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Nov. 23, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Uh... okay. I like games like The Sims for the building/decorating probably more than controlling the people, but this doesn't make me happy and is not fun or interesting. 1. Decoration objects are all TINY and seem to take up basically the same size space. 2. The floor looks especially huge compared to the objects. 3. Wall objects (windows, posters, etc.) should "snap" to the walls. 4. There is no real pay off. You don't have to work for any objects or room size. The people you place don't move to interact with anything (automatically or by clicking around once you are "Done"). There is no "score" once you hit "Done". 5. The music should loop smoothly without any fade out and without being obvious that it's starting again. Even as a just-move-stuff-around-so-it's-how-you-like game, the only good point is the amount of things you can pick from. Rate 1/5. Could start bettering the game by going through my list in order.

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