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Oct. 24, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) The game is easy. Just a few ideas to make it better -Make it get harder over time -Possible Difficulties? -Submit Highscore button(Mine didn't make it in ): ) I know that this game is small, and not viewed by many, but these might help you get the hit count up(:

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Aug. 7, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) It would be nice if the powerups did something; speed boosts or invincibility or whatever.

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Aug. 6, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) "simple Avoider game with a twist" Sorry, but no. This game has no twist. It's bland and unoriginal.

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Developer response from Mushizo

normally the avoider games are pure avoidance and in this game you go for powerups to boost the score... hence the "twist". I did say it was a simple game though, gotta start somewhere :)

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