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  1. Play spice3 gta style
    2,817 plays

    spice3 gta style by Nick1sean2

    Jul. 28, 2011

    spice is guy is fast and wants to be fat but he lost his money gold and blue went to the president and spice wants his revenge.

  2. Play Ancient Gongtats 4 – Diamond Bridge
    667 plays

    Ancient Gongtats 4 – Diamond Bridge by ainarsa

    Aug. 20, 2015

    Ancient Gongtats 4 – Diamond Bridge is the continuation of this point and click escape game, which brought to you more puzzles to solve. In this part of the game, are awaiting one of the most ...

  3. Play Frogtastic
    1,473 plays

    Frogtastic by agame

    Dec. 07, 2009

    How do you turn a frog into a prince? Kiss it while wearing the perfect magic lipstick, of course!

  4. Play GTA2.5.1 Flash
    33,184 plays

    GTA2.5.1 Flash by heimBS

    Jan. 17, 2009

    Hier die neue und viel bessere Version des so beliebten Spielst "GTA2.5 Flash".

  5. Play Panel Van GTA
    102 plays

    Panel Van GTA by newgamess

    Oct. 05, 2017

    Memory game with Panel Vans. Click on tiles and find two same pairs. Try to finish with minimum clicks. You can choose 3 levels to play. Easy is with 8 tiles. Medium level is with 18 tiles, an...

  6. Play Ragtag
    69 plays

    Ragtag by Ryanupinhere

    Dec. 01, 2014

    You are a master ninja who trained at the top-secret Ragtag Dojo. It's time to use everything you have learned. See you at the bottom.

  7. Play Flugtag Racing 2
    220 plays

    Flugtag Racing 2 by gamolition

    Aug. 07, 2014

    This is one of the most exciting racing competitions, because not only you have to drive fast, but you also get to customize your vehicle and jump in the water. Use the grades you get from the...

  8. Play Flugtag Racing
    259 plays

    Flugtag Racing by gamolition

    Mar. 04, 2014

    Flugtag Racing is one of the greatest and most entertaining competitions in the world, so try it yourself! Create your own car and get a high visual rating and improve it by collecting coins a...

  9. Play Bugtainment
    60 plays

    Bugtainment by sigfrid3141

    Feb. 15, 2016

    Marauding bugs are invading your computer! Place dividers to contain them. If you seal off an area, it will be secured and filled in. If a bug hits your divider before it solidifies, you lose ...

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