Great Palentine Baking Show

Hello bakers!

Welcome to the Great Palentine’s Baking Show!

This is your second-ever decorating challenge! The judges, Mrs. Pie and Earl, are asking for Kongregate-themed items for this very special Palentine’s Day contest.

Bakers and tasters alike should follow me for just desserts!


Dressed to a tea as usual, Mrs. Cake! Please also join me, Earl!


We’re looking for a finished product that shares something about you and what you love about Kongregate. It must be related to Kongregate, but that’s left deliberately broad. Your decorating could be in honor of your favorite game, the chatroom you’re a regular in, or even some of your friends.

Entering is simple! Head to our thread in the forums and post a picture of your decorated goods in the thread. In your photo, remember to include a piece of paper with your Kongregate username as proof you decorated that sweet, sweet project. There’s just one more sugary twist - to be eligible for a prize, you must compliment the entry above yours. The person plucky enough to be first to enter is exempt from this as a reward for their bravery.

Kongbot is tallying votes now!