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Sort the Court!
Grow your kingdom by giving your decree in the form of simple yes/no answers. Originally released in December 2015, Sort the Court started as a game jam project and was expanded into a full g...
graebor 4.5 3
Short Puzzle game made in 48 hours for Global Game jam 2017 Lisboa.
targaciej 3.6
Encaged is a soothing puzzle platform game where you have to sacrifice your mechanics in order to progress. This game was initially made in a Game Jam. The theme was "Sacrifice".
RawEgg 3.8 1
Short adventure game about a little block. Created in 48 hours as part of a personal challenge, using the Global Game Jam 2020 theme "Repair".
Nocity 3.5
Poster image of From Beyond game
From Beyond
As a cosmic horror from deepest space, you’re determined to wipe out all life on Earth. Launch your extra-terrestrial weapons towards an unsuspecting world, from any angle you choose. A short...
SuperFlashBros 3.4
Boss Rush Apocalypse
How many hideously cute boss creatures can you slaughter before you die? Fight with giant axes, swords, and jetpacks! Made in 3 days for the indiesvspewdiepie game jam in November 2014.
DustinAux 3.3
Little Thor
This game was made in a 48 Hour Game Jam! In this platforming puzzle game you play as Thor when he was a baby. Control him as he trains his skills with his hammer Mjolnir to defeat train-dummi...
James_Bang 3.2
Santa & Claus: Red Alert
Christmas is almost here and Santa is too busy rehabilitating from his cookie and milk addiction! Can you help him deliver all the presents and christmas trees before dawn? In this strategic c...
XmmmX99 3.1
Time Swap
created for global game jam 2014 You've been left a device that lets you see events that your father has experienced. You Decide to use it to find out about your father's mysterious disappear...
ZeroCreativity1 3.0
Watch out! Not everything is what it seems! Deception sums up this game. Try to beat all the levels of this crazy game. Seek for ways to win each level. Game originally developed for the Scir...
Legends_Maker 3.0
Space Marbles
Space Marbles - Version 1.5.5 A physics based puzzle game based on a personal game jam. No audio. Made using Unity game engine. Very simple colour textures and models. Enable movement from op...
IanEarnest 2.2
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