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    Idle Monster TD by tbiz5270

    Endless Idle TD game! Evolve monsters and destroy swarms of enemy robots!

  2. Play Sym-a-Pix Light Vol 1
    140,438 plays

    Sym-a-Pix Light Vol 1 by Conceptis

    Jun. 01, 2011

    The object is to reveal a hidden picture by drawing a block around each dot so that its shape is ‎rotationally symmetrical to the dot, its color matches the color of the dot, there are no othe...

  3. Play B&W Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1
    198,716 plays

    B&W Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 by Conceptis

    Feb. 10, 2011

    The object is to reveal a hidden picture by linking the pairs and painting the paths so that the number of squares in the path, including the squares at the ends, equals the value of the clues...

  4. Play Maze-a-Pix Light Vol 1
    30,235 plays

    Maze-a-Pix Light Vol 1 by Conceptis

    Apr. 16, 2012

    Each puzzle consists of a maze-grid with one entrance and one exit. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by finding and painting the path from the entrance to the exit. There is only one u...

  5. Play Dot-a-Pix Light Vol 1
    28,138 plays

    Dot-a-Pix Light Vol 1 by Conceptis

    Jul. 27, 2011

    The object is to reveal a hidden picture by connecting the dots in ascending order starting with 1 and ending with the highest number. There is only one unique solution for each puzzle.

  6. Play Pix City
    114,251 plays

    Pix City by RasmusiBoy

    Nov. 25, 2012

    Explore Pix City, fight the bad guys and try not to get caught up in corruption and crime!

  7. Play Pixelventures: Apocalyptic Design
    1,012 plays

    Pixelventures: Apocalyptic Design by lobstershow

    Oct. 22, 2011

    THIS GAME IS UNFINISHED! Game file got lost, but since its nearly finished, i published it. You are given 50000 starting cash due the game being in test stage while files were lost. Enjoy. ...

  8. Play Pixel Panic
    929 plays

    Pixel Panic by shanx98765

    Aug. 14, 2012

    Give your fingers a workout by dodging pixels in this old-school bullet dodger. - v1.1 update - Guides now show you pixels in your row and column New and improved death Yellow changed to cyan...

  9. Play Pick & Mix Up
    318 plays

    Pick & Mix Up by cakeisnom

    May. 21, 2019

    Help sort the various coloured candies into their correct 'Pick & Mix' bag! (My first game developed for GiTD #90!)

  10. Play Pixy Escape: An addictive puzzle game
    131 plays

    Pixy Escape: An addictive puzzle game by softlitude

    Mar. 28, 2020

    What happens when you get lost in a minimal world, and the only way to return home is to fight. Help the Pixy to escape from each level by avoiding traps and solving puzzles. Use your best es...

  11. Play PixelPanic!
    986 plays

    PixelPanic! by oxhey

    May. 30, 2013

    Pixel panic is a fast paced , runner which tests your reactions to the max. There are 30 levels and an endless mode. There are 3 characters you can choose and 3 difficulty settings

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