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Dec. 21, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) How come, that shitty gfx is so demanding, that the whole game gets damm laggy. my machine it not that strong, but come, a dozen objects on the the screen and I loose control due lag. If there where anything fanzy, I wouldn't say anything, but the game looks very common, nothing I would expect to devour cpu time... unplayable 1/5

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Developer response from TSStudios

Hey, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the game is quite cpu intensive, as all the graphics are vectors hand drawn within flash, instead of bitmaps. There's also quite a few filters/effects that take place on screen. So the game requires a moderatley powerful computer to play with 0 lag. All I can recommend is reducing the quality to low and turning off all the effects in the options. As this might help a little.

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