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  • Ad-Free Gameplay and Browsing

    Kong Plus has built-in ad repellant!Sometimes, less is more. In this case, less advertisement and more gaming. With Kong Plus, you can go ad-free and experience all the joys of gaming without any of the clutter.

  • Exclusive Username Icon

    Get yourself an icon, the ultimate Kong bragging right.Show off a little extra bling in chat and on your profile with your own Kong Plus username icon. It'll follow you wherever you go! Like a pet, only cooler.

  • Member's Only Chat and Private Chat

    Yes, you can own your own room!Take a break from it all in our small group of Kong Plus chat rooms. They're members only, so you can chat in peace. Or if you've got to say something only your besties can know, invite your closest buddies *or guildmates* into your very own private chat.

  • Amazing Profile Skin

    Make your profile the talk of the town! Plus members can choose from a wide array of profile skins made just for them by our own web designers and other talented artists. Some of these even feature art from the games you love!

  • Beta Access

    Be the ultimate aficionado with instant beta access. Get dibs on Kongregate's best games with automatic beta access to the site's hottest new releases. Experience the triumph and the glory, and help developers improve their games at the same time!