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  1. Play s
    22 plays

    s by jasperstomps

    Feb. 20, 2019


  2. Play S P Y
    125,850 plays

    S P Y by buenozair

    Aug. 21, 2013

    Hidden in a plant, your spy can't be seen if you stay still. But make one move and you'll be busted. Make your way through all the level as fast as you can. It is the perfect game to attempt s...

  3. Play S-R
    433 plays

    S-R by tjace

    Jul. 12, 2011

    An asteroids-like game where you shoot the spawner to spawn asteroids!

  4. Play S-Kape 2
    5,093 plays

    S-Kape 2 by AngryCow

    Apr. 15, 2009

    S-KAPE 2 This game is creepy. You wake up trapped in an abandonned hospital and all you have to do is to escape. It's not that easy, though. You have to beat many nasty puzzles in various env...

  5. Play ekan-S
    669 plays

    ekan-S by 7o0Ninjas

    Jul. 18, 2008

    A cheap little Snake game (ekans //- snake) how smart of me heh!

  6. Play Fear S∮ciety
    555 plays

    Fear S∮ciety by ZeroDigitZ

    Aug. 27, 2016

    ∮Description: Inspired by similar horror anthologies such as Tales From The Crypt, Are You Afraid Of The Dark and Fear Itself. Fear Society supplants these series as the new face of horror as...

  7. Play Kyra´s Revenge
    798 plays

    Kyra´s Revenge by lartar

    Dec. 11, 2011

    In Kyra´s Revenge, you have to explore the school to recover her stolen pages. Watch out, there is a horde of ugly and angry kids in the school, intent on hurting you! It's up to you to recove...

  8. Play Snail`s Story
    1,231 plays

    Snail`s Story by In8Finity

    Sep. 15, 2010

    Help a little brave Captain Snail to overcome all obstacles to save the princess from captivity and to propose marriage her.

  9. Play Luptatorul S
    48 plays

    Luptatorul S by mordzerat

    Feb. 24, 2015

    Endless space fight. How long can you survive?

  10. Play Referee S
    127 plays

    Referee S by natalibt

    Jun. 02, 2014

    This is a game that will once again make you feel happy through playing a good and fun soccer game. Having in mind the name of this game, obviously this time what we are dealing with here is a...

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