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Lock Sticky: GUILD FORUM RULES 1 3,316 Sep 21, 2018 2:02pm
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Comment **ACTIVE NATION 100 LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS!!** 3 15 1 minute ago
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Comment "The Unruly Ranch is looking for some active and strong players we are 47 in siege and 94 in rumble come join our home!!!!" 12 58 22 minutes ago
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Comment BREwJECTS looking to fill 1 spot. last 58 491 41 minutes ago
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Comment Cosmic ghost rider looking for active players 10 150 2 hours ago
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Comment Elite Saiyan Warriors are looking for active players last 82 1,015 3 hours ago
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Comment ** Wanting to join a top 25 guild? Rising Star Warriors is recruiting! ** last 34 247 3 hours ago
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Comment The Natural Disasters need 2 2 6 3 hours ago
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Comment Wir Suchen dich ! German Raiders Top 50 Guild is looking for you! 7 60 3 hours ago
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Comment Established, top 200 guild (Lord of the Thighs) is looking to replace inactives. Details inside. last 214 1,693 3 hours ago
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Comment Baby Shark is Recruiting last 146 1,141 4 hours ago
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Comment Society Of Sins top 10 in rumble and siege is looking for committed players last 70 4,217 4 hours ago
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Comment Join The citadel of ricks !! last 50 418 4 hours ago
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Comment Total Domination - looking for active SFC players last 205 12,830 5 hours ago
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Comment Played 100% but still got kicked out due to your score? Then FutureAmericanKingBobHill #179 Siege/ #328 Rumble WANTS YOU!! NO MONEY, NO LINE REQUIRED... EVER! We do have Zbot though and have FEW open spots! Join us for the upcoming SIEGE! 20 1,265 5 hours ago
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Comment Join BobsStonedBurgers 1 3 5 hours ago
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Comment Up And Coming Guild In The 100s 3 17 6 hours ago
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Comment VALHALLA AWAITS (LINE app @ noeyes13) last 64 658 6 hours ago
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Comment ⭐ USDA Prime Beef!✊Long and Strong!✊ALL Beef- NO Bullsh**!! #54R/ #165S ▪INDEPENDENT, Competitive, Happy!✊ FULL participation. last 62 9,593 6 hours ago
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Comment 5th in rumble! - The Hair Bear Bunch are looking for new players! 10 204 6 hours ago
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Comment The some kind of boogins need more boogins 1 3 6 hours ago
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Comment Searching for a naughty (but nice) home for yourself? Look no further and join Naughty Animations! last 247 7,993 6 hours ago
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Comment >> Strangest Things << [No. 2 in Siege & No. 14 in Rumble] last 250 11,084 8 hours ago
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Comment **TyrannosaurusDecks** F2P, Active, Competitive and Hungry for Rewards 18 236 9 hours ago
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Comment Bong Rip Ricks 8 96 10 hours ago
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