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    The Value of Time by Infernet89

    In 10 seconds, you will decide to play this.

  2. Play PicBix
    557 plays

    PicBix by tamakum

    Aug. 05, 2009

    A puzzle game where you rearrange photo-tiles to form a (random) photograph.

  3. Play Pixelo
    4,011,137 plays

    Pixelo by tamaii

    Apr. 20, 2014

    ※If it can't load game and if you are using Window 8 and IE. There is flash player issue. - change your browser. - try, update your window system. ※The fastest way for unlocking normal puzzle...

  4. Play Pixed
    3,713 plays

    Pixed by Agent766

    Jul. 10, 2010

    This is a simple game. The goal is to change all of the blocks to the same color. The buttons on the bottom change the top-left blocks color and all blocks touching it that are the same color ...

  5. Play Pixel Ice
    113 plays

    Pixel Ice by anakinhimura

    Jul. 17, 2017

    Help the Pixel Ice to get into the soda cup! Watch out for the matchboxes!

  6. Play PixiCoinClicker
    8,165 plays

    PixiCoinClicker by darknes1994

    Dec. 14, 2016

    This is a clicker game and purchase upgrades and obtaining gold and destroy the monsters that can steal your money

  7. Play Pixels Filling Squares 3.0
    823,860 plays

    Pixels Filling Squares 3.0 by Moczan

    Mar. 12, 2018

    Watch pixels slowly filling squares, for the third time now!

  8. Play Pixeltris: Sticky Blocks
    111 plays

    Pixeltris: Sticky Blocks by Ceosol

    Jun. 01, 2014

    This game was made for a 32x32 resolution for #lowrezjam. The blocks are stickier against each other than against walls. If you think a block is stuck, try tapping it with another block or cli...

  9. Play Pixle Physics
    1,149 plays

    Pixle Physics by dannybirch

    Oct. 29, 2011

    You are presented with a challenge in which you must fire a ball from specific points on the game to knock blocks off the screen. You earn points for good blocks, and lose points for bad block...

  10. Play Pixel Purge
    1,235,225 plays

    Pixel Purge by EpicShadow

    Sep. 07, 2010

    The world of pixels is in dark times, a purge is on the horizon... Pixel Purge is an incredibly polished arcade shooter featuring fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics and effects, 50 achiev...

  11. Play Pixelvader
    1,189,746 plays

    Pixelvader by x_boost

    Jul. 26, 2009

    Control a little ship in this space shooter style game. Start as a weak and harmless ship and power it up to beat all the death spitting war machines. The first level is easy, but you will nee...

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