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This page showcases games developed by the talented Flash developers who have earned cash sponsorships from Kongregate. If you are a Flash game designer who wants to earn some money and you think you have what it takes to be sponsored by us, check out our FAQ.

You may download any of the games on this page and post them to your own website, provided that you do not, among other things, modify the games in any way in compliance with our User Agreement.

We can also provide you with this handy xml feed of all our sponsored games, including thumbnails, descriptions, ratings, and so much more!

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Play Grey Life
Play Air Traffic Mania
Play Silent Company
Play Orbitron
Play Coptra
Play Balloon-Headed Boy
Play Winged Bullet
Play Coast Runners
Play Bounce Madness
Play Bobs Revenge
Play Egg Defender
Play Aliens Must Die : The Jupiter Wars
Play Cirplosion
Play Ether Cannon
Play Destroyer of Worlds
Play Bounce
Bounce by Viza

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Play Kyobi
Play Cyberhorde
Play Detox
Play Brutal
Brutal by keybol

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Play Helio Adventures
Play Pike Club
Play The Walls - Part Three
Play Journey To The Chaos: SanZang Run!
Play Drift Runners 3D
Play Chain Connect
Play Run Run Ran
Play Adventure Ho!
Play Easter Golf
Play Gazzoline
Play Run Doggy Run
Play Run Doggy Run
Play Onristu
Play Llamas in Distress
Play Scramball2
Play IheartPanda
Play Gears
Play Ultimate Leprechauns
Play Sensou 1.5
Play Treasure Hunt
Play Lion Story
Play Splitty Adventures 2
Play Space Station Jason
Play Battlenoid
Play Phoenix
Play Viviparous Dumpling
Play Castles of Talesworth
Play Shape-a-licious
Play Oh, Buoy!
Play Project Green