss bugs or provide feedback. If you need help with missing items, lost progress, or other account issues, please contact support at

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Comment Sticky: [OFFICIAL] Quality of Life Suggestions & Game Requests 2019 last 268 46,596 17 hours ago
by 2platdiamond2 view
Lock Sticky: [OFFICIAL] Changelog Master Thread last 259 230,377 Aug 13, 2019 1:30pm
by BeardedOrange view
Lock Sticky: [OFFICIAL] Game Support (Purchases, Bugs, Other) 1 105,601 Aug 10, 2016 3:20pm
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Comment Game no longer functions on Kartridge 7 528 8 hours ago
by szfrog6 view
Comment Offer wall 2 107 21 hours ago
by ants1256 view
Comment iOS Offerwall - Cyberpunk 1 98 21 hours ago
by rolllacosta view
Comment Suggestion - Practice Battles (Why do we not practice Siege and Rumble the same way they are played?) last 67 92,567 21 hours ago
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Comment Stop Reworking The Ad Crates 1 120 1 day ago
by JarretH7 view
Comment Synapse XML file missing - cartoon battle cards broken, etc 23 1,127 1 day ago
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Comment Waiting for response to swole issue 7 464 1 day ago
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Guilds Looking for Players Link

This forum is for guilds that are recruiting!

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Lock Sticky: GUILD FORUM RULES 1 2,298 Sep 21, 2018 2:02pm
by ModchiKopi view
Comment Searching for a naughty (but nice) home for yourself? Look no further and join Naughty Animations! last 240 6,501 59 minutes ago
by BrainBoss view
Comment Society Of Sins is looking for new sinners, 13th in rumble, 27th in siege last 40 1,013 1 hour ago
by jkostic view
Comment Very active established guild looking for a couple active sieger rumblers last 117 923 2 hours ago
by Klaxto view
Comment Let Mad Misfits Reborn be your fresh start last 54 258 2 hours ago
by AimeeG35 view
Comment HEY YOU! WE WANT YOU TO JOIN THE TYRANNY 1 0 4 hours ago
by ampeverelle view
Comment 23 HOURS TO SIEGE! LET'S STACK UP!! 1 3 5 hours ago
by DiniF1 view
Comment New Guild looking for you 2 3 7 hours ago
by RobertP1250 view
Lock Duplicate Guild Thread 2 9 7 hours ago
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Comment Join SPHINX - guild get tagged with the banhammer? Join us! last 54 3,177 9 hours ago
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Players Looking for Guilds Link

This forum is for players that are looking for a guild!

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Lock Sticky: GUILD FORUM RULES 1 1,448 Sep 21, 2018 1:57pm
by ModchiKopi view
Comment Looks like my guild is ending 6 34 6 hours ago
by JeffreyB717 view
Comment Need a guild before siege starts 5 35 13 hours ago
by KristenK74 view
Comment 6 active player looking for guild 23 125 23 hours ago
by HollyS136 view
Comment New player seeking trusting guild 4 18 23 hours ago
by Four20swifty view
Comment lfg 11 53 1 day ago
by Falutin view
Comment Just a decent player looking for a good used to be in 8 77 1 day ago
by Klaxto view
Comment Looking for a clan 6 16 1 day ago
by Klaxto view
Comment 14 M 350 L 11 84 2 days ago
by spanmeister view
Comment 6 M 100 L 12 59 2 days ago
by Klaxto view

Guilds Looking to Merge Link

A place for Guilds to seek out other Guilds to merge with.

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Lock Sticky: GUILD FORUM RULES 2 1,388 Feb 15, 2019 11:15am
by ModchiKopi view
Comment I have just started a new guild as my other guild was inactive. I am looking to merge or someone to merge with me. I have had this guild for a couple weeks and I have not had any luck. 1 1 36 minutes ago
by ampeverelle view
Comment Buscando Compañeros de batalla "Freakyland Esp" 1 3 1 day ago
by ZanXanatos view
Comment Is half ur clan in lnactive? Oh they are sweet bring the actives right on Down to MaskedMurders and we will be very happy to have u. We are currently looking for 10-30 players Ranked ~4000 last rumble 3 7 1 day ago
by siggisiggsen7 view
Lock merge threads require 10+ spots 7 106 Aug 15, 2019 7:00am
by AimeeG35 view
Comment HoCuS PoCuS former top 100 guild looking for 10 players 2 53 Aug 15, 2019 2:17am
by Raznesh view
Comment DAB CENTRAL 310 IS LOOKING FOR 19 TO JOIN US 1 19 Aug 14, 2019 11:33am
by Karmamama3 view
Comment I join you/ you join me/ or we form a whole new guild with both teams! 7 126 Aug 14, 2019 10:12am
by Geordiesteve520 view
Comment In need of 10-12 players 4 31 Aug 13, 2019 12:22pm
by zsigraysamuel801 view
Comment cherche une guild fr de 10 a 15 joueurs pour une fusion 3 40 Aug 13, 2019 4:18am
by Black_joe75 view