Celebrating 4 Years of Bit Heroes with the return of the Fan Art Contest!


We are celebrating 4 years of Bit Heroes! Help us with the celebrations by taking part in a fan art contest. Share your fan art for a chance to WIN FREE GEMS!

‣ Complete the form below and attach an image of your fan art.
‣ Any medium is acceptable, but the entry must be related to Bit Heroes.
‣ This contest will end on October 8, 2020 at 00:00 UTC.
‣ Winners will be announced every few days throughout the contest period.
‣ Multiple Entries are welcome, but prizes are limited to 1 per person.

Visit the Bit Heroes Forums for discussions or to ask questions!


Up to 20 Staff Favorites
5,000 Gems
1 Ticket Roll (50 Tickets)
1 Energy Pack (400 Energy)

20 Randomly Selected Winners
2,500 Gems


What formats or medium are acceptable?

Pretty much anything, as long as it is fan art related to Bit Heroes. If your entry is a physical piece of fan art, please upload a photo or video of it.

What isn’t acceptable?

NSFW, vulgar, harassing, and any other offensive content (see conduct guidelines); use of intellectual property not owned by Kongregate; plagiarized entries and memes. Negative and/or toxic entries will also be ineligible for prizes-- this contest is about celebrating a game we enjoy playing!

Need some help getting started?

Share something you like about Bit Heroes-- your character, a favorite familiar or fusion, a zone or boss you think is cool, a shout out to your guildies or friends.

Use a material that you’re comfortable with. Here are a few ideas: a digital or physical drawing or painting, photo, video, collage, song, papercraft, haiku poem, short poem (50 words or less), arts & crafts project, sculpture, knit item, needlepoint work, infographic, or poster. Even stick figure are acceptable-- it's the effort that counts!