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Feb. 1, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) At some point, I'm getting only Ultra combo and nothing else happen. I pay 25 coins to have 20 balls, I drop them every one that touch the little cube gives me an "Ultra combo" (even if I miss, the next one give me the ultra combo anyway). but nothing else happen... the rolls aren't moving at all... and I don't win? anything.

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Developer response from Monstruba

Thanks for letting me know. The idea was if you keep hitting the target while the slots are still spinning you can increase your bet to double, tripple, and "ultra" (4x rewards), it sounds like you encountered a bug, I'll figure out whats wrong for the next version.


Jan. 31, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Not necessarily a BAD game. It just seems very simplistic and a bit uninspired. :/ Try to think about what's supposed to make your game different from others. What is supposed to make it unique? And whatever that is, is it in this version of the game? Is it really? :/

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Developer response from Monstruba

Thanks for your feedback! I agree its a simple game. I made this as part of a personal educational exercise of making one game per month in 2013 :) I had to cut a lot of features to finish in time, but I want to polish it up in future updates.

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