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  1. Play Modern Tanks
    1,882 plays

    Modern Tanks by charstudio

    Jul. 24, 2013

    Exciting action game where you have to destroy enemy tanks and protect your base.

  2. Play Lionheart Tactics
    2,333,605 plays

    Lionheart Tactics by EmeraldCityGames

    Jan. 22, 2015

    Rally your Heroes! Plan every move in this tactical RPG with stunning 3D graphics. Adventure across the realm or take your fight online to challenge the world.

  3. Play Zombie Tactics
    224,031 plays

    Zombie Tactics by epace

    Nov. 06, 2014

    Tactical turn-based zombie survival game, featuring full story, survival mode, and four alternative endings!

  4. Play Tactics 100 Live
    850,378 plays

    Tactics 100 Live by Gamebrew

    Sep. 14, 2007

    Create and upgrade an army of 100 points and send them online to battle other armies. Like chess, everyone has an equal army of 100 points, the only difference is your skill and the upgrade c...

  5. Play Ultimate Tactics
    492,858 plays

    Ultimate Tactics by likwidgames

    May. 09, 2009

    From the makers of the Ultimate Defense series, comes this strategy RPG spin off. You begin the game as Kronus, a young aspiring knight, who is asked to aid his grandfather in getting rid of ...

  6. Play Bridge Tactics
    402,630 plays

    Bridge Tactics by Alex_SpilGames

    Sep. 24, 2010

    Blow up the bridge and get points for destroying stuff on it. A physics puzzle game, developed in-house by Spil Games!

  7. Play WW2 Tactics
    43,184 plays

    WW2 Tactics by lautan

    Oct. 17, 2009

    Customize your WW2 squad and defeat the axis with quick thinking turn based tactics.

  8. Play Bridge Tactics 2
    37,846 plays

    Bridge Tactics 2 by Alex_SpilGames

    May. 06, 2011

    Are you the master of Bridge Tactics in this highly anticipated sequel?

  9. Play Modern Classic Room Escape
    409 plays

    Modern Classic Room Escape by gamesnovel

    Jan. 23, 2012 Its a new game website. In this site we are published all our developed games daily. The games are fully developed by our team and different from other site games. Visit this s...

  10. Play Tactics Core
    3,635 plays

    Tactics Core by Earthbound_Lucas

    Jun. 15, 2013

    The Tactics Core engine is a powerful Strategy RPG development module, developed by _DigiS_ using _Flash MX._ The code was written entirely in _Flash 6 Actionscript,_ and it includes features...

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